Pangea Beach Resort

pangea-beach-resortPanorama at Pangea Beach Resort

Pangea Beach Resort in Liloan, Cebu, Philippines

Pangea Beach Resort is a fantastic facility established in the Municipality of Liloan, Cebu Province, Philippines.

The nice sea and the beach in the area is one of the reasons why this resort facility has been established by its proprietors. This is where you wanna go and enjoy tropical sea water.

Pangea’s accommodation is a villa style with lots of rooms comfortable and equipped with anything you would need for your stay and vacation.

Of course, this is a resort with myriads of activities to help you enjoy, relax, and explore the area and everything it can offer to make your vacation (or event) worth remembering.

Without further ado, let’s check out some details and features.


Pangea Resort has two main villa buildings. These are three-storey buildings with fantastic views of the sea and the surroundings of Liloan.

One of the three-story buildings has 15 rooms equipped with good facilities and amenities for your perfect stay and rest.

The other 3-storey building has only 9 rooms with similar facilities and amenities.

A view of the sea from Pangea Beach Resort, Liloan, Cebu


Hotels, restaurants, and events facilities are the usual places where people celebrate or hold special events and celebrations. However, this concept and practice has changed since the possibilities of holding such events can also happen in beach resorts.

Pangea Resort is one of those places that welcome warmly people who wish to hold events or celebrate special occasions in this venue.

You can arrange any event at this resort anytime of the year, as long as you are willing to coordinate with their friendly and accommodating personnel and staff members.

So, what are the events or celebrations you wish to happen in here? Pangea mentions the following examples:

Birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, debuts, beach parties, group outings, business events, among others.

Just like most of the great resorts are, Pangea Beach Resort provides very relaxing and homey space for total rejuvenation of its visitors.


Aside from relaxing, sleeping, eating or drinking, reading and other quiet activities, you can also enjoy and challenge yourself to do more fun and try things you haven’t done before. Some might have done it already while others are afraid of trying new things.

You won’t know or learn things until you try it out. Well, I just had my first kayak experience this year at Malapascua Island. At the back of my mind it feels scary a bit since you need to float and paddle by yourself. Actually, it’s not that scary but could be embarrassing if you move in circle instead of moving forward, huh!

Since I had the experience of paddling a small boat before I thought I could do a kayak ride also. Yes, at first it really feels awkward because I didn’t what to do with that paddle. Anyway, I learned somehow quickly but with some struggles with the waves and keeping my direction straight by paddling to my left and right with proper coordination.

A place to breathe in the refreshing breeze and relaxing environment of Pangea Beach Resort, Liloan, Cebu Province

So, here’s the kayak offer of Pangea Beach Resort:

Kayak Leisure & Sport
You can rent a kayak at Pangea and enjoy with family or friends. Their kayaks can take up to 3 persons at a time. If you haven’t heard yet, kayaking has been developed into a leisure sports just few years ago. You can ride it for a day or longer hours, while some use it to explore places packed with camping gears and all those necessities and supplies for a number of days.

Whatever you plan is, just arrange it with the management and person incharge of kayak activity at Pangea’s.

You may contact this number: 091-7623-7073 (look for ‘Ian’ Lugay). He must be the guy charged with this responsibility to help you enjoy your activity.

Or, you can directly contact the management of the resort for greater descriptions or any conditions regarding this activity.

Discovery Diving
There are many outdoor activities I wanna do, as part of my bucket list (ballooning, motorized paragliding, the egytian pyramid, etc.), and scuba diving is one of them that I would surely do more often. I haven’t started a lesson yet but it would be sometime soon.

Yes, scuba diving is being offered by Pangea Beach Resort as one of their representative water activities. They have certified and professional divers who can bring you to astonishing dive sites and even to amazing place yet unexplored by other divers. 

If interested to include this activity in your holiday, you may contact the dive master of Pangea with this number: 0917 623 7073 (ask for Ian Lugay).

Their diving package rates starts at Php1,500. And depending on your preferences and number of diving hours the rate would go up but very fairly at reasonable price.

This is the 3-storey villa of Pangea Beach Resort that is situated in the nice beach of Liloan, Cebu, Philippines. Photo: Pangea Beach Resort Facebook


If you learned some Greek words, you would easily recognize the name of this resort. The origin of the name is from: pan – meaning ‘entire’, and gaia for ‘earth’. So, the name means ‘the entire earth’, which specifically points to the theory that the continents were once connected, which can be explained through the plants and animals  that can be found in different continents but are of similar specie.

The theory on continental drift is one of the popular theories that try to explore and explain the drift. The theory explains that once connected continents through the similar fossils of dinosaurs found in the Africas that were also uncovered in Asian and north American continents.

Well, that how this resort tries to explain the origin and the beauty of their place and how they try to share that beautiful theory to all its visitors.
I like it!


For more further details, you can either directly call or write them message for any inquiry or booking you wish to make. You may also use our fast and safe online booking system - Agoda (below).

Address: Pagutlan, Catarman, Suso, Liloan, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Mobile: 0922.836.6210; 0917.322.1123 (Contact Person: Ma Delia Mayol Lugay)
Land line: +63 (032)316.9620

Thanks for reading to the end of this page.
Hope this helps you plan your vacation or any event to want to hold.

You may visit this site more often to discover more progress on updates and information regarding Cebu and her travel destinations or nice vacation places.
Have a wonderful and safe travel always!

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