Pebbles Beach Resort, Liloan

Enticing Pebbles Beach Resort

pebbles-beach-resort-cebuHut by the beach at Pebbles Resort

Pebbles Beach Resort

Pebbles Beach Resort is a name rightful for a resort like this in Liloan, Santander, Cebu Islands, the Philippines.

The Filipino-owned resort offers very homely and comfortable ambiance in this area. This family-run resort business has serene environment and relaxing beach and seashores.

Pebbles Resort also offers rooms and cottages for your day or longer stay. The area of the resort covers wider ground including the man-made forest area.

Santander is where you can take ferries that could bring you to other nice provinces in the Visayas Regions, such as Negros Oriental among others.

Resort Features

The resort does not offer many fancy facilities and amenities except for the basic and necessary needs while at this resort.

Relax & Enjoy
The quiet and serene atmosphere of this beach resort is one of its best assets. It is great for those who seek escapade from the busy and noisy world in the cities and urban areas.

The cottages that overlook the ocean and the soothing sound of the waves are more than enough to heal and rejuvenate your tired mind and body. 

WiFi Service
There is not wireless access (yet) at this resort facility. Maybe it is just right to cut off for a few hours or days from the busy internet world from time to time. It relieves stress and high blood pressure too!

The check-in time is 2PM and the Check-Out is at 12Noon.

pebbles-resort-restaurantPebbles Resort Restaurant by the sea

Pebbles Restaurant

This is the latest facility established by the management. For some hints of the available food and drinks, they offer native and traditional Filipino dishes as well as international favorite food you can enjoy with.

Besides food, you can also enjoy their various kinds of shakes from the most popular tropical fruits in the island. 

pebbles-duplex-cottage-cebuAircon Duplex Cottage at Pebbles Beach Resort

Accomodation / Cottages

Pebbles Resort offers a number of rooms for your comfortable and safe resting place.

Here are the accommodations and its possible rate ranges…

5 Cottage Rooms

  • Private Aircon Cottage (hot/cold shower, TV, mini-fridge; Free Breakfast - 1999PhP)
  • 2 Aircon Duplex Cottages (double beds; hot/cold shower & mini-fridge; Free Breakfast - 1999PhP)
  • 2 Aircon Duplex Cottages (1 single bed; hot/cold shower & mini-fridge - 1999PhP)
pebbles-beach-resort-swimming-poolSwimming pools at Pebbles Resort

Swimming pool is now very much available. This is one of their new facilities to help you enjoy all the more the services and your vacation in the area. (Just realized that they have this swimming pool when I visited the place recently - that is June 2016).

If you are interested to prepare your own food, the resort allows you to do so but with reasonable fees for the facilities you need.

Note: Price rates could change depending on seasons and upgrades of facilities and amenities. Please, let us know if there are changes, thanks!

cebu-beachesPebbles Resort's beach area

Finding Pebbles Beach Resort

The simple guide below will help you contact the place for more details or find your way directly to the area.

Address: Santander, Island of Cebu
Town/City: Liloan (South Cebu) Philippines

Office Number: +63-032-480-9005

Reservation: +63-9272081621; +63-9074808503


Santander is Cebu’s southernmost municipality in this province. It is where sea ports that provide services to various sorts of water crafts that transport goods and passengers to the neighboring provinces.

For example, there are passenger ferry boats that traverse the Sibulan, Negros Oriental route. Another craft is the Roll-on Roll-off barges that traverse Amlan, Negros Oriental route. It takes only an hour or less for these water vehicles to reach their destinations.

If you are coming from Cebu City, take the bus from South Bus Cebu Terminal. Take a taxi or jeepney to get to that terminal. It takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Santander.

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