San Remigio Beach Club

San Remigio Beach Club (video by turrdrop88)


San Remigio beaches are one of the top places on the this northwest seaboard of Cebu Island, Philippines

For one, San Remigio Beach Club has one of the longest coastlines in the province.

San Remegio Beach Club is about 118 kilometers and will take more than 2 hours by private vehicle or taxi.

It’s that far (not for me anyway) but it is worth the travel as you will know if you get there.

Anyway, check out the popular…


Don’t worry about not enjoying and spending a worth time at this club because they have almost anything you would probably need.
Here are some of them…

Swimming Pool
This is a nice 3-6 feet deep pool that can accommodate children and adults. It has 2 fun slides, a jacuzzi with bubbling water to enjoy with with friends or family while sharing stories and laughters.

Sea Pool Party Area
If you want to have any sort of party for a special event you might want to hold or happen in this fantastic place… go ahead. Just make an advance arrangement so that facilities and other necessary needs to make that party perfect can be prepared ahead of time. This is always great!

Diving Packages
Yup, you can very much enjoy diving the waters and observe the marine life of San Remigio. The club has its own dive center with equipment and gears for fun and safe diving experience.

You can check out the details, at facilities sub-section below, including the rates, trips, and others.

Island Cruises, Trip Packages, Group Tour Packages, etc.
Yes, if you love the sea you would surely enjoy this island cruise, boat trips, and other forms of fun and interesting activities. Usually, such activities are done in groups making it more interesting, as they say: ‘The more the merrier’.

Families, officemates, business group, barkadas, classmates, and other groups can enjoy any of these packages.

Let’s check out further this place by looking at their…


Since San Remigio Beach Club has so many facilities, let’s just enumerate and provide a bit of descriptions.
Spacious area for parties of various themes
This space offers a nice ocean view
Convention Hall

This is especially intended for formal events, such as seminars, weddings, meetings, anniversaries.

This is located just beside the pool called Clubhouse Bar. Of course, it offers drinks, shake, and snacks.

Billiard Hall & Basketball Court
Children’s Playground – slides

Open Cottages
These are usually built with bamboo and thatched-roofed structure, especially built for relaxation, reading novels, etc.

Café Gloria
It offers and serves various dishes

Skipper’s Lounge
Another place to spend a relaxing time with a great sunset. It is an outdoor bar that serves spirits, cocktails, etc.

Bahia Vista
Another outdoor area that offers a fantastic sunset view; surrounded by coconut palms, bamboo, and benches to sit on.

25-Seater Pumpboat
This is an outrigger boat that will take you into the sea or for a tour to the coastlines, or take you to the dive sites.

Transportation – aircondtioned coasters and vans that will bring you to any destination

Horses for Rent
These are well-tamed and gentle horses that will bring you to the mountains and nature areas. Drive safely!

Dive Center
San Remigio Beach Club has PADI-certified instructors who can teach you proper and safe diving lessons and actual diving experience. The following are two of their interesting offers…
Fun Dive (Php8600/diver)
Discover Scuba Diving (PhP8300/diver)

For more details, please contact the management directly for the exact info. Now, as of this writing, the following are the rates available…

* Excess Person charge: Php 450.00/person/night (with breakfast)
* Corkage Fee: Php 50.00/person/meal    
* Entrance Fee Adult: Php 120.00/person/day
* Entrance Fee Children: Php 90.00/child/day
* Beach Front Cottage: Php 350.00/day
* Beach Front table & chairs: Php 250.00/day

Now, if you are really interested to check out the room rates available, please see them below. Note that season and no prior notice rates can change the rates included below. Here are your rooms…


Deluxe Room (PhP3200 for 2 guest/4 maximum): sea view room, air conditioner, hot/cold shower, two twin-sharing bed, mini porch

Family Suite (PhP4400 for 4 guests/8 maximm): with air-conditioner, 4 twin sharing beds, wash room, mini terrace

Family Room (PhP4200 for 4 guests/8 maximum): air-conditioner, 4 twin sharing beds, wash room, mini terrace, breakfast

Executive Suite (PhP4400 for 2 guests/4 maximum): 2 queen-size beds, air-conditioner, hot/cold shower, bath tub, mini fridge, TV, etc.

Junior Executive Suite (PhP4400 for 2 guests/4 maximum): 2 queen size beds, aircon, hot/cold shower, TV, etc.

Ambassador Suite (PhP5500 for 2 guests/4 maximum): fresh fruits, wine; 2 queen size beds, aircon, wash room/CR, hot/cold shower, mini fridge, veranda, etc.

Dormitory Room (PhP7500 for 7 guests/maximum 14 persons): 7 twin sharing beds, 2 comfort rooms/wash room, aircon, breakfast for 7 guests

Contacting San Remigio Beach Club
Cebu Business Office: Prime Movers Compound, Bacalla Subdivision, Holy Name St., Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Telephone Nos. (+63) 32 231-0382; (+63) 32 422-4070; (+63) 32 231-7075
Resort Telephone: (032) 435-2030; (032) 516-0630
Fax No: (+63) 32 231-7074


If you decide to come with your own vehicle or take a public transport then no need to read the following. However, if you want a less stressful and comfortable travel, you can take the services that San Remigio Club offers.

Air conditioned round trip service (Pick-up from Cebu City)
Coaster (24 sitters): Php 8,500.00
Hi-Ace Van (14 sitters): Php 5,500.00
Bus (40 sitters): Php 13,000.00

Okay, if you decide to come by public vehicle, which is cheaper and could be fun too, here is the detail.
Location: North Bus Terminal and North Reclamation Area
Fare: Php.150.00 /person (one-way)
There are buses that leave every hour to your destination.


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Thanks a lot for finding this page. We hope this helps you find what you’ve been searching for.

Please, let us know if you have questions regarding this resort or just ask the management directly. Come and visit this site again or more regularly for further development and new info about Cebu’s travel or holiday destinations.

Have an amazing and fruitful vacation then!

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