Skips Beach Resort in Cebu

Skips Beach Resort in Daanbantayan Island, Cebu Province, the Philippines.

Sunset at Skip's Beach Resort (Photo:


Skips Beach Resort is a convenient and interesting place to be in.

It is being nicely managed by a couple (American gentleman and a Filipino lady) in the northern end of Cebu Island, the Philippines.

Daanbantayan is the name of the place where most travelers bound for Malapascua Island pass through by bus, private car, motorbike, or even jeepney.

The management calls their place the “friendliest and lowest cost ocean-front hotel, restaurant, and videoke bar in the Philippines”.

For a bit of history, ‘daanbantayan’ is a transliteration for “old lookout place”. In other words, this is one of the many places where watchtowers were being built during the Spanish period. The watchtowers were built to warn locals when slave traders come to snatch locals that were then being sold to work in farms or fishing farms in some distant islands.


The town has the basic and usual establishments built by the local government. The buuildings include: municipal building, post office, police department, fire department, 2 hospitals, public pier, among others.


As I already told you above, Skips Resort is a very friendly and generous resort and transfer base in this area. It offers almost everything for FREE! Check this out…

FREE: Wifi, sailboats, ten speed bicycles, open beach cottages, snorkeling gear, floatation tubes, etc.

FREE: public camping ground with permanent shelters

FREE: fishing equipment, computer charging, songs at videoke bar; gazebo shleters,

FREE trips: colorful local markets in their van, local villages, Cebu City tour, advice about cultures

FREE: campground and use of permanent shelters, toilet facilities, places to cook, etc.

Outside Living Room / Space
This fresh living room is located by the sea-wall and its been built with stairs from the seawall to the ocean. It is a great place for sunset view and enjoying the fresh breeze blowing from the sea. While relaxing, you can also use the wireless DSL for your convenience in making contacts or writing something.

In this area, when it is high tide you can jump into the ocean, and during low tide you can comfortably walk by the beach for about a kilometer just strolling or observing marine animals on the sand.

Lobby Lounge Restaurant
Skips has the “Inside” lobby-lounge-restaurant-dining-area and the “Outside” lobby-lounge-restaurant-dining-area. From the Inside dining area you can see through the glass windows the Outside dining area and the sea. Most visitors bring their food to the Outside dining area to watch sports activities or use the WiFi while they enjoy their meals.

Belle’s Restaurant
This restaurant serves the freshest sea foods in the area. The dishes are very affordable and delicious. Compared to the ‘real’ hotel restaurants, Belle’s Restaurant only wants to serve its guests with great food without getting much profit from it. That’s very a generous offer, isn’t it!

The sits outside the restaurant is the favorite place among guests to enjoy their food. That’s because of the sea view, cool breeze, and fresh air coming from the ocean. Just watch your diet because you tend to eat more in this situation, huh!

Among the sea foods, you can order a large and fresh shrimp or lobster recently caught by fishers in the area. Of course, you can enjoy local and international dishes as well.

Free Songs KTV Videoke Bar

The only place we know that offers free songs to guests and non-guests, including those who don’t buy beer.


In this area, although Skips is not as grand as those commercial hotels, it offers fair rates, great rooms and clean facilities. Check out the rate as follow…

Nice Rooms: PhP1000 to 1600 per night (approximately US$20 and up); aircon, cable TV, private bath, solar hot water, Wifi, etc.

Deluxe Room has sea views with electric hot water

Please, check out for further details from its official website as listed below.


Land Line from another country: 011-63-32-437-3600
Land line from the Philippines:  032-437-3600
Cell Phone from another country:  011-63-916-1839
Cell Phone from the Philippines: 032-916-499-1839
Cell Phone from Cebu City:  0916-499-1839

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