Sulpa Island of Olango

Sulpa Island

Sulpa Island of Olango Island Group

Sulpa Island

Sulpa Island is one of the six satellite islands of Olango Island Group. It is a privately-owned island but uninhabited by people.

It is about a hectare in size and with green trees and other tropical plants and birds on it.
Camping is allowed, and there are cottages for visitors where they can enjoy their barbecue lunch and drinks.

Since this is a private property, the owner asks for an entrance fee whenever a boat-load of visitors or an individual decides to dock in and enjoy the place.

When I hired the boat, we (just the three of us including the boat captain, boatman (young boy) and myself) decided not to dock in since we can have a much better view of the island if we just circled it and take photos.

Earlier in the morning, at around 10 (28 September 2015), the island looked very quiet and seems it was sleeping with tranquility.  I can’t see any space on it in a distance from our side – just lush forest making it looks really like a virgin island with some wild plants and animals making their home.

Sulpa IslandVisitors, cottages, barbecues...

However, when we were passing by at it again early in the afternoon, we could see boats floating and docking nearby it. Now, I could see people sitting on some simple cottages enjoying their lunch and talks.

I could also see people walking around while others are on the seashore.

When we got nearer the island, the whitish smoke bellowing from the cottages that lined up by the edges of the coralline island emitted a delicious flavors – they are having barbecue on this island!

Island Facilities & Activities

I heard that some photographers and such business industries come to Sulpa Island to get some nice photos with models for any sort of commercials.

Probably, since we just passed by the island during high tide I couldn’t see much of the sand or seashore around it.

Anyhow, here are some of the features of Sulpa Island…

Some describe the place as having a shallow coral and some rough white sandy shore. I believe that the sand on its seashore is just but a small area and does not extend that far judging from the visibility of the sand during high tide – not so visible and it’s turquoise indicating it is deeper.

For diving, some say that the westside of Sulpa has a drop-off of 50 meters, which is just fine for divers under training.

Snorkeling and swimming are certainly some of the basic activities you can enjoy with in this area. Probably, this is not the place for other popular activities, such as surfing, skim boarding, kite boarding and other similar water sports.

Because I haven’t seen people doing such activities, it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to do it there. It’s just that the facilities are not available (yet) except for relaxation only.

However, water-skiing and banana-boating are available and being done here. I believe that some boats brought with them these water activity fun facilities as I cannot see a shop on the island.

Sulpa Island Water FacilitiesFun water activities by Sulpa Island

Hut Cottages & Food

Cottages are available and I’m not certain if you have to rent it. Certainly, you need to pay an entrance fee (100 pesos per person) to be allowed into the island and it is most probable that a cottage’s use is included.

As aforementioned, obviously you can prepare some food such as barbecue and other prepared supplies you have.

However, you don’t have to worry about getting food on this island. Yeah, I guess there is no farm or anything edible on this island except the trees (I can’t see any coconut tree either!).

Food vendors from Olango Island and from somewhere come to sell food including rice, snacks, young coconuts, meat, fish dishes and other seafood! Although seafood is abundant (of course!), you should keep in mind that the price is for tourists and that these vendors had to transport their food – meaning, the price could be higher.

Anyhow, if you just want to enjoy the atmosphere and environment of an island, be ready to spend your time and some resources to relax and be with nature.

Now, if you got interested to check out Sulpa, here’s how you can get there…

Sulpa Island Outrigger Boats

Getting to Sulpa Island

You can hire any boat from Olango Island if you are already there. Just talk to your resort manager or staff member regarding island hopping or any plan you have in mind. It always boils down to simply making your request and asking for a fairly reasonable rate for rentals.

Usually, an island hopping activity offer in Olango is for a day’s activity. You will usually be brought into 3 islands and it also depends on your choice whether to stay longer in one of them or divide your time among them.

The cost for this day activity is usually 3,000 Philippine Peso. You pay this rate either you are alone or with a group.

Another way…

If you are not on Olango Island, you can go to Parola area in Cordova and hire a boat from there to bring you directly to Sulpa Island and other islands as well. The rate of renting the boat is the same.

You can take a taxi, jeepney or a V-hire to reach Parola area. Time travel to reach the island is only around 25 minutes from Mactan Island. You can see where you are going and you will see the place where you came from – it is close.

Now, it is all up to your location to get to the island.
Thanks for dropping by. Have a safe and enjoyable travel!

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