Sumilon Island Travel

First Sumilon Island Travel

sumilon-island-cebu-philippinesSumilon Island Sandbar during high tide

My Sumilon Island Travel

My first Sumilon Island travel was amazing. I have heard and read online so much about this place for some years now. And this year, my wish to see the place came true.

My impression is that this is one of the must-see places in the southern part of Cebu Province.

Sumilon Island is one of those places that has a nice beach where one can enjoy the white sand and sparkling turquoise waters. In fact, Sumilon is famous for its sandbar. I saw this part of the island, but rather than dipping into the enticing water I preferred to savor its beauty and enjoy that feeling while taking photos to make sure it is captured both in my mind (and heart) and digitally.

sumilon-islandSumilon Island is just a 10-minute-ride in a bangka from across the mainland of Bancogon, Oslob

From My Resort

Seeing Sumilon Island was one of my plans when I decided to be in this area. I was staying in a nice and quiet resort in Boljoon, and so it is quite convenient to see and there is no excuse for not doing it. It was a big opportunity and I did not miss that.

I was at Club Fort Med beach resort and was enjoying my stay – its nice food, serene environment, refreshing sea breeze, panoramic view of the nearby islands, breath-taking sunrise, great swimming pools and other facilities. Of course, I enjoyed the Casita 3 where I spent three nights of perfect rest.

From this resort, it only takes around 30 minutes to get to Bancogon where the briefing area and office of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is located. Barangay Bancogon is in Oslob Town – another famous travel area among local and international visitors. Oslob is known for its whale sharks watching activities.

Office & Briefing Area

The briefing area in Bancogon is located right across Sumilon Island. The briefing area does not only inform you about the island, the resort’s facilities and services but also where you can register for a day’s tour to the island, which is exactly what I did.

This place and space is amazing and beautiful. I actually did not expect to see it since I was, probably, only imagining about the island itself. So I was surprised to see the traditional hut (thatched-roofed) structures where you can find an office, briefing area and other facilities for island-bound visitors.

I already felt that my experience on the island would be fantastic knowing that the starting point – this briefing and registration facility – is already a plus to my experience. This place is great – as you can see in the photo.

bluewater-sumilon-island-resortBluewater Sumilon Island Resort's office and orientation facility

Arrival at Sumilon Island

Right after the 10-minute briefing and orientation about Sumilon Island Day Tour, we were led into a huge Bangka (also called ‘pumpboat’) that can load over 20 or more passengers at a time. The Bangka was waiting and docked by the end of the nice foot-bridge above the sea.

Then we took off and the feeling of excitement within me was building up knowing that I was about to see the place I’ve been dreaming of. The same excitement I felt with other passengers and I thought they were more excited than I was – taking selfies, group selfies, videos…

It was a quick ride – around 10 minutes – to the island. It was smooth-sailing but still we were provided with life-jackets for safety sake.

We easily dock on a port by a rocky part of the island. Excitement grew and I could see small huts, bigger huts and rooms from the boat. I can already sense the serene and rejuvenating atmosphere all around me. I look up and around and did my first photo of the name of the resort carved in a slab of wood – welcoming everyone!

First Thing I Didn't Miss Doing

One of the most popular and attractive photos of the island is the round swimming pool with a tree at the center. Yes, I took my photos (pictures) to mark that I’ve been there. I can see people in it enjoying the cool and refreshing water while others are busy taking selfies and some taking photos for their friends or family members.

Things Worth Doing on Sumilon Island

I didn’t want to do a lot of things. What I really wanted to do was just enjoy the place and take loads and loads of photos. Anyway, for the sake of sharing my experiences, please see the things I did and places on the island I’ve been to below.

sumilon-island-swimming-poolMain swimming pool at Sumilon Island
sumilon-island-beach-areaMain beach area on Sumilon Island
sumilon-island-jacuzziJacuzzi at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort
sumilon-island-beach-view-cebuBeach on Sumilon taken from the hill overlooking towards the mainland
sumilon-island-baluarteBaluarte at Sumilon Island
watchtower-on-sumilon-island-cebuWatchtower on the hill of Sumilon Island

Helpful Information

Getting there
From Cebu City, take a bus from South Bus Terminal then get off at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort’s briefing office/area in Bancogon, Oslob.

Day Tour: PHP1000/person (package: boat, lunch, towel, pool, beach)

Resort on Sumilon Island: Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort -

Yes, this is my first, truly amazing and very memorable Sumilon Island travel. It was just a day tour and how much more if I did it for a days more!

Thanks for reading this and hope you have a great travel as well!

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