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Sunday Flower Hotel

Contribution by | Krystal Ann S. Ardon

Bantayan Island beachBantayan Island's Paradise Beach by Sunday Flower Hotel & Beach Resort

Sunday Flower hotel & resort

Wanting to have a whole day or two of serenity?  Sunday Flower Hotel and Beach Resort is the right place to be.

It is located in Santa Fe, Southeast coast of Bantayan Island. Specifically, you can find it at 232 Bantiancilla Street Pooc, Santa Fe. That’s  10 – 15 minutes from the port of Bantayan Island.

It’s a bit of a journey to get to Sunday Flower Beach Resort depending on what vehicle is being used, but always remember, waiting is not wasting.  The long drive is surely worth the wait and worth the bumps.

Here in Sunday Flower Hotel and Beach Resort is where you can witness the sunrise and sunset on its beach laying back on a beach chair with a juice at the side and shades on.

Away from all the bars and hectic life of the city, where sleep is paralysis and a smile is contagious, Sunday Flower Beach Resort gives the perfect place to unwind and relax.

In the mornings the seawater is always low tide so it is not a good idea for the swimming type adventure. However, the sea breeze is nourishing and the place is enchanting. 

The locals are accommodating and would stop by for a chat, whether in English or vernacular they are always up of a talk to every tourist visiting their territory. The innocent children with their laughter would certainly make your day.

Sunday Flower staff are always helpful with all the needs of their guest, from the directions on where to go, where to get the rent a scooter for a stroll, cooking their dishes out of fresh sea foods caught by the near locals and fresh fruits, and just about anything! It’s like a home away from home indeed.

Sunday Flower Hotel's apartment on Bantayan IslandApartment by Sunday Flower Hotel

And what’s around Sunday Flower Hotel and Beach Resort? The Santa Fe Ferry Terminal, Bantayan Public Market, San Remigio Municipal Hall, Bantayan Public Plaza and a place to ask for a safe trip in San Juan Nepomuceno Church – they are just around the Island.

But wait, there’s more! Sunday Flower Beach Resort is known to be the Best Value for Money on Bantayan Island. They have double rooms, air conditioned or not, studio rooms and apartments which are also available for overnight or longer renting.

The rooms are equipped with hot and cold showers, flat screen TVs, and there is a WIFI zone, dining area, dining wares, kitchen and utensils available. All are on affordable rates!

Finding Sunday Flower Hotel & Beach Resort

The following contact details will provide guide for your any inquiry on the what's and how's regarding the beach resort.

Address: 232 Bantiancilla Street Pooc, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:   +63 93362 99249; +63   32 438 9556

Getting to Bantayan Island

As you may have already known, Bantayan Island is a secluded island and quite distant from Cebu City or Mactan Island.

However, it is worth your expenses, time and effort to visit this paradise on earth.

Here’s how you can get there. Click this site's Getting to Bantayan Island link to find the guide page.

The page describes various transports from Cebu City or Mactan Island. Included in the guide page are some tips and basic information to get you to the place.

Sunday Flower Hotel room facilityRoom at Sunday Flower

Booking the Beach Resort

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Thanks a lot for reading to the end this page and contribution of the author (Krystal Ann). Hope this helps you in some way or another. You may continue searching this website for more loads of resources for your travels, vacation and for any other reason that brings you to this site.

Have fun and a great day!

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