Tabunok Garden View Resort

Tabunok Garden View Resort

Swimming pool at Sogod Tabunok Garden View Resort, Cebu.Photo: Tabunok Garden Resort in Sogod

Tabunok Garden View Resort is one of the popular leisure and event establishments in Sogod, Cebu, Philippines.

From Cebu City, it takes around an hour to reach the resort (if you are running straight non-stop), which is about 60 kilometers. It is located where you can have an amazing view of the coves of Sogod and Catmon.

Tabunok Garden Resort has a great-looking environment and atmosphere that is fantastic not only for a holiday but also for events, celebrations or other social gatherings.

It has all the facilities you will need for your leisure or event activity, such as restaurant, accommodations or swimming pool.

Let’s check out some more…

Great Facilities & Services

The overall atmosphere of the resort is well-looked after including the regularly groomed lawn that is perfect for all sorts of social events or celebrations including wedding, parties and other functions.

Bar/Dining Area
This is located at the main building that can be used as space for events or celebrations, especially for a bigger group of guests.

This offers a nice view of the coves of the municipalities of Sogod and Catmon. This environment is not only great for your event and celebrations but also a perfect vintage point to enjoy sea view with relaxing effects.

Parking Space
The parking space is not big enough and can only accommodate a small number of cars, but there is always a space outside the resort where you can park your vehicle. In this area there is more than enough space to park any sizes of vehicles including buses or trucks.

Tasty Restaurant
Tabunok Resort has a restaurant that serves international as well as Filipino dishes. Since this resort is located right by the sea, you can certainly get the freshest sea foods you like being supplied by local fisher folks, that is if you have you problems or a vegetarian or anything for that matter.

Specifically, the restaurant serves the following delicious and irresistible cuisine: Tuna Panga & Belly, Steak Salmon, Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps, etc. These are just but among the elaborate array of menu available.

Now, after your sumptuous meal you can visit Restaurant Bar to enjoy your drinks. In addition, you can enjoy with your family or friends the videoke machine if you love singing.

Cool Swimming Pool
This pool has two divisions: for kids and adults. To avail the pool, you need to pay 50pesos for each child and double that for an adult guest. I think that’s fair for a day’s use. However, if you are renting a room or staying overnight (or longer) you will get free pass for pool use.      

Billiard Table
Most men love this but you know women also loves hitting billiard balls. You can have a discounted rate during weekdays (around Php125/hour) and a bit more during Friday evenings and weekends and holidays. Surely you know the reason… more users during those days.

Tabunok Garden View Resort's Villas, Sogod, Tabunok, CebuPhoto: Villas at Tabunok Garden View

Nice Accommodation / Rooms

This resort is providing only a homely environment and accommodation to its guests. For that reason, Tabunok Garden View Resort offers only five houses and two family villas. Let’s check out some details…

Row Houses
There are 5 of these individual rooms (house) each with facilities and amenities necessary for your comfortable stay. Each room has air-conditioned facility, TV, hot and cold showers, refrigerator, and furniture.

You can surely enjoy and relax through one of these rooms by searching the garden and pool area. This accommodation includes free breakfast for two and free access to the pool.

Family Villa
This accommodation (there are 2 bedrooms, each with sala or receiving room). Of course, it has all the facilities mentioned in the accommodation above… and a lot more facilities and amenities.

This accommodation includes free breakfast for four guests and free use of the pool. You may inquire from the resort for an updated rate for room rent.

Tabunok Garden View Resort room view

Services & Functions

Just to repeat, Tabunok Resort accepts bookings/reservations for various sorts of events and occasions, including weddings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, group or team-building activities, corporate activities, school reunions, among other social functions or gatherings you want to hold at this venue.

There is only one way to do that and make sure it will happen. Reserve your event in advance by contacting the management with the details below.

Finding Tabunok Garden View Resort

You may use the following contact details of Tabunok Garden View for your inquiry and other transaction you wish to make.

Address: Tabunok, Sogod, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: Kathy Melgo - 0920-954-4317 (smart);
              Anne Melgo - 0922-840-8886 (sun)

Landline: +63 32 416 2174

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