Tajao Seaside Haven Beach Resort

Tajao Seaside Haven Beach Resort. It is located in Barangay Tajao, Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines.

Tajao Seaside Haven Beach Resort


Tajao is in Cebu Province of Central Visayas, Republic of the Philippines.

It has a population of over five thousand and is popular for its beach resorts.

It is one of the 26 barangays in Pinamungahan Town where Seaside Haven Resort is located.

This beach resort is very accessible since it is located just right along the national highway road.


Inside Tajao Seaside Resort, you can enjoy various sorts of interesting holiday or summer activities. Certainly, if you make your request or arrange for a particular activity or service it could be provided.

Among the fun activities you can do here, the following are just some of them…

Beach Barbecue party
Swimming & Sunbathing
Beach Games
Water Activities
Island Hopping
Diving & Snorkeling

Make your arrangements ahead with the management by contacting directly. Enjoy your favorite activities then!


You should also know that Tajao Seaside Haven is a resort that caters and serves other important events.

Events & Sports
It is a great place for a romantic wedding, effective place for business meetings or seminars, youth camps, gatherings, and even sport activities.

The spacious and open environment of this resort is suitable to bigger groups and active events by the seaside. Amazing!

We’ll just enumerate other facilities you might need while staying, relaxing, and enjoying in this resort…

The Pavilion - Round-shaped Hall for weddings and other events
Nipa Huts with verandas
Cottages (nipa roof) by the beach lining up on the shoreline
Outside Washrooms
Changing Rooms
Open Library

A shop
This store sells anything for your immediate needs including chips, soft drinks, beer, among other products for your enjoyment while on a vacation.


Tajao Seaside Haven has various types of rooms if you want to stay overnight or for more days. The structure of the rooms or building are a combination of modern and traditional style

The support structures are concrete but the walls and roofs are made from natural materials, such as nipa (kind of palm), bamboo and wood. These natural materials can make a cool atmosphere inside the room.

Most rooms have double beds. Some rooms are built in one building while the other rooms are built separate and distant from the other structures. This gives you more spacious and free feeling...

Nipa Huts
These are the houses or individual rooms that are fully made with natural materials already mentioned earlier. You don’t need air-con inside although it may be provided. Your choice!

If you decide to see or visit this place for your next vacation (or event), you may use the information as follows…


Address: Seaside Haven Beach Resort, Sitio Bulubugan, Barangay Tajao, Pinamungajan, Cebu City 6000, Philippines.

Telephone: 0939-917-4760 or 511-3422

Tajao Seaside Have Beach Resort. It is one of the houses/rooms available in this resort. Most rooms are made from natural organic materials, such as nipa, wood. etc.


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