The Buzzz Cafe

The Buzzz Cafe of Bohol Bee Farm

Writer: Air Bourne
Published: 13 November 2016


The Buzzz Cafe in Cebu City

If you’ve been to the Bee Farm in Bohol, the famous organic restaurant in town, and have dined during lunch or dinner, you would certainly love to keep going back to the place and dine. It seems that the taste resonates in your palate every now and then that you crave for it. 

Since I am in Cebu and that popular organic resto is in Bohol, I would have ended up spending money for my fare more than the food had I given in to my cravings years back.  So, I had only wished that one day this restaurant would open its branch here so I could take my aging mother to an organic meal.

Lo and behold, the genie granted my wish! Last quarter of 2015, the Bee Farm Restaurant opened its outlet to the public in Cebu named The Buzzz Cafe (Bee Farm of Bohol).  This organic restaurant is located on the Ground Floor of Robinsons Galleria, General Maxilom Avenue Extension, Cebu City.


How to get there for free!
For a free ride (to and from), go to the old Robinsons Place cor. Mango Avenue and Ramos St., near Osmena Rotonda, and ride on its shuttle bus provided for passengers bound for the Robinsons Galleria.

Organic & No Preservatives

This restaurant is unique because all ingredients are organic and no preservatives are added.
I just so love every food that The Buzzz serves.  Even if the dish is something new, once it touches my taste buds, I would surely love it right away.  It’s as if I don’t need to decipher whether the flavour is good or not because the taste is too organically delicious!

This organic restaurant is highly recommended especially to those who are into organic foods.  I tell you, a carnivorous diner would like to become an organic diner without haste once he/she tries its tasty servings! Yummy it really is! I can say that again.

Excellent Service

The service is excellent for me. In a matter of 5 to 8 minutes, all foods are served, though one dish after the other.  Presentation of its plated dish is superb. The service crews are accommodating. The place is clean and uniquely adorned with recycled colourful wine bottles that serve as light akin to a chandelier There is no doubt that I will recommend this restaurant to my local visitors for a catching-up conversations and mouth-feeding.

While waiting for our orders, we were served this appetizer made of dried cassava paste and prepared into taco-like crackers then served with homemade organic pesto.  Something new enough to perk up your hunger.

the-buzzz-cafe-appetizerThe Buzzz Cafe Appetizer

My balikbayan brother who is carnivorous had a superb lunch—a plate of spareribs, combined with red rice and pieces of cassava.

the-buzzz-cafe-spareribsDelicious Spareribs

Unique Organic Garden Salad
I had a serving of this salad: a combination of lettuce, indigenous edible flowers: petals of gumamela, turnips served  and with honey mustard salad dressing.  This is an amazing garden salad for me. It’s one of a kind. A must-try garden salad.

the-buzzz-cafe-organic-saladIndigenous organic salad

Here are other must-try dishes at The Buzzz Cafe:

the-buzzz-cafe-vegetarian-pastaVegetarian Pasta
the-buzzz-cafe-grilled-squidGrilled squid served with red rice
the-buzzz-cafe-vegetarian-coriander-soupVegetarian Coriander Soup

Not only are the foods organically made, but its beverages as well.  When it says mango shake, then you will taste the mango in the shake.  Or, lemongrass juice, the flavour is a genuine lemongrass. My first time to appreciate a lemongrass juice.  The difference it makes from the rest lemongrass juices I tasted is that it’s not an artificial flavouring of lemongrass. They put a lemongrass stalk for stirring which added to the flavour thus making it refreshing to drink.

the-buzzz-cafe-lemongrass-drinkRefreshing Lemongrass Drink

Other choices of beverages to choose from: (courtesy of jazzandsass photo). More photos on their facebook page.

ORGANIC ICE CREAM – Spicy Ginger Ice Cream

Tastes heavenly and real ginger flavour!  The cone is called kabkab in Cebuano language - meaning, a dried cassava.

After our lunch, we all had a good family time bonding once again after so many years with my brother coming from Louisiana, New Orleans. I will endorse this new, famous organic restaurant to friends and relatives to have a taste of organic-all-the-way ingredients in the foods of The Buzzz Cafe.

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