The Ranch Resort in Toledo City

Active The Ranch Resort, Toledo City

The Ranch Resort is one of the best resort facilities located in Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines.

It was formerly called The Gaite Ranch Resort but changed or shortened to its recent name for some much better reasons.

The Ranch Resort is one of the best places for family, friends, classmates, and couples for relaxation and breaks getaway!

The resort has all sorts of fun and entertaining facilities that are great for children and adults alike when spending time together for relaxation with families, friends or various groups and gangs.

The Ranch is quite spacious and provides facilities for a day’s visit or longer stay including restaurants, accommodations and more facilities.
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The resort offers various sorts of entertaining facilities for guests of various ages. Some of the facilities available include…

Swimming Pools
There are not only one but 5 (five) pools available built for adults and children. It is a very family and children-friendly and maintains a high level of safety. You don’t need to worry by keeping an eye all the time your younger children playing in the water.

This swimming pool is designated for aduts' use only at The Ranch Resort, Toledo City, Cebu

There are 4 (four) restaurants open with various choices of menus and dishes. you won’t get tired of eating the same dish, and you would feel it’s a fiesta everytime you visit and enjoy your meals.

Horse Ranch
Yes, they have gentle horses that would give you rides around the ranch’s vicinity. Of course, you would be provided with an assistant or guide to make sure you’re in good hands while enjoying the ride.

Activity Area Facilities
There are facilities for a more active activity for the younger ones and growing up children. These includes: zip line, trampoline, wooden bridges, etc.

Nature & Animals
You can also enjoy watching nature being taken cared of inside the ranch. They have a botanical garden, an aviary, horse ranch, a bee farm and nature all around.

Zipline facility in The Ranch Resort located in Toledo, Cebu, Philippines
This is the kiddie swimming pool and a river pool at The Ranch Resort in Toledo, Cebu Philippines

Souvenir Shop
Parking Space
Open air Concert Ground
Friendly reception desk
Common resting area

Note: bringing food from outside into the resort is prohibited

The ranch is keeping up to its theme of ‘ranch’ resort. Although at times it is hard to maintain a huge ground, it is amazing that The Ranch is keeping up well and tidy in every corner of its resort.

Getting into and enjoying the place is worth your every penny (or peso) since the place is quite affordable and you would surely enjoy and get satisfied by its facilities and services.

So, here are the basic and standard rates, which by the way could change without prior notice or depending on the season and for any other reason. So please, ask the management for detailed rates if you want to make sure about expenses and budget matters.

The Ranch Resort Entrance: Php100
Room Rate Range: from Php1,800 up

The fare by bus from Cebu to Toledo is about 60pesos and 100pesos via V-Hire.
A tricycle or multicab charge is around 15pesos, that is, your ride from Toledo City to Barangay Bato where the resort is located.

Wider view and part of the nice The Ranch Resort in Toledo, Cebu Philippines

You have 3 choices of rides to get to The Ranch Resort.

1.    Bus. Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal bound for Toledo City. Various bus companies ply this route in 30 minutes or hourly basis.
2.    V-Hire. It is a small van (usually airconditioned) available at CityLink Terminal in Cebu City. A bus ride is a little cheaper than this ride.
3.    Taxi (and/or private vehicle). Make sure you arrange with the driver first before departing for the resort to avoid misunderstandings or any.

The usual travel time is 1 and a half hours or 2 hours at most. As you reach Toledo City, you must take a tricycle or a multicab ride (near St. John of Sahagun Church) for Barangay Bato, for around 15 minutes, where the resort is situated.


Address: Barangay Bato, Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (032) 318 9599 or Email:


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