Villa Isabella Beach Resort


Villa Isabella Resort is a fantastic place for vacation and short time holidays.

The resort offers a nice looking environment and amazing beach for swimming and shore for playing anything fun.

Villa Isabella is located in Samboan Municipality….


Okay, let’s check out the facilities available at Villa Isabella Resort. You would think it is not much but it all depends on what you really are looking for in your holidays.

Here are some of them…

Nice beach and crystal clear water
If you are looking for a nice beach and clear seawater in this part of the province, then here you are. Some observed that it is a nice beach but it does not have the powdery white sandy beach.

Instead, pebbles and smaller stones with some sand cover the beach area. The sea and marine life in the area is very fecund and diverse. It means that all sorts of seaweeds can be washed out into the shores. And since the underwater is rich of marine life, just watch yourself in case you will mistakenly step on some sea urchins that make their home in this area. Of course, they are everywhere but they could be plenty in one place than in another place.

Anyway, you would surely enjoy the clear and clean sea water of Samboan.

Nice Videoke Machine and equipment
Yes, a karaoke is one of the most common phenomena in the country. It is one of the omnipresent machines (second to motorbikes) that make the life of Filipinos more amusing and stress-free.

You can use the machine as long as you pay it, which is usually per song not by the hour. Local and international songs are available.

Kitchen utensils for free use
That’s right, kitchen utensils are free to use by guests. That includes glasses, plates, spoon and forks.

Affordable huge rooms
You will have a very relaxing and spacious room with very affordable rate. But the rate could change depending on the season and number of visitors. Just contact the management directly for further details, anyway.

Great Views
The resort has a nice view and certainly great for phototaking sessions that would produce long-lasting and memorable photogenic pictures. Bring with you great memories and let your pictures (photos) make you remember your experiences in places like this one.

Hammock, benches, chairs
Yup, the resort has a hammock where you can relax or take a nap on. You can also find places within the resort where sits, chairs and benches are provided. Let the time pass and just relish the serene environment while you watch the horizon in a distance right above the sea.


Although it is a fantastic place, some visitors complain of having difficulties finding the resort. For you to easily find it, let me give you some landmarks to guide your direction.

Samboan Medical Clinic
This is the closest landmark you can find near the resort. If you are taking a bus, tell the driver/conductor to drop you off close to the resort or where the Shotzz Bar and Resto is located. That is if the driver is familiar about the area, but most of them are.

Bus Liners
You can take any bus from Cebu City that travels that route. Take Ceres or other buses available from North Bus Terminal. It will take about two hours to reach the area.


Address: Barangay Ponong, Samboan Municipality, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: (63) 032-516-9037; 09163709104 (Mark)

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