Villa Nueva Beach Resort

Villanueva Beach Resort

Villanueva Beach ResortPool at the resort (photo by: christine sanchez)

Villanueva Beach Resort

If you are planning on holding an event, Villa Nueva Resort will be the perfect place for it.

If you are asking why, the management would answer by saying that they are equipped with facilities and services for any event or social gathering.

It has a two-storey building with spacious halls with facilities. After (or halfway) your event, you can enjoy and relax at their leisure facilities located just within and by the building itself.

Being a resort by the beach, you’ll certainly find place and time to be alone or with your loved one(s) in this serene environment.

Without further adieu, let’s check out some details of their facilities and other great offers…

Interesting Facilities

Here we goo…

Swimming Pool
Everybody loves swimming pools, Filipinos included, even though the water is not pure and natural (treated with chlorine and other chemicals). However, you know that this is the best thing you can do to keep it cleaner and safer

Huh, of course I am a great fan of swimming pools too and I can attest to that for having enjoyed my youth swimming at my distant relative’s pool (without proper permission!).
Okay… Yes, what I am saying is that Villa Nueva resort has a fantastic pool right infront of the events hall. It means that you can dive right after your serious meeting or anything for that matter into the inviting cool tropical water.

In addition to the pool, there is…

A Jacuzzi
Yup, it is quite popular nowadays to include a jazuzzi right beside a pool. This is a great and somehow exclusive space for a small group, friends or family to sit together and chat away while soaking in.

Event Hall
This is where you can hold your meeting, seminar, party and other social events. The resort can easily provide you the facilities you need and other materials you would need but requires advance notice of requests.

Sound system, karaoke machine, microphones, tables, and chairs are the basic things readily available. So, it means that anything you will need should be requested ahead of time, or should be provided by you (or your group) depending upon your agreement and understanding.

Billiard Tables
I am not a proficient billiards or pool table player but I enjoy calculating, hitting and trying to put them into the pockets. This is a very entertaining game for both men and women and so easy to learn (if you haven’t tried yet).

This is more fun especially when you have some drinks (a bottle of San Miguel, or any) while learning and polishing your skills. And by the way, there are TWO billiard tables available!

Cove Nearby
A cove is a great place for a picnic and swimming. That because the sea waves is weak making the water inside more calm and serene. Just in case you are not sure what a cove is (this is only for those new to the beach terms!), let’s say it is a small body of sea water almost surrounded by dry body of land (usually with a beach, some walls of rocks, etc.)

Yes, it is some sort of an exclusive and romantic part of a beach. In other words, it is a special place—quiet and beautiful!

Cebu Swimming poolsThe pool with seaview (photo by: edwin ilano)

Services at Villanueva Beach Resort

You surely already know when sort of services they offer aside from a regular holiday or vacation.

To repeat some aforementioned items, Villa Nueva accepts various social events including meetings, team-building activities, group activities, seminars, weddings, celebrations, and anything you want to hold in this facility.

Just make sure you make advance reservation and have arranged the details of your activity with the resort’s person in charge.

Note: We lost contact with this resort and we couldn’t find its address or other contact details.

However, we still have their map through a satellite photo by Google:

Location: Catarman, Liloan, Cebu

Please, let us know or share information to us so that other people can use it freely when they try to search the place.

Thanks in advance.

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