Villa Tropical Paradise Resort


Villa Paradise Resort is established in Liloan, Santander, Cebu, Philippines.

It is a nice resort located right at the beach with long stretch of shorelines. One doesn’t have to put “excessive makeup” to make the place beautiful.

Liloan in Santander is about 135 kilometers from Cebu City and it takes more than 3 hours by bus or taxi.

Liloan is getting much attention nowadays via word of mouth owing to its cool and crystal waters, breathtaking sunsets and heavenly night skies.

Tropara (shortened form for ‘tropical paradise’) is great for diving lessons and facilities that would give you great experience in the seas of Santander.

There are so many interesting and relaxing things you can do in Liloan through Villa Tropical Resort’s facilities.

Aside from just relaxing—sitting by the beach or on a chair at the resort looking towards the sea—you can just explore the municipality and discover the rural life with its quiet and fresh surroundings.

You can swim or dive whole day and then enjoy the evening by visiting the local village and mix in with the locals. Or, you just lie down on the sand or grass and watch the night skies dotted with stars while feeling the cool breeze.

These are some of the possibilities and real experiences of people which you can also do when you are in this resort facility.

Diving Services
At Villa Tropical Paradise you can get all the materials you need to learn or use if you plan on diving the waters of Liloan.

The resort offers diving gears for rent and courses on diving as well. Let’s check out its gears rentals…

All Light Gears (PhP850)
BCD ((PhP550)
Regulator (PhP550)
Wet Suit (PhP550)
All In One (PhP2,300)

The resort offers three types of courses:
NAUI Diving Courses
Experience Diving (Only half day course for PhP6,000)

The fee for this half day course includes the lesson, application and rentals except other charges.

Recreational Diving Courses:
•    Scuba (Open Water) Diver (for 3 days)
•    Advanced Diver (for 2 days with 6 dives)
•    Specialty Diver (for 1 day with 2 dives)
•    CPR & First Aid (for 1 day)
•    Rescue Diver (for 2 days)
•    Master Scuba Diver (for 5 days with 8 dives)

The lesson fee and certification fee are separate payments. The charges for lessons do not include the application, insurance, lodging, transportation and reading materials. The text rental service can be provided for free of charge.

Leadership Courses:
There are only two types of leadership courses being offered at this resort.
Dive Master (for 5 days, Php60,000)
Assistant Instructor (for 3 days; PhP48,000)

The prices indicated above only include the lessons, but not the applications, insurance, lodging, transport and text. Text rental can be provided free of charge.

Villa Tropical Paradise only offers a flat rate throughout the year, which means that there is no variation of price for various seasons.

They also accept payments in US dollars or Philippine peso. Credit cards of most major companies are also accepted (Visa, Master, JCB, American Express, Union pay, etc.)


Villa Tropical Resort also offers Divers Packages which are preferable offers for divers who come by through the airports available closest to Liloan, Santander. The following are the two packages…

Mactan Divers Package
It is a package that includes transportation to the resort from the airport and vice versa. This package could include a light dinner on arrival and additional 3 meals during your stay at the resort. Breakfast on departure date is not included in this package.

It includes 3 dives per day, drinking water and coffee or tea.

Dumaguete Divers Package
Included in this package is the transport from Dumaguete Airport and vice versa. Your lunch and dinner and additional 3 meals at the resort are included in this deal. Breakfast is also included on the departure date.

There are 2 dives on the arrival date. There will be 3 dives per day regardless of dive spots. Drinking water, coffee and tea are included in this package.

Address: Villa Tropical Paradise Resort, Lower Lo-oc, Santander, 6026 Cebu,  Philippines
Phone: +63 32 480 9035


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