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Apulit Island Resort. Apulit is in El Nido, Palawan, considered as the last frontier of biodiversity. In this island, you can do: kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, spelunking, swimming with sharks; dine on an island; cliff climbing, among other fun & interesting tropical water activities.

Apulit Island Resort, Palawan

Another island and a resort, a ‘tropical paradise’ as many calls it, is located in Taytay of Northern Palawan.

Apulit Island Resort is its name. The resort nestles quietly and conveniently within a cove of a majestic limestone at the background and an expansive white sand beach being washed by seawater filled with tropical and myriad species of fishes and marine life.

On the limestone cliffs (or I may call them walls) are the trees living within their crevices. Thriving within those tropic tress are the wildlife – birds, insects, and animal – that still waits to be discovered and named.

In this island, visitors and adventurers can swim, snorkel, take a boat or kayak to explore some hidden caves and secluded beaches hiding behind the walls of those limestone cliffs.

Where should you stay?

Apulit Island Resort management watches over the pristine island and everything in it. To be sure that visitors will enjoy and stay as much as they want to cherish the island’s grandeur, the resort offers cottages with comfortable, rustic, and indigenous style architecture paired with contemporary style.

The cottages are built on silts all facing towards the sea with an unobstructed sight of Taytay Bay, the surrounding island limestone cloaked with trees, and the theatrical limestone cliffs at the background.

Enough Rooms on the island resort

To make sure that you’ll have the utmost and optimum convenience while on the island, you’ll have 50 choices of cottages available…

Loft Water Cottages. There are two clusters of ten for each type. What is good with this cottage type is that you can go directly to the water through its private porch (veranda). A couple will conveniently fit in but it can accommodate up to four – could be your two kids or other friends.

The other type of cottage is called…

Water Cottage. Apulit Island Resort has 30 Water Cottages, which are especially made for couples. You have 2 choices of comfortable beds – double or twin. This type of cottage is safely and conveniently built on silts and with a panoramic porch from where you can access directly the sea.

Fun & Interesting Activities

In Apulit Island Resort, you can do any active or inactive, fun and adventurous, or any activity worth doing while on vacation on this island.

The resort offers its visitors a wide range of activities and it all depends on your preferences of activities and they’ll be glad to arrange your choices…

Water Sports, Scuba Diving, and such

Apulit resort suggests 10 amazing dive sites in the area. If you are one of those diving enthusiasts, you are blessed because Apulit has a complete diving equipment (and diving courses too if you are a newbie) and it is a PADI 5-Star resort as well.

Of course, there are other easier water activities for you to do, too. You can snorkel, kayak, hobie-cat (a sailboat with two small boats linked like a catamaran), and even windsurf.

Adrenalin Spelunking

If you are that physically active and have got strong muscles, then you can go spelunking by discovering the dark secrets of the caves within and inside those limestone cliffs or walls. The resort also suggests that you can swim in into the “Lover’s Cave” and the “North Cave”. Just ask for some directions and make sure to make your way out.

Limestone Cliff Climbing – rappelling

Oh, this would be great too. You have to be a mountain climber or rock climber to do this, to be safe. Surely, you won’t be allowed if you don’t have experience in anything rough and high.

The prize of climbing Apulit’s limestone cliffs is that you’ll get more of the expansive and panoramic view of the islands, coves, bay, and Palawan.

And then when you get to Apulit’s cross, you can rappel 60 meters down. Only for those who doesn’t know, rappelling means sliding down vertically using rope facing the rock while descending.

Finding Nature’s Abundance

You can snorkel the house reef and then swim with some friendly sharks lurking in the waters of Apulit – baby black tip sharks, blue spotted stingrays, and more.

You can also kayak around the island and discover some entrances leading inside the limestone cliffs to discover secret and enchanted places.

The resort also offers a sunset cruise around Taytay Bay.
If you are a lover of stars, this is the place where you can stargaze and find your heavenly star formations – Northern star, Big Dipper, Southern Cross…

Now, if you are that person who prefers to spend your quite time relaxing you may enjoy…

Healthy Treatments - Spa & such

Apulit Island resort provides various Asian, European, and traditional Filipino methods of physical rejuvenation treatments.

Their expert masseurs can soothingly serve you tropical face and body treatments – as in massage and other forms of physically relaxing methods, removing your stressed out muscles and body (mind and spirit included).

Then you can just also wander around the island to relax, search some locally produced handicrafts, play pool table and have some cocktails at the bar along the beach.

And more…

Special occasions, such as weddings, conferences, corporate events, and such are welcome and provided facilities

Tropical Meals & Dining

You can have the what they call “sustainable menus”. It means that you’ll enjoy salad & greens, veggies especially grown from the island’s gardens.
Of course, Apulit resort offers international as well as local dishes at the Clubhouse Restaurant. You can enjoy fresh seafood at your heart's content.

Romantic & Tropical Dining Options

  • Private Picnic Lunch. The resort offers guests to have lunch at a nearby Isla Blanca
  • Private Dining. Usually offered to couples for a dine in a beach, garden, by a pier, a bar.

Finding Apulit Island Resort on Palawan

Well, maybe this is not easy but you’ll be rewarded. As they say, “good things never come easy”. Surely, great good experiences will come to you when you get to this place.

You can get there by…

  • Airplane – from Manila to Cesar Lim Rodriguez Airport in Taytay (Palawan) via Island Transvoyager, Inc. the flight is on a daily basis.
  • By Land Transport – from Taytay Town Port is about 4 hours from Puerto Princesa (capital) and 2 hours from El Nido Town, Northern Palawan. There is a daily shuttle service in the afternoon (3pm).

Now, for more details, you may click the following link (this site is not affiliated with this resort)…

www.Apulit Island Resort

Have fun and make you experience a memory of a lifetime!

Apulit Island Resort. It has one of the most fantastic offers of dinner venues among the Palawan resorts. You can have a romantic or family dinners by the beach, on an island, by the pier, by the garden, etc.

Apulit Island Beach Resort Dinner (photo: www.elnidoresorts.com)

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