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balamban municipality

Balamban Municipality is approximately 64 kilometers northwest of Cebu City, the capital of Cebu Province, Visayas Region, the Philippines.

It is bound in the South by Toledo Municipality; in the north by Asturias Municipality, in the East by Cebu and Mandaue Cities; and on the west by Tanon Strait.

The municipality is considered a fifth class municipality with a total land area of over 33 thousand hectares.

Political Unit – Barangay

The Municipality of Balamban has 28 barangays (sort of township). It is quite relevant to know the name(s) of the barangay you are going to especially if you are traveling to a specific destination for your adventure, activity or any exploration.

Yes, these are the names:

Abucayan, Aliwanay, Arpili, Baliwagan (Pob.) Bayong, Biasong, Buanoy, Cabagdalan, Cabasiangan, Cambuhawe, Cansomoroy, Cantibas, Cantuod, Duangan, Gaas, Ginatilan, Hingatmonan, Lamesa, Liki, Luca, Matun-og, Nangka, Pondol, Prenza, Santa Cruz-Santo Nino (Pob.), Singsing, Sunog (Magsaysay) Vito

However, don't worry too much as they usually name an attraction or travel destination with the barangay's name, for example: Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool, etc.

According to the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, the topography of Balamban Municipality is unique and various. The Department mentions that Balamban has flatlands, scraggly hills, small mountain ranges, and there are small mountain ranges that feature challenging deep narrow passages between mountains and hills.

balamban-liempoSource: Balamban Liempo

infrastructures and public utilities

Balamban Municipality has all sorts of roads including national road, provincial road, municipal road, barangay road and even ports for boats but no airport.

The municipality has both public and private schools, and most of them are elementary schools (16 of them). It has a couple of high schools and no college or vocational schools.

Among the other public buildings, it has 17 multi-purpose buildings and some recreation centers. 

The municipality can be easily reached through public transport including buses, jeepneys, and you can take tricycles and trisicads for local transports. 

Concerning communications, Balamban has a post office, telephone station and a couple of telegraphic stations. 

The municipality is being supplied with potable water managed by the municipality itself, and only some barangays are being supported with electricity.

financial, trade and industrial aspects

The municipality provides various kinds of services and supplies to the public. It has commercial banks, money exchange shops, government banks, savings banks, cooperative banks and more.

If you are traveling there, you can get your small stuff for travel at Sari-Sari Stores, general merchandise, service and repair shops, pawnshops, hard wares, pharmacies, gas stations, bakeries and hair shops.

travel destination in balamban

There are myriad of choices of destinations for your adventure and exploration activities in Balamban.

For example, you can climb Mount Manunggal in Barangay Sunog. The barangay's named is changed in Barangay Magsaysay because it is where President Ramon Magsaysay died in a plane crash on 17 March 1957. It has been reported that 17 of his staff and some more news correspondents perish in that accident.

Yes, you can find the shrine of President Ramon Magsaysay in the area. The shrine is considered as the top trekking destinations in the area. 

  • Mount Mauyog
  • Cambuhawe Spring Swimming Pool
  • Adventure Café – famous zip lining destination in Barangay Gaas
  • Saint Francis of Assisi Church and Convent
  • Tsuneishi Shipbuilding
  • Balamban Liempo – popular tasty and crunchy grilled pork belly
  • Canso X
  • Gaas Balamban, Landmark & Historical Place
  • St Vincent Ferrer Parish Church-Buanoy

food & drinks

When you are in the area you will not be starved. You can always find food stalls, small carenderias, but most of all you can have lots of choices of places to go. Some of them...

  • Adventure Café
  • Baywalk Barbecue Restaurant
  • Felixberto's Burgers and Hotdogs
  • Wild Wild West, Filipino restaurant
  • bayView Restaurant & Bar
  • Aetoo!! Resto Bard

resorts & accommodation facility

Certainly, you can find various sorts of accommodation in the area. Try checking out the following...

getting to balamban municipality

V-Hire (Van for hire) are temporarily available at Cebu South Bus Terminal. These vans can bring you to Balamban Municipality.

Vans are also available at Ayala Terminal for a fare of around PhP100. 

Taxi is another possibility but can be costly.

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