West35 Eco Mountain Park

Cool West35 Eco Mountain Park

View from the observation deck /photo courtesy of West35 Eco Resort

West35 Eco Mountain Park Resort, Balamban

West35 Eco Mountain Park Resort is a nice environmental facility situated in Gaas, Balamban Municipality, Cebu, Philippines.

Nearby this resort, you can also find the facilities like Adventure Café, K33, Island in the Sky places, among other interesting facilities by the mountains of Balamban, Cebu.

The winding road leading to the park resort could be interesting but challenging. There steep climbs and sharp curves along the way up, but at the same time you’ll discover nature and its best - tropical plants, flowers, birds, among others.

West35 Eco Park provides playground facilities for kids, outdoor activities for adults, a restaurant and accommodation facilities.

This eco-mountain park resort does not only provide you nice views and great facilities but most of all a rejuvenating environmental being provided by fresh air (and breeze) and oxygen from the plants and trees.

West35 Eco Mountain Park Resort. Photo: Tinay AlcantaraView of the surrounding from the observation deck

In addition, West35 Eco Mountain Park also offers services for those who wish to hold meetings, social as well as familial events. They provide catering service and facilities for your activity.

Of course, if you want to stay overnight or much longer to relax and enjoy the place you can rent a room with some choices depending on your number. You can find the accommodation descriptions below this page, if you scroll down.

West35 Eco Mountain Park Resort. Shown is the Observation Deck of the resort. Photo Credit: Tinay AlcantaraViewing Deck at West35 Eco Park

Interesting Facilities & Services

Playground for children and youth

Among other interesting facilities and amenities available, we can only mention the most prominent ones…

Children’s Playground
This facility includes tire swings, military-style climbing ropes, wall-climbing, elevated or hanging bridge, slides, etc. where kids of various ages can enjoy their time and develop their physical and motor skills.

Viewing Station Deck
You can experience an amazing view of the surrounding municipality, green trees, blue skies, and the sea in a distance.

Trekking Trail
Hiking along the mountains in this area is fantastic for those who are into this hobby and habit of keeping healthy. This is not only for the young people but especially for the middle aged or older individuals for health and happiness reasons.

This one is surely for mostly young people who are fond of adrenaline pumping activities.

Haven Café
It is a restaurant that serves delicious dishes with surprisingly very reasonable and budget price range (from Php120 to 200, etc.). Such dishes include: Tinolang Manok (stewed chicken with veggies), Baby Back Ribs, Pork Barbecue, Pancit, Adobo, Salads, cakes, desserts, cold juice drinks, sandwiches, seafoods, pizza, etc.

Game Room
For those who prefer indoor activities.

Function Room
This room is for formal meetings, gatherings, celebrations or any events at all you want to happen in this great place.

Rates of Facilities:
Shuttle Service – PHP 2,500.00
When moving from one place to another for a tour or any service you might request for, a shuttle service can be provided by the resort for your comfort.

Zipline/Trekking – PHP 150.00
This charge is per person every time you use this adrenaline pumping sports facility. Individuals with weak heart, has high blood pressure problem or other ailments are not allowed to use a zipline facility.

Kid’s Playground – PHP 50.00
Entrance Fee – PHP 50.00

West35 Eco Resort offers a nice 10 to 15% discount of accommodation during weekdays.
For your information, the resort’s management won’t let you bring your own food supply into their facility’s premises. This includes beverages (water might be allowed I wonder) and hard liqueurs.

Mountaintop Accommodation / Rooms

Villa rooms at West35 Eco Resort

West 35 Eco Resort offers three types of accommodations. It is not cheap but you get what you paid for. However, the rate is reasonable enough for guests. Here are the accommodations available…

  • Suite Room - for 2 guests
  • Deluxe Room - for 2 guests
  • Deluxe Room w/ Jacuzzi - for 2 guests
  • Group Accommodation - good for 6 guests
  • Group Accommodation w/ Firepit - good for 6 guests
  • Extra Pax - additional charge is needed

The rates per room starts from around Php4,000 up to over Php7,000 which actually also depends the season and number of persons renting.

High season, meaning higher rates, is usually on the months of December, January, April, May and June each year. Certainly, during low seasons and renting a room as a group or family offers cheaper rates.

Please, inquire from the management directly or use hotel booking system system as the one provided in this website - Agoda Booking Company - or any company of your choice.

See here for a recently updated rates for accommodation and prices for food, beverages and facilities.

Finding West35 Eco Mountain Park Resort

If you need to inquire about anything from this mountain park and resort, you may use the following contact details for your convenience.

If the information is not correct please let us know for better free service to this site's users. Thanks in advance!

Cebu Address: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines
Email address: ecowest35@yahoo.com
Telephone:       +63(032) 520-2633
Mobile Phone: +63 933 995 3245

If you want to see more photos and other details about West35 Eco Park, you can search their facebook page.

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West35 Eco Mountain Park Resort. Shown is the resort's villa taken from the Observation Deck. Photo Credit: Tinay AlcantaraView of West35 Resort's villa rooms

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