Bantaaw Beach Resort

Bantaaw Beach Resort

bantaaw-beach-resortimage: Bantaaw Beach Resort

Bantaaw Beach Resort

Bantaaw Beach Resort is a simple but a relaxing property you wanna be in the southern part of Cebu Province. The word ‘bantaaw’ simply means ‘very visible’ in Cebuano (Visayan) language.

In addition, it can also mean that the surrounding sea view and the background mountain range bedecked with green coconuts and other local and tropical plants are there for all to see and enjoy with.

For sure, you have have all the refreshing and rejuvenating sea breeze that you need for your free day!

It is finely located between the municipalities of Malabuyoc and Ginatilan.

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Resort's Attraction

Being located in a country area, Bantaaw Beach Resort has the advantages for a healthy living. By ‘healthy’ I mean a clean environment, crisp breeze, green surrounding, peaceful and open air.

Coconuts and trees
The resort is facing both amazing sights – the wide blue sea and the green mountain range of Southwest Cebu.

If you want to enjoy not only the beach or sea, you can explore the lush green environment in the area. Coconut trees, plants, flowering plants, trees and local plants that yield fruits are visible everywhere. Of course, you can enjoy the refreshing young coconut if you ask for it!

Sea stars & Corals
The underwater close to the resort is fecund with sea life. You will notice and can observe the starfishes, sea corals, shells and anything that live under that sea. Therefore, you can decide to snorkel in the area and see them yourself.

Peace and simplicity   
The place is simple (not fancy like those 5-star hotels) and peaceful. But it could be 'noisy' but fun if there’s a party or other social event. However, the general atmosphere is serene if compared to a city environment and such stressful places.

bantaaw-beach-resort-seaviewBantaaw Resort & Seaview

Party Facilities Available

Being a rural and humble property, Bantaaw offers simple facilities and services. You can available the following…

Bamboo Loungers & Tables/Chairs
Yes, these facilities are available right infront of your rented room. You can sit and relax for healing and passing time to recharge your energy.

The resort did not mention if this service is available for rent directly from them. I’m sure you can rent a Bangka from the nearby providers. Any place with a resort in the province, usually thrives with other resources available that go with it.

Shower Rooms
Of course, simple shower rooms and washrooms are available for all visitors to use.

Cooking / Barbecue Area
The resort has a cooking area where you can prepare your own dishes and enjoy your fresh food. Please, inquire from the admin directly so that you will know what you might need to bring before getting there. Some cooking materials can be available near the resort, but you can always bring with you your own materials to be sure.


Activities / Events

With the facilities available, you can hold any event here depending on what you need and what sort of activity. Make sure you contact the resort operator before you decide to make better arrangements and make your event totally successful and memorable.

Basically, a medium-size gathering or event can be held here. Not to be more specific, a gathering like a school batch (class) reunion can be easily accommodated; a birthday party, wedding anniversary, family reunion, weekend getaway, among others.

Certainly, a couple, friends and smaller groups can enjoy the place either for a day or overnight use of this beach resort’s resources.

Accommodation / Room Rates

The following are the (temporary) rates of rooms available at Bantaaw Beach Resort if you decide to stay overnight or longer. Make sure you confirm these rates by contacting directly the admin of the resort.

  • Cottage Rate: PhP200/day
  • Air-conditioned Rooms: PhP1000/overnight stay
  • Regular Rooms: Php500/overnight stay

Please, know that the rooms are quite simple (not fancy or made of concrete) and environmental since they are made of bamboo and other recyclable materials. The designs or style are common but could be simply attractive and colorful!

bantaaw-beach-resort-roomsimage: bantaaw beach resort

Getting to Bantaaw Beach Resort

It is quite easy to get to this place since it is visible and located by the national road. The big bus company plies by this route daily from early morning till late in the evening. Here are the helpful details...

Location: Looc, Ginatilan, Cebu, Philippines (Southern Cebu Province)
Contact Number: +63 928 782 2556
Facebook: @BantaawBeachResort

If you want to ask more specifics or reserve at this resort, please visit their facebook page directly and send them a message. Then, you may communicate with them by various means after your initial communication.

At Cebu South Bus Terminal, you can easily take a bus (Ceres Bus or any line) that goes to Barili. You can just ask dispatchers around the terminal. Be prepared to pay over a hundred pesos to the conductor and please keep your ticket. It could take over 3 hours to get there – and so you had better enjoy the ride and the scenery along the way.

Some taxis are also willing to take you there, and please make sure you made a deal before taking off to prevent misunderstandings. Of course, this is more convenient and faster way to get there, if you so prefer.

Hope you'll find this interesting and enjoy your time!

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