Basdaku White Beach resort

basdaku-white-beach-resortBasdaku White Beach Resort

Basdaku White Beach Resort

Basdaku White Beach Resort is a top-rated beach area in Moalboal Municipality, Cebu Province. It is one of the top beach travel and holiday destinations in this central Philippine province.

Along the coastline of this beach, you'll discover diverse kinds of establishments as well as facilities that serve guests' demands who love the beach and the sea.

Basdaku beach is its preferred name as well as taken into consideration among the very best coastlines in Cebu. The name "basdaku" (or basdakoo) is the Cebuano (Visayan language) transliteration for words 'huge sand' (bas for sand, daku for big or vast).

I believe it is, in some way, a poetic name created to define this long stretch of amazing white beach.

As aforementioned, Basdaku White Beach Resort is well-known for its long stretch of white sandy coastline and sparkling blue seawater.

It is undeniably true that the whole Cebu Province is endowed with white sand beaches. If you don't know yet, the entire island (including its more excellent a hundred satellite islands) itself is made up of coralline sediments.

That is why Cebu is not suitable for farming as the soil is not deep, and the nutrients are not the best ones for most farming crops.

In other words, the island province built on corals that have that emerged to its present level, where plants and animals (including us) can survive after thousands of years of activity.

basdaku-beach-resortTents and shops are available to all visitors who come to enjoy the white beach of Basdaku

Alright, let me return to my topic--the beach.

Basdaku is not only a white-sand coastline but, naturally, it has crystal clear and also immaculate seawater.

The beach is readily available to the public. It offers superb exciting activities. The locals are monitoring the ecology of the area to maintain its natural environment.

Facilities, accommodations, enjoyable tasks & experiences

Small Neighborhood Dining Establishments
These dining establishments are in your area called 'karenderya.'

It is in the karenderyas where you can take pleasure in neighborhood recipes cooked from newly captured kinds of seafood. They also provide meat dishes-- pork, beef, goat, chicken.

The price is generally much inexpensive compared to more prominent restaurants. Karenderyas are straightforward and offer the necessary space for dining with uncomplicated tables and also chairs.

Typically, they have an open air space and have a full view of the fantastic surrounding area, above all, the sea!

Accommodation or Tent
Basdaku White Beach Resort uses various kinds of inexpensive holiday accommodation prices. Essentially, the standard area price is PhP1,500, while the living room is about PhP2000/night.

Yet these rates could differ depending upon the establishment's distance to the beach, their centers, to name a few amenities you favor.

If you are even more of a cowboy, precursor, or adventurous type, you can bring with you outdoor tents and pitch it on the area where it is enabled.

Preparing Your Dishes
Given that this is a public beach, you are allowed to generate your very own food products.

And the good thing is that they even permit you to cook your food, that is if you trouble to lift hefty tons of supplies to this area (which primarily wouldn't want to do!).

And also, the good news is that they have grilling and food preparation tools offered for rent if you desire. You can conveniently purchase fresh seafood or any from the marketplace nearby Basdaku Beach.

Maintain the surroundings always tidy after cooking.

Renting Adventure Facilities
To make you enjoy the sea activities, the many resort establishments offer watercraft rentals (outrigger watercraft), diving equipment, snorkeling gears, kayaks, volleyballs, surf angling, and much more.

Considering that Basdaku White Beach is excellent for diving owing to its vivid as well as aquatic life, you can discover great deals of dive centers being managed by both international and also domestic sea-diving operators.

Diving business is just one of the most financially rewarding businesses you can find in this tropical province with terrific waters.

Dive Centers & Accommodations

Basdaku, as you may have already learned, has a great deal of PADI dive centers that use diving training courses from Basic to the Expert diving program.

These dive facilities are booming in this province (just like in other islands, such as Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, Mactan Island, and Camotes Islands) since Basdaku is strategically located where the most fantastic dive sites are located.

A lot of dive facilities provide standard dive programs, PADI open water courses, instructor training courses, freediving courses, etc.

Their training courses are internationally authorized, and also as you complete your lessons, they award you a certification for having completed one.

At most, the longest training course takes four days to achieve, while the basic one is one day (with a possibility to dive into a fabulous dive area).

Getting to Basdaku White Beach Resort

Right here's just how you will find this magnificent white coastline of Moalboal's Basdaku beach area ...

South Bus Terminal
Take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal that heads to Moalboal Community. This terminal lies in Lion Kilat Street near to E-Mall (Elizabeth Shopping Mall).

You can avail of various choices of bus companies and franchised vans for your journey.

The price is over PHP100, particularly for air-con buses as well as much less for non-aircon ones.

Although lots of travelers get off at Basdaku, it is far better to ask the konduktor (' conductor' is the guy that accumulates price inside the bus) to drop you off where Basdaku can be conveniently accessed.

Do not fret way too much since you'll recognize you are currently coming close to when you start seeing charming coastlines on your right-hand side. There are signboards of different coastline resorts along the roadsides inviting you!

Aside from the bus, you can take this van going to Basdaku from Cebu's South Bus Terminal. For both buses and vans, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to get to Basdaku White Beach area.

An exclusive automobile service can get there much faster-- about an hour or so to get there!

At Basdaku Beach Hotel
Motorbikes are omniscient in this part of the world. Motorbike is the king of transportation, although there are some cars/taxis and vans available.

Nonetheless, motorcycles always wait for passengers to come. You will hear operators and drivers calling you to ride with them.

When you decide which one, ask the driver to bring you to your destination, but first, make sure you have some idea regarding the cost.

Or, this brand-new update supplies you a web page that details concerning Reaching Moalboal. This page explains transports that frequent the town, among other tourist guides.

By now, you most probably have some suggestions regarding Basdaku White Beach accommodation. If you are indeed interested, you can obtain even more information from specific hotels found in Moalboal, as listed here.

Basdaku has different facilities for all sorts of guests.

Cottages & Areas Close-by

The adhering to are simply some of the homes and also rooms suppliers close or by the beach. There are a lot more readily available centers, which will be included on this website soon. They are all freely promoted right here ...

HK Beach Resort
Area: Basdaku, Saavedra, Moaboal, 6032 Moalboal, Cebu
Get in touch with Number: +63919 4766385
Rate begins with Php 1500 depending on the number of site visitors

Ester's Homestay/ Ester Escabas Cottages
Area: Basdaku, Saavedra, Moaboal, 6032 Moalboal, Cebu
Call Number: +63927 -578 -5983.
Email Address:
Rate starts from Php 1500 for four individuals.

Magic's Place
Location: Basdaku, Saavedra, Moaboal, 6032 Moalboal, Cebu.
Call Number: +63 905 906 6956; +63 906 347 3555. Rate begins with Php1500 up depending on the number of visitors.

As you will surely discover, there are lots of options of resorts and lodging service providers in Moalboal as well as nearby Basdaku White Beach Resort area.

Just do not hesitate to scan the web page links listed below.

How To Book Your Room

Booking Your Accommodation in Moalboal
You are free to book your hotel in Basdaku White Beach Resort area with various accommodation offers.

Nevertheless, this travel website offers you an official and globally acknowledged on the internet reservation provider. The Agoda Wiser Online Reservation solution uses the best, fast, and also risk-free reservation service you can discover.

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What are you waiting for? Treat yourself or your family with a quick break from your daily toils!

Enjoy your break. Be safe, always!

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