Beverly Boutique Business Hotel

Nice Beverly Boutique Business Hotel

Beverly Boutique Business Hotel, Cebu

Homely Beverly Boutique Business Hotel is a family-managed business located in Metro Cebu.

It promises a five-star amenity with specialized services. It also offers a homely treatment to make you feel at home but away from home.

Since it is located in the metro area, Beverly Boutique is very accessible from different locations.

From this hotel you can easily go to every important places without so much hassle and difficulties.

From this hotel, you can visit and see historical sites (such as century-old churches, resorts, etc.), shop at Cebu's shopping malls (such as Shoe Mart, Ayala, Gaisano, etc.), visit Carbon Market, universities, business as well as consular offices. 

Business offices and government offices are also very accessible from this hotel.

The Beverly Boutique Business Hotel's front deskThe Beverly Boutique Business Hotel Front Desk

Some descriptions of Beverly Hotel

The Beverly Boutique Hotel is not one of the biggest hotels on the island but it also offers great facilities and hospitable services. Now, let us see what their facilities can offer us...

Quality Guestrooms

As a starter, let's check out some facilities and amenities in most rooms. Beverly Hotel has 52 guestrooms which are fully furnished with...

  • first-class cable TV,
  • bedside light control system,
  • showers with hot & cold water,
  • wireless internet services,
  • and other necessities that you could find in high quality hotels.

Business Facilities

If you are in town not only for leisure, you can do your business at Beverly Boutique Business Hotel because it has a…

Business facilities such as a room for small meetings, seminars, or interviews. It is provided with audio-visual facilities and other equipment necessary for any sort of business gatherings.

Beverly Hotel Restaurant

Of course, you can get fine menus on their list. It has a restaurant called Beverly Café that opens as early as 6 in the morning and closes at 11 at night.

Western and Continental dishes are also available for your meals. Some of its specialty menu include: US Angus Rib-eye Steak, Fresh Corned Beef, Baby Back Ribs. Certainly, these would not be the only menu they offer. Remember that Cebu is an island, which means that you can have various sorts of sea foods if you wish to have them in this hotel or outside.

Okay, let’s check out your choices of rooms. Beverly offers 5 choices depending on your preferences and requirements (and budget!).

Beverly Boutique has a …

Standard Room. It has cable TV, air condition, hot & cold showers, phone, bedside lamp and control system, a queen bed and wifi service…

Superior Room. It has cable TV, air condition, hot & cold showers, phone, bedside lamp & light control panel, wifi and choices of bed sizes…

Deluxe Room. It has all of the standard amenities mentioned above plus a refrigerator and two queen beds. Deluxe Rooms are located on the first floor and have terraces each…

Family Room. It is the same as the Deluxe Rooms somehow. Especially for families with kids, it is quite accessible since it is located at the ground floor and has a terrace.

Executive Suite. It has all the amenities mentioned above plus 29 inches flat screen cable TV, sofa, coffee table, dresser, iPod dock, and one queen bed.

To see some actual features of this hotel, you may click their link below and see some photos (gallery) of the rooms we described with all the amenities and facilities included.

You can also find the rates per room at their website. It is best to reserve your room online since rates could change and increases if you reserved right at the hotel’s front desk. It’s your choice anyway.

Finding Beverly Boutique Business Hotel

Looking for this hotel is not problem at all. Just simply use the updated contact details below for your convenience. Besides, the hotel is established right at the heart of Cebu City where everything is very much accessible.

Address: The Beverly Boutique Business Hotel, F. Manalo Street, Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Phone:    (+63) 32 254 8570 to 76
Fax:         (+63) 32 254 8578

When booking or reserving in the Philippines:

Phone:   +63 (2) 6355099
Fax:         +63 (2) 6356699

Whatever you do, it is always advantageous to reserve in advance your accommodation. As a small tip, Christmas season, New Year, fiestas, religious celebrations (e.g. Sinulog) should be kept in mind.

Summer season is from the end of March to end of May. This is one of the busiest season in Cebu due to the beach and resort visitors--both locals and foreign.

The Beverly Boutique Business Hotel RoomThe Beverly Boutique Business Hotel's room

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