Healing Binaliw Spring of Sogod

Binaliw Spring of Sogod Town

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Interesting Binaliw Spring

In the north-eastern part of Cebu Province, Philippines one can find this popular shallow spring and has become one of the attractions for some reasons.

Many rumors have it that the water oozing out from the mouth of the falls (used to be) has an extraordinary ‘healing powers’.

The site attracts many visitors from various places in the province and other regions for various reasons: to enjoy the cold spring water or to get healed from some form of illnesses.

Anyhow, in this page we can only talk more about the spring’s natural beauty and its surrounding nature and not so much about its extraordinary ‘healing effects’.

Features of Binaliw Spring

The great thing about this area is its natural environment as being surrounded lush with green plants and trees (more of a forest).

Binaliw Spring in Sogod, CebuBinaliw Spring (by: Junnette)

Certainly, the environment supports and maintains the fresh and cool water of this cool spring.

You can spend your day with friends, family, or any gang close to the spring with food supply and other day’s picnic necessities. You can enjoy the fresh air and oxygen from the trees or dip into the fresh spring.

In this part of the province, you’ll see a relax and innocent rural life where friendly but shy locals come and go, do their laundry (specified part of the spring), relax or enjoy the waterfall, fetch water for home use, among other daily chores.

Religious Beliefs & Stories

Some stories (or legends) regarding this spring is its healing effects for those who believe or use the spring water.

What matters is not whether the stories are true or not but to respect one another’s religious belief or faith that is attached to a certain place or thing, right?

We can try and debate scientifically or theologically about this falls but it would be endless. So, it would be great if we just stick to our own personal convictions and try not to impose them to others.

Since most Cebuanos have Christian religion (mostly Catholics) the place where the waterfall is located lays a grotto of the Our Lady of Lourdes which is built local authorities. This grotto now covers the source of the falls or spring water.

Healing Spring Water

The combination of folk/traditional beliefs and modern Christian faith come into play when we talk about the healing powers of this spring.

Some people use the water from this waterfall and spring to cure various sorts of illnesses by drinking it, using as a mixture in ointment, as antiseptic, bathing in the spring, or in every way the believer can use the water for the expected healing effect.

Rules and restrictions are imposed to all visitors and locals in the area. For example, there is a demarcation line (a rope) that marks the area where you can dip in for a swim or wash you laundry. Specially, the area near the source is highly watched to keep it as it is—clean and pure water from the belly of nature.

Due to the popular belief of Binaliw’s healing effects, many dubbed it as the ‘priestess of nature’.

Finding Binaliw Spring in Sogod

Reaching this intriguing spring of Cebu Province is not a difficult task to fulfill. You can easily get there from various points in the province. Here is one way, among many...

From Cebu City

Go to the North Bus Terminal and take any bus (certainly Ceres Line) that traverses the route. Or, you can take a V-hire (van for hire) that goes to that direction. The municipality is Sogod that is located beside the other famous Catmon Municipality.

You can get off at Sogod Public Market and take a motorbike (habal-habal) for hire to the falls itself. Another suggestion is to tell the bus/van driver to drop you off by Bagatayam Bridge from where you can just walk for a few minutes to the spring.

You can spend a great time at Binaliw Spring but not a centavo (or dime).  Leave nothing but only footprints… take nothing but only great memories…

Thanks for visiting and reading to the end this page. I hope you got something helpful for your travel or search. Visit this site more often to discover further travel pages about Cebu Province and vacation destinations.

Have fun!

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