Cebu North Bus Terminal

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Cebu North Bus Terminal

My first time to take this terminal was a bit complicated since I came from Lapu-Lapu City that time. I had to take and change jeepneys to reach the place, but it was easier to find than I thought.

From Cebu City you can take a Jeepney or Taxi. If you decide to take the taxi make sure that the driver uses meter fare counter.

From Cebu City or SM City Cebu you can also take a Jeepney with 01K number. The usual route of 01K is Urgello--SM--North Bus Terminal--Parkmall, among other stops. So, better tell in advance the driver to drop you off at North Bus Terminal, but they are also kind enough to announce every stop. The Jeepney can stop right across the terminal itself since it does not go inside it.

Anyway, if you came from Mactan Island or anywhere in the province you can easily avail all sorts of transports to get to this terminal.

There are four bus lines that ply the northern parts of Cebu Province: Ceres Bus, Rough Riders, CBL Liner, ABC Liners.

North Bus Terminal Location & Address

North Bus Terminal is at Subangdaku, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. From this terminal, you can take almost ALL versions of transportS that ply the Northern side of Cebu Province.

You can take the major bus lines, mini-buses or V-Hires (van-for-hire) with various choices of fare rates and conditions. The most popular bus line that goes to the North is Ceres—the one I took when I visited Malapascua Island last August (2013). I took the air-con one and really enjoyed its comfortable sit and quite spacious ceiling and wide windows.

V-Hires are a little more expensive than the bigger buses. The only advantage of these vans is their availability—that is, they can leave anytime when full or when you hire them for private or special trips. Anyway, the catch is that you may have to charge (around 30%) more than you do to a bus.

There are four major bus lines (Ceres Bus Liner, CBL Liner, ABC Liners & Rough Riders) operating at this terminal and it can accommodate more than a hundred buses at a time. And there are over 40 independent mini-buses available with various and different routes available.

Buses & Destinations

At NBT (for North Bus Terminal), you can take any bus that goes to Bogo, Daanbantayan, Maya (including for Malapascua Island), Medellin, San Remigio, Hagnaya (including for Bantayan Island), among other destinations in the Northern part of the province.

It is quite easy to spot the bus that goes to your destination because they put up sign boards right in front of the bus. Or, just ask anybody inside the terminal which one that goes to where.

The mini-buses mostly ply the towns, such as Sogod, Borbon, among other places. If you don’t know which mini-bus to take, just ask any driver or conductor if you are already inside the terminal—you are the right place!

Bus for Bantayan Island
You can take Ceres Bus that goes to Hagnaya Port of Bantayan Island. Hagnaya is where you can take a ferry (among other transports available) that would bring you to Santa Fe Wharf at Bantayan Island. It would usually take more than 3 hours to get to this port for about Php150/200 per passenger.

You would surely get quick stops along the way in case you need to buy drinks and snacks or if you need a comfort room/toilet.

For Malapascua Island
Take the Maya-Daanbantayan route if you are heading to Malapascua Island. Maya Wharf is where you can take a boat, which I did last August. Yes, I took an outrigger boat from here to Malapascua Island. The ride was wonderful because the boat was hired by a woman who just shopped products for her Sari Sari store (small stores) and therefore not crowded.

Anyway, even though the trip was long I enjoyed the views outside my window and have seen nice beach views, mountains, towns, farms, and some historic places and buildings along the way.


Phone: 346-7346
You can inquire from that number regarding bus schedules or any.

You can also get to the south Cebu area taking any bus line that travels there. Check out the Cebu South Bus Terminal for more useful information. Below is the full address and phone number.

N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City
Tel. No.: (+6332)253-3830

The omnipresent Jeepneys are the easiest way to move around city centers.

Thanks for visiting the page and reading through. Enjoy your travels and have a safe trip.

Until you visit this website again, good luck!

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