BnT Inn Mactan Island

BnT Inn Mactan

Mactan Island ResortA resort on Mactan Island

Budget BnT Inn Mactan

BnT Inn Mactan is a budget facility for those who needs only shorter time to rest before moving on to a next place or flying out of the island.

Yes, this Inn is for busy people and for those always on the go. The good thing about this place is that it is close to most relevant places on the island, aside from their facilities and good service.

The Inn has its own snack bar that can serve you basic food and drinks to satisfy your hunger and thirst. You can also avail its complimentary Wi-Fi service for your personal and business activity.

BnT Inn is located close to Tamiya Company and Gaisano Savers Mart. Tamiya Company is a Japanese international manufacturers of plastic model kits for various uses. Of course, Gaisano Savers is where you can get your emergency materials and other necessary things you need for your business or leisure.

The Inn is just about two minutes walking distance to a Chinese food service center and the same when you visit Mactan Doctors’ Hospital.

Cebu-Mactan International Airport Terminal 1 (domestic) (Terminal 2 - International) is also just about 20 minutes by car from the Inn. That makes it the place perfect if you are flying in and out of the island for business and other reasons.

mactan-cebu-international-airport-terminal-2MCIA Terminal 2 (International Flights)

BnT Inn's Facilities & Services

Inn’s Facilities and Services
BnT Inn Mactan is with great facilities and services that can satisfy your needs for business or rest.

The Inn has a balcony and each room is fully air-conditioned. On your bedroom you can watch any program through your flat-screen TV with accessible cable channels ready at your disposal.

Each room also comes with ensuite bathroom with hot and cold showers and complete toiletries.

A 24-hour Front Desk service and room service can also be provided. The staff can offer assistance when you need luggage storage and keeping your stuff safe. In addition, you don’t need to worry about your clothes since they also offer laundry and ironing services.

Relaxation & Activities

Mactan Island is a haven for business and relaxation for anybody with any purpose on this island. The following are some of the things you can do while staying at BnT Inn.

Beaches & Water Activities
Mactan Island is a very popular place for resorts, beach activities, fun water tours, snorkeling, scuba diving and island hopping. Yes, this is where you can enjoy the beach and its related facilities and amenities, such as infinity pools, beach and pool bars, children’s water parks, spas, resort restaurants and anything you wish to avail with in a tropical resort area.

If you are looking for sea adventures, you can easily get them through the plentiful water activity shops located in various places of the island – most of them are in Marigondon area. Know that most resorts have their own activity shops that provide interesting sea water adventures.

Restaurants & Dining
The great thing to be on the island is that you can easily reach great restaurants nearby your hotel or Inn. You can ask the Front Desk for the most accessible restaurant nearby or the one that you prefer that serves your favorite dish.

Most hotels and resorts allow non-staying guests to dine at their specialized restaurants. Also, you can try visiting independent restaurants that serve local dishes, if you want to try them. Don’t miss to try sea food which is the best you can get from such restaurants.

Maribago Grills, Lantaw Floating Restaurant, Anton Restaurant, Kaishu Japanese Restaurant, cafes, karenderyas, and mall restaurants are some of the places you can enjoy local and international dishes.

Historic Sites & Sightseeing
The Lapu Lapu Shrine is one of the most popular historic places on Mactan Island that you should not miss visiting. It is where the famous “Battle of Mactan” happened in the 16th century. Datu Lapu Lapu and his local warriors defeated Ferdinand Magellan and his soldiers during that fateful day.

In this very spot, Lapu Lapu’s statue is erected as symbol of the people’s bravery and resistance to foreign domination which is engraved in the minds and hearts of Cebuano people.

At the same time, you can also see Ferdinand Magellan’s Arch within the Shrine to honor him in the history of the province and for introducing Christianity to the islanders.

Mactan Shrine is a great place to stroll in, relax, chat and enjoy the quiet environment with a bit of sea view. You can also see a mural of the famous Mactan Battle, engravings telling the historical event, among other descriptions of the site.

Lapu Lapu Statue, Mactan ShrineStatue of Lapu-Lapu (local hero) on Mactan Island, Cebu

Shopping & Local Products

If you are interested to see more of the local culture, you can visit the market places, small shops and even the cockfighting arena of the island.

However, if you prefer to shop or eye-shop you can visit bigger shops and the malls, such as Mactan Marina Mall, and see what you can bring home for your friends and loved ones.

Mactan Island is also known for its local products such as Mactan guitars, furniture and interior decors. Alegre Guitar Factory is one of the most popular one. They can tour you inside their store and even watch a guitar-maker perform his craftsmanship.

Okay, you have seen some of the things you might need to know in case you don’t know them yet. Just ask your hotel/inn provider if you want to know more about Mactan Island.

Now, let’s check out again the facilities and amenities of BnT Inn Mactan in case we missed out some things.

Summary of Facilities and Services
In sum, here are the facilities and services you can avail while in this establishment. It offers room service, 24-hour front desk avail staff, non-smoking rooms, laundry and ironing service, free parking areas, internet and wireless access, luggage storage and safety service, snack bar, designated smoking places, private parking and on-site parkings.

Accommodation at BnT Inn Mactan

Accommodation and Room Types
Although the Inn cannot be compared with the spacious and huge hotels, it offers three types of rooms, including:

Single Bedroom
Double Bedroom
Family Bedroom

You may directly inquire from the Inn or use Agoda Company in this site for quicker online booking service.

The Agoda Smarter Booking Service is a great and easy way to book online your preferred hotel or resort accommodation on Mactan Island.

Finding BnT Inn Mactan
Address: Barangay Basak, Mactan Island, Cebu Province, Visayas 6015 – Philippines

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