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bugho falls of san fernando

Bugho Falls in San Fernando Municipality, Cebu Province. The falls is more than enough for you to enjoy with and should not be compared with other falls. It is unique. It has a waterfall catchment and safe for jumping into its emerald green color and cool water basin.

It is one of the gems hidden somewhere in the lands of San Fernando. In fact, there are two other falls within the municipality’s territory: Busay Falls and Lisuran Falls.

If you have not heard yet, Bugho Falls is one of Bacalla Wood Campsite’s recommended hiking destinations or attraction in the area. The said campsite offers ‘extreme’ outdoor sports and hard stuff adventures including the challenging trek to Bugho Waterfall. It could take an hour for fast hikers and about two hours for the care-free walkers from Bacalla Campsite.

bugho-falls-san-fernandoFront view of Bugho Falls (Photo: larissetan)

features of the waterfall

Getting to the falls is a bit rough but the reward will be great. The water is cool and so you can dive in.

The water from the emerald green basin flows through its natural channel forming a river that farmers use for their plants nearby.

The falls has two separate waterfalls. They are great for body and shoulder massage as the water is not too heavy for the body to take. Of course, you can dive from any of the high rocky points and plunge into the waterfall basin (or pool) of the waterfall.

If plunging into the waterfall basin is too scary for you to take, then you can directly swim in to cool off. Since the water is not stagnant, it should be spotless. Besides, where the waterfall is hidden there are no houses nearby and quite isolated.

Yes, you may camp around Bugho Waterfall and stay there overnight. Some used their hammock to rest after the long and exhausting hike from the main road or Bacalla Woods Campsite.

Indeed, you can prepare your food in the area. This is a choice, but it is better and helpful if you could prepare your food before to save time and energy. Besides, carrying with you all those cooking utensils could be a distraction from your comfortable adventure.

Any games can be held around the area. Maybe it is not advisable but you can play in the waterfall basin. Extra care should be taken as a precaution!

useful tips

Getting to the waterfall might demand some preparations to make the trip easier. (Probably, you do not need much physical training to do this!).  here are the basic items useful for your trek:

  • Sunblock - useful to protect your skin from the sun’s direct and harmful elements.
  • Walking shoes - if possible a pair of trekking shoes or aqua shoes
  • Mosquito repellent lotion - it helps to keep you from getting annoyed by these little but disturbing creatures
  • A headscarf or wide hat - to protect your face from direct sunlight
  • A pair of sunglass
  • Walking stick (staff)
  • Long hiking pants
  • Long sleeves or outdoor sports clothing
  • Water supply
  • Food supply

getting to bugho falls

You can get to San Fernando Municipality taking any transport available. For example, you can head to Cebu South Bus Terminal and look for signboards that flash Argao, Oslob, or Carcar destinations or directions.

Bugho Falls is about 18 kilometers from South Poblacion. You can get there riding a mountain bike. Alternately, you can hike or trek through the labyrinthine rocks and boulders passing through grasslands.

You can try by yourself to get there but could be easier if you had a guide. However, it would be a lot easier if you get in touch with the people knowledgeable about the place. One big suggestion would be to contact the below expert guides:

FB by Bacalla Woods Campsite and Go San Fernando Phone: +63 923 825 6945

According to the footprintsandfoodtrips.com, the fare to Bugho Falls for a Habal-Habal is 40 Pesos one way.  There is a Mini Bus from San Fernando to Cebu City for 30 Pesos.

Hope this helps to your search. If you have additional and useful information, please to kind to let us know. Thanks.

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