Busay Falls on Camotes Islands

Refreshing Busay Falls

Busay Falls on Camotes Islands. It is a small but popular destination among travelers for a cool swimSmall but cool Busay Falls (photo credit: Haide)

Cool Busay Falls

Busay Falls is a mini-waterfall (or cascade) but a popular attraction among locals and domestic travelers on the island.

In Cebuano or Bisayan language, ‘busay’ literally means a small waterfall or cascade.

Busay is only a 20-minute leisurely walk from the street of Barangay General, Tudela, Camotes Islands. A car, motorbike (or habal-habal), mini-van or a tricycle can comfortably bring you there without any trouble at all.

So, if you are interested to take a dip or just simply pay a visit and see how Busay Falls actually look like, please find out a little bit more about Busay here.

Without much chatter, let’s see some of its…

Cool Features of Busay

Busays Falls

Aforementioned, don’t expect too much from this cute falls since it is only a small one unlike the towering waterfalls in the country or like that of Niagara Falls!

You may expect that it is small but cozy, exactly due to its size. That small pool created by the falls right under it is great for swimming to cool off your body temperature and fight off the tropical high temperature during summer.

You can have your picnic around the area to enjoy your provisions and the pleasant environment with cooler temperature produced by the falls.

Jumping off into the water is allowed and safe. That is if you feel confident to do it and knows how to swim or just even float! The depth of the pool is around 8 to 10 feet deep – the one closer to the waterfalls itself.

Yes, you can dive into the pool from a temporary bamboo ‘bridge’ linking the rocks leading to the flowing source of the falls itself. Not advisable for little children!

For safety measures
To make the water more accessible and the depth more predictable, oval-shaped concrete steps or gradations along the side of the pool are created. Children can stay within the shallower steps for safer access to the cool water.

Green and enlivening environment
The green flora covering and surrounding the whole area is a great asset. Nature almost always provides humans with what we need – oxygen and clean air, natural temperature, serene and rejuvenating atmosphere, among other gifts of nature that we sometimes take for granted habitually.

Certainly, there are loads of good things that this page cannot describe or fathom about this small falls. You may find them out yourself!

The cool pool at Busay Falls, Camotes Islands, Cebu, the Philippines

Local Festival & Food
Yes, of course, when you are on the island or just visiting for a day or so, make sure you try local delicacies and experience local activities.

Fresh sea products are the most things you shouldn’t miss trying, or it would be tantamount to ‘committing a crime’ for not eating fresh catch – fish, octopus, shells, etc. If you cannot take fresh ones, you still can enjoy the grilled fish, lobsters, shells, octopus and ‘takla’ (small lobster) over a burning coconut shell or wood charcoal.

In addition, you can also try their own versions of delicacies such as the famous ‘lechon’, budbod, puso (hanging rice – boiled rice contained inside a woven young coconut leaf), biko and others. Yup, you can enjoy them (just like I did!) while in the cool water or right after a swim – you can imagine the feeling, right?

Soli-Soli Festival
If you are on the island when religious festivals or other customs of local annual celebrations are being held, it would be a nice experience. One of the popular celebrations is called “Soli-Soli Festival”. It is a dance celebration being held every 18th March.

Soli-Soli is a religious thanksgiving celebration to the Christian patron Saint Joseph, patron saint of San Francisco Town. This religious dance festival are said to commemorate the story when St Joseph’s image was brought to the island when it was Christianized centuries back. This celebration is somehow inspired by the more famous Sinulog Festival that is also being held annually in Cebu City.

Anyway, such festival and other natural wonders and sites on Camotes Islands can be enjoyed all-year-round. So, start sketching your plan now and see if you can make it to the island and see Busay Falls this year or the next.

Finding Busay Falls

Getting to Camotes Islands is not that difficult. Here is the shortened guide.

Go to SM City (Cebu City) and take a V-Hire that leaves regularly (interval of 30 minutes or when the vehicle is full and good to go) for Danao City – this takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. From Danao City’s port, you can take a ferry heading to Consuelo Port in Camotes Island, which can take around 2.5 hours.

For a more detailed description for your travel to the island, please click Getting to Camotes Island page to see more. Transports, schedules, and other useful travel tips are available in that page.

Accommodation In Camotes

Where to stay in Camotes?
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Thanks a lot for reading down to this part. Hopefully this helps your search.

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