Canlaob Falls

Canlaob Falls & spring

Canlaob Falls & spring

Canlaob Falls is naturally located in Barangay Sangi belonging to Alegria Municipality, Cebu Province.

Getting to Alegria Town where you need to commence your trek is about over three hours travel from Cebu City by land.

Alegria, if you don’t have any idea yet, if famous as a travel destination for various resources. It offers exciting natural attractions including sea views, marine biodiversity, waterfalls and cascades, natural river pools, rivers, forests, caves (stalactite and stalagmites), and stimulating activities such as canyoneering.

Aside from such natural attractions, Alegria also offers interesting historical background that attracts curious minds and history researchers and scientists.

At Alegria Heritage Park, for example, you can find a relic called ‘Baluarte’ or bulwark in the English language, and other remnants and heritage wealth still visible today.

interesting features

If you love nature and anything natural, you will undoubtedly appreciate and feel totally mesmerized by the beauty of Canlaob’s falling water and everything that contribute to the wholeness of its wonder.

Yes, Canlaob is known for its natural pool, drops (small cascades), and the river that flows below it going downstream like veins feeding plants, trees, animals and all living creatures.

The pool below the waterfall is turquoise, deep, and great for a refreshing swim after your tiring hike traversing the hills, forest areas, and challenging trail.

The whole waterfall area is surrounded by solid rock and rock walls that encapsulate the falls and flowing river. So, it would be wise to wear proper trekking shoes for greater safety.

services & facilities

From Alegria Town proper, it takes around fifteen minutes to get there. And if you need a guide then just directly ask around and arranged with them the rate for their service.

Local guides could cost you about PHP50 or so…

The tour operator can provide you their services. They offer your life vest which will be included with your package service.

There is no available accommodation, restaurant or food available as of this writing (it will be available soon, I tell you!).

Camping and picnicking are not (yet) allowed (as of this writing, but will be probably allowed sooner!).

There is a restroom or clothes changing room.

Expect that in the near future, this place will be ‘developed’ and more facilities and services will be available. Hopefully, such a development is a good one and that it is genuinely environmentally-friendly.

finding canlaob falls

Getting to Canlaob is not difficult. Most experts rate it as a beginner to middle adventure level. When you are already in Alegria Town, it will only take around fifteen minutes to get close to the Falls.

From Cebu City, assuming that you travel there from the capital, you need to head to Cebu South Bus Terminal if you decide to take a bus. Look for a bus (maybe Ceres Bus) that travels Southeast passing through Alegria Municipality. Then get off at the town center.

Of course, you can also take other public transports including V-Hire (van for hire) or a taxi. They may be quicker but could cost you a bit more than a bus.

It will take the bus about three or more hours to get to Alegria. However, you can enjoy your trip as buses hit the road with fantastic views of the sea and beaches, among other sights along the way.

Now, if you wish to see Canlaob, better plan your trip and get ready for it!

Thanks for reading this page, and please let us know should you need further guidance for your Cebu travels.

Have a blessed day!

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