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Baluarte of Alegria, CebuAlegria Heritage Park & Baluarte of Alegria Town, Cebu

'Enticing' Alegria Municipality

Alegria Municipality is one of the 44 towns and considered a 4th class municipality of Cebu Province in the Visayan Region, Republic of the Philippines.

The census in 2010 registered a total of 22,072 people who inhabit the sleepy and peaceful town. Alegria is bounded by Badian in the north and Dalaguete in the east.


When the Spaniards occupied the area in 1850, it was then popularly called ‘Tuburan’, a literal Bisayan translation for the word ‘spring’, which is quite abundant in various places of the municipality until now.

On January 31, 1850, Tuburan leaders requested the Cebu governor to support their petition for separation from Malabuyoc, its mother town.

On September 25, 1850, the order to change its name to Alegria was issued. The decision to change its name was to prevent it from confusing with other “Tuburan” in other places (a barrio’s name present in Balamban and Bogo).

On August 9, 1854, the parish priest of Malabuyoc recommended the creation of Alegria parish. This move has been decided and the parish of Alegria got established on July 3, 1856, almost two years later.

alegria-municipalityAlegria Heritage Park Baywalk (source: costa de letecia)

Sources of Livelihood in Alegria

The soil of Alegria is rich and can grow various species of crops that can support the daily needs and consumption of the inhabitants. Most farmers grow coconut trees, corn, sweet potatoes and other crops that are considered a staple food, which can be sold in their local markets.

The municipality is also blessed with resources from the sea as the inhabitants’ source of calcium and other minerals. Many can easily go out to fish for their daily needs, while some fisherfolks go out to fish as their primary source of income by selling their catch to the local market.

Bamboo Products
Aside from farming and fishing, Alegrian people are good producers of handmade products made of bamboo. They can weave baskets, hats, home decors, among other products that can be sold locally and even internationally.

In thanksgiving to this source of livelihood, Alegrian folks celebrate a yearly festivity that attracts non-locals to watch and enjoy the event.

Alegria BaywalkBaywalk in Alegria Town, Cebu Province (photo: Alegria fb)

Activities, Attractions & Nice Places

There are loads of places and attractions that are worth visiting and spending your energy with. Alegria offers various natural wonders including fresh water springs, caves, and waterfalls. Here are some of them…

Mount Lanaya
Mt. Lanaya is located South of Alegria in Cebu. Basically, the mountain is being blanketed by secondary forest aside from some patches of taller lowland forest, coconut trees, bamboos, bush, shrubs and grasses.

Mount Lanaya has an altitude of 600 meters with its peak (Kalo-Kalo Peak) provides an amazing view of Alegria Town as well as its neighboring towns – Malabuyoc and Badian.

You can easily climb Lanaya either from its base (which is a bit challenging but fun for an adventurous person) or get to chapel of Lumpan (by taking a habal-habal – that’s a motorbike for hire) and start from there.

If you prefer, you can hire a mountain guide (for around Php500 or 10US dollar) by asking the local barangay captain (local unit appointed head official).

Alegria Town, Cebu Resorts

In Algeria Municipality, there are various places to see and nice attractions or resorts where one can enjoy the refreshing breeze and tranquility of the place.

A lot of visitors come to see and enjoy Alegria's endowment and nature's gift or its historical heritage.

Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort
This resort located in Madridejos, Alegria has been established and under the surpervision of Alegria Municipality. The resort offers an accommodation with airconditioned rooms, and has a Pavillion (for weddings, events, etc.), swimming pool, snorkeling site, and picnic areas for families or groups. If interested, you may contact them (phone: +63 32 4768022).

Costa de Leticia Resort & Spa
Costa Resort is an upscale establishment in Alegria Cebu that provides upscale facilities and services. It generally offers great accommodations, an infinity swimming pool, toddler’s pool, coffee & bar restaurant, function rooms for events, and more. Costa de Leticia tries to promote environmental protection by applying solar energy in their facilities. Way to go!

Costa de Leticia Beach ResortCosta de Leticia Beach Resort (photo: Alegria fb)

Administrative Subdivision

Alegria is composed of 9 smaller government units called ‘barangay’(s). Most of the names have obviously not been changed since the Spanish occupation in the province. These names are interestingly named after popular saints and places in Spain signifying the roots of Catholicism in the area…

Compostela, Guadalupe, Legaspi, Lepanto, Madridejos, Montpeller, Poblacion, Santa Filomena, Valencia


The festivity that has been mentioned aforehand is called the “Kawayan Festival” which is annually celebrated on December 2. Townfolks usually celebrate it with street dances and presentations (or mardi gras) by showing their locally made bamboo products or displaying them everywhere for visitors to see.

Kawayan Festival is celebrated as part of  the town's fiesta in honor of Saint Francis Xavier, a famous patron saint not only in Alegria Town but also all around the churches in the country.

You can find more promotions from the Municipality of Alegria's facebook here.

Getting to Alegria Municipality

The easiest way to get to Alegria is by public transport - bus or van.

The safest is by bus. Head to Cebu South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. Look for the one traveling to Bato/Barili direction. Get off at Alegria township.

For most buses, including Ceres bus, the fare is around 140 Pesos. If you are a student, a child, a senior citizen, and other privileges, you will get discounts.

Discounts are given should you present any identification card or credentials.

Thanks so much for visiting this page. Enjoy your trip!

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