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Cebu-Bluewaters.Com offers fair-priced, custom-designed and targeted Cebu advertising opportunities that target and reach your would-be customers during their travel or holiday planning stage. This Cebu-dedicated website is one of the most visited online information providers by both local and international travelers of Cebu Islands.

Your business in Cebu’s tourism industry or any sector will have a great opportunity to increase. This site offers Cebu advertisers an exclusive sponsorship format.

Reaching Your Visitors Before They Come…

Billboards, placards, and other various offline advertisement of your hotel, resort, restaurant, villa and other tourism services and products. Your business has probably placed costly ads in some fancy and glossy magazines and brochures that your visitors pick up inside the airplane or somewhere after arriving. It means that they have already decided regarding hotels, resorts, restaurants, rental services and other businesses.

Up to these days, many businesses advertise or publicize themselves in popular newspapers and magazines. Doing such costly and less effective approach misses the fact that people plan holidays, breaks, family party, company training, and more...

These individuals or groups use the Internet. They use the world wide web to search and plan their trips.

If you are trying to reach your would-be customers who are planning to book a hotel, rent a car, buy a villa, or do anything in Cebu, they are unlikely to read newspapers or magazines. These methods of printed advertising are only momentary, geographically limited, semi-targeted, and in circulation. Papers are here today, but wrappers or trash tomorrow. Print ads don’t reach your target audience when they plan for a vacation or weekend break.

On the contrary, your Cebu advertising will reach your major target customers when they search for information about what they want in Cebu – could be your hotel, resort, rental service, villa, state, air service, boat trips, shopping mall, etc.

Only the dedicated website for Cebu has that power to reach your highly-targeted audience. Only persistence and determination by an authority about Cebu can deliver the results that your advertising is looking for.

Why Advertise with Cebu-Bluewaters.Com?
Almost All Search Their Cebu Travel Online

Most Cebu visitors are techie and web-savvy who are locals, from other provinces, expatriates and from outside the country. It means that through the web, your business will reach not only throughout the country but also globally including the United States and European regions.

When you search “cebu beaches,” “cebu resorts,” “travel cebu,” “bantayan island” or “Cebu” through Google, you will find Cebu-Bluewaters.Com on its first pages.

This travel guide website is waiting and ready to reach your prospective customers when they pre-visit Cebu through online Web research.

You may click here or the image above to check an updated 5-year trend of searches for “cebu hotels”. The pattern shows upward pattern of searchers looking for such category.

Use another term or keyword related to your business and see a similar pattern.

Cebu-Bluewaters.Com Reaches Your Target Customer Before They Decide

This dedicated and passionate website of Cebu connects with searchers when they plan for booking a plane ticket, resort or hotel, rental car, villa, and other travel services. They find Cebu-Bluewaters.Com guiding their research for their break, holidays, or travel looking for better tips and even requesting for advice and recommendations.

A high percentage of visitors planning their visit to Cebu discover on the top of the pages being searched.

These visitors are exactly the ones you want. You can reach them exclusively providing you the best opportunity for your business to grow. is one of the most trafficked travel guide websites about Cebu. You may see only the high ranking websites at (owned by

See here the traffic ranking of at and try to compare with other sites you want to know about.

Nostalgic Story Behind Cebu-Bluewaters.Com
Limited Offers for Sponsorship Opportunities was started in 2012 when Abe Sumalinog was trying to reminisce his happy memories as a maturing young man. It was in Cebu that he found love, grown mature, experienced life away from loved ones. Moreover, most of all, he has experienced and seen many places of interest in Cebu Province.

The second most important part of building this site is to dedicate it to his father who was a native of Cebu and to seek the roots of that side of his family while promoting its tourism industry. It is nostalgic, indeed!

In the past years, many visitors enjoy discovering resources on this site that they find very interesting and useful for their planned travel or adventure. Many visitors follow this site, creating links, inquiring about Cebu’s travel resources and even business opportunities. These people are your target audience. is not a “commercial” website but fundamentally a travel guide one. Only limited sponsorship opportunities are available. By “non-commercial,” it means that it only seeks a few quality partners, on a category-exclusive basis, for a win-win-win (that is you-visitor-Cebu-Bluewaters.Com) promotional partnership.

All information and reviews are free for the public to use.

Why limit the opportunities? My simple principle is this…

“Only those people-friendly, nature-lovers and genuine would-be partner who wants only the best for the Cebuanos, environment and sustainable development of the province.”

Sponsorship Opportunities and Rates accepts only a limited number of sponsorships. The travel products, services and other resources you have must be of excellent and great value. This site will not collaborate and partner with a company that offers low-quality and or disappoint a visitor or buyer during their vacation.

Your ad rates will be based on…   

  • traffic (site-wide or specific pages)
  • value to the sponsor
  • ad format/size/prominence (e.g. 300x250)

Contact by completing the form below. Let’s work together and build a fruitful partnership program brands your business and responds to your customers directly.

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