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Interesting Cebu Environmental Education, Awareness, and Training Empowerment by NGOs

Philippines - Cebu Environmental education and environment-related training activity are the basic foundation and common features among environmental NGOs. This category includes: seminar, training, lecture, forum, convention, experiential education, information dissemination, and other related activities.

This activity may vary from one organization to another depending on their individual circumstances, that is, one NGO may provide all or only one or two activities included in this category.

Methods for Promoting (Cebu) Environmental Education

In this endeavor, environmental NGOs promote educational programs which are called “learner’s modules.” Through environmental education, citizens become aware of the basic environmental truths—misuse, plunder, and unsustainable consumption/extraction of resources—can be disastrous and irreversible.

Second, awareness of the basic truths of nature’s sensitivity to people’s activities could lead to actions that could prevent or mitigate natural resources depletion and environmental degradation.

Third, becoming aware of the pervading environmental issues, the human population also becomes critical to environmental development policies and laws making them active and promoters of effective policymaking. Other environmental organizations carry out programs and services related to legal and paralegal activities.

In order to be more effective and efficient in their active policy advocacy and implementation activities, the organization also carry out environmentally related educational and training programs — especially environmental laws and policies.

As opposed to the usual practice of educating ordinary citizens, Tanggol Kalikasan teaches and trains government officials in the barangays (townships), municipalities, cities and provincial level about environmental governance and policy/law enforcement in their respective localities.

Direct & Physical Involvement of People

In this category, some NGOs provide programs that directly and physically involve people in environmental activity such as monitoring. Pusod Pilipinas (at provides educational activity through an on-the-spot flora and fauna monitoring activities.

Usually, the organization orients, trains, and let the local people install the system and monitor it themselves organized as monitoring teams. Aside from the monitoring project activity, Pusod Pilipinas also provides training programs to various groups, such as reforestation and watershed training—a critical educational activity to keep the organization’s mission to preserve biodiversity for both flora and fauna.

Deputization Program

A federation of environmentally concerned organization, the Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern (PFEC), is raising environmental awareness at the barangay (village), municipal and provincial levels regarding the existence of the “community forestry program” (PFEC at, which aims to democratize forest resource access, alleviate poverty, and sustain forest resources (Pulhin 1996).

PFEC pioneered another program called the “deputization program.” Through this program, a deputized citizen can assist in enforcing environmental laws, policies and regulations, among other functions and duties given to the qualified person (see

Furthermore, the PFEC is well-known for organizing national environmental congresses which “serve as venue for study of environmental issues, promote coordinated efforts to find appropriate solutions to these issues, forge development partnerships and further strengthen linkages among participating organizations, the academe, among POs/NGOs and relevant government agencies and institutions” (PFEC website).

The Law of Nature Foundation - Cebu Environmental Education

The Law of Nature Foundation (, which operates environmental and sustainable development activities at the central islands of the country, has both formal education and informal education programs.

By formal education, learners will study environmental courses at the academy run by the foundation itself. Informal education, on the other hand, provides ‘informal’ types of educational materials and practical activities to learners.

Environmental Education Through Seminars, Youth Programs, etc.

The Environmental Legal Assistance Center Inc. (ELAC at: has a special program called Natural Resources Management (NRM) Seminars on various environmental topics.

Quite similar to ELAC’s approach, PhilConserve (Philippine Conservation) educates people through information dissemination relevant to “environmental conservation and resource management” (see

PhilConserve educates people through community-based information campaigns, school programs, youth programs, distribution of literature, and publication of popular articles.

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