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Cebu Environmental Protection and Tourism

Tourism means enjoying the giftedness and beauty of nature. It is finding harmony in the givenness of the natural world that is built-in in human nature.

However, some people think that nature has to be subjugated or conquered. It is a misreading of the bible or just mere misunderstanding of the relationship between humans and nature (including animals).

So, in order for both humans and nature to coexist and live in harmony, we must give up our selfishness and realize that it is nature that keeps us alive and not them depending on us to survive. Without them we will not survive or enjoy life.

Therefore, as creatures with the highest intelligence we have the power and responsibility to limit exploiting nature, and that we have the responsibility to balance and protect our environment and every living creature.

Aims and Purpose of Cebu Environmental Page

The fundamental aim of this page is to share the author’s knowledge on environmental protection to help conserve and promote laws and policies already established but only partially implemented or not even activated.

Second, this page aims to help awaken or raise awareness among locals, business establishments, officials, and concerned citizens regarding their responsibility to help protect and conserve nature’s resources, and also to act when necessary by reporting to authorities concerned or expert individuals or groups regarding any abuse or illegal activities going on in your vicinity concerning environmental protection related issues.

Additionally, this page aims to introduce to you some active environmental groups present in Cebu province or anywhere in the country or abroad working for worldwide biodiversity issues.

Cebu Environmental Page Laws and Policies

The laws and policies that will be mentioned here are related to or about those established by the government or its agencies such as the DENR. These laws and policies will be particularly selected in order to fit to what are essential in the promotion of environmental protection related with tourism.

The purpose of mentioning our environmental laws and policies here is because many people do not know that such and such laws and policies exist. In Asia, according to a study in Singapore, the Philippines has the best environmental laws and policies among Asian countries.

Yes, that is true and that is sort of embarrassing because of our prevalent environmental problems and issues despite our wonderful written laws and policies. We have great laws for protecting wildlife, sea corals, endangered species, reservation and protected areas. However, most of them are inactive and remain dormant.

Hopes and Actions of Cebu Environmental Page

It is our hope that things will change for the better with our collective effort in protecting our environment and using our resources for the betterment of our society, economy, local inhabitants, and small business people who are earning from travelers and tourists through their honest and legal means.

This page also encourages action and activity from people who are experiencing and witnessing environmental degradation as well as illegal activities by any individual, group, or entity to the environment, nature or flora and fauna, in general.

You can always report to environmental authorities or environmental NGOs which are active in promoting environmental conservation and to confront illegal activities by some individuals or groups.

Important Contents and Related Topics

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