"Are the Cebu Mactan Divesites
Really that HOT?"

Cebu Mactan Divesites

Mactan Island diving activities are one of the popular attractions among divers both experts and newbies. Colorful underwater life in Mactan and nearby islands offer great opportunities.A diver exploring the wall of corals

Cebu Mactan Divesites

You'll have great advantages or benefits if you dive in this part of the province.

Here's WHY...

  • Mactan International Airport is here: suits you if you came from a distant land...
  • Amazing Dive spots: particular specie can only be seen in specific areas
  • Choices of Dive Centers and Shops: run by both foreign and local diving experts
  • White beaches all over the islands: white beaches and sand is all over Mactan island
  • Resorts, expensive hotels, cheaper accommodations... just pick!

Really, that's true!

OK. Without any further explanation, the famous dive sites in Cebu, Mactan include:

  • Gilutungan Island
  • Nalusuan Island
  • Talima
  • Tambuli
  • Plantation Bay

Let's take a quick look of your Cebu Mactan divesites:

Olango Island

Gilutungan Island

If you love being surrounded by fishes of myriad colors, you're allowed to feed them, then maybe glide, swim or dance with them...

"What kinds of fishes can I meet there?" you asked.

Gilutungan Island and Island and Sun Resort

Nalusuan Island

Nalusuan Island Cebu Philippines
Cebu waters is fecund of colorful and underwater life. Cebu scuba diving and other water activities attract both local and international guests

Finding Diving Resorts

If you are really excited now, you can search such dive centers, including this one below:

In addition, you can find more diving activity providers through the following resorts:

Please find other numerous Cebu dive websites to compare with. Although they vary in prices, it all depends on their location, facilities, services, among others.

Enjoy looking for your dive site!

Let's also support environmental and marine protection - everywhere!

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