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"Cebu Water Is Worth Diving For"

Diving in Cebu's Amazing Waters & Marine Life

To introduce a little bit about Cebu diving activities of the province's waters and marine biodiversity, we especially prepared a video for this page. Please, sit tight and watch this short video clip and imagine...


If you think that nature's beauty is fantastic on land, how much more if you dive deep into the sea... It would take your breath away!

It is a fact that most marine life and endangered biodiversity are located in tropical country areas. Marine life being so diverse you can see various ugly-looking but interesting species, colorful species of soft and hard corals, turnicates, sea urchins, critters, ghostpipe fish, among thousands!

To enhance and really get the best out of Cebu's waters...

You MUST indulge yourself in...

Yes, scuba diving is truly wonderful in this tropical island of Cebu. It does not have only one but tons of places you can explore... Here, I can guide you through some information related to diving.

So, stay with me and imagine yourself inside this picture...

Beaches in Cebu. Scuba diving in Cebu beaches is one of the popular and most sought for fun water activities in this provincial island.

Under the Sea Paradise

Cebu Diving: Amazing Creatures Awaits You...

When you dive you'll be stunned to see...

  • tropical sea coral gardens
  • fishes: lion fish, ghost fish, frog-fish, cuttlefish, mandarin fish, etc.
  • sharks: whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, white-tip sharks, etc.
  • shipwrecked: World War II Wrecks and Sunken Vessels
  • flamboyant life forms: alien snails, flying slugs, etc.
  • sea anemones
  • seahorses and sea-dragons
  • dolphins
  • manta rays and stingrays, etc.

If you are an experienced diver... that's great! But don't worry if you have never been under water in your life because scuba diving courses or quick lessons are offered for newbies.

Yes, anywhere in the islands with available diving centers, if you may ask.

Through this site, I can point you to some well-known dive centers that offer such courses. High caliber and long experience diving instructors will kindly teach and guide you every step of the way...

One famous place - especially if you want to swim with a gentle giant whale shark - is located in the town called Moalboal.

There, you can find its beautiful beach resort complete with all facilities for all sea lovers and divers alike.

Cebu's Scuba Diving Hotspots (CLICK here!)

Famous Cebu diving sites in the province:

  • Mactan island diving spots
  • Bantayan Islands
  • Mactan islets dive spots
  • Malapascua Island dive sites,and more...

If you're really scared of loading up heavy oxygen tanks and suits... don't worry... because you can still explore and watch marine life using snorkel gears. It's that simple!

You bring your own or rent snorkels anywhere in the islands' beach centers/stores.

Cebu Diving & Muck Diving Sites

"Muck scuba diving". Have you heard about it before? Yes, it is not something new... It is a common fun and basic experience among marine biologist and photographers.

You know, they live almost all their lives under the sea studying marine life... And they behave like sea animals too so as not to distract the the natural behavior of living creatures down there!

So, if you do muck diving, "What can I see exactly"?, you asked. In this part of the world, you'll see a lot.

But, I will remind you that this sort of diving is only for those persons with special taste for smaller moving creatures, critters... ok?

In addition, muck divers forgo the bigger and glamorous creatures such as colorful reefs... They prefer to discover the world of sand and seagrass covered with rusty wrecks - metals, tires, cars, boats, etc.

Why is that so interesting?

Because many marine life forms tend to hang around such places or live with them. You can find them close by, such as old piers...where people tend to thrown in their abandoned garbage.

Some muck diving enthusiasts compare this diving to bird-watching, which is obviously only for those with patience to wait and discover the smaller, camouflaged and hard-to-spot beautiful creatures...

Some divers who visited places, such as Dauin, Apo Island and Sumilon, spoke of having seen rare creatures, such as...

harlequin ghost pipefish, flying gurnard, lionfish, scorpion fish, Pegasus fish, mantis shrimp, commensal shrimp, dragon shrimp, nudibranchs, and more strange-looking creatures...

Harlequin Shrimps

Beaches in Cebu. Harlequin shrimps are one of the common and beautiful creatures of  Cebu underwater.

Cebu diving sites for Wrecked Ships, Airplanes...

And for those who really have real diving expertise, many diving sites are waiting for you... Such sites are rare but especially attractive to some with strange taste for wrecked materials.

Due to World War II, lots of sunken warships and other landing craft can be found underneath the Philippine seas. Such wrecks are particularly exciting among deep divers...

They are now specially offered to enthusiasts who prefer to see, not the glamorous coral gardens or the gloriously mating fishes, aquatic bio-diverse creatures which surprisingly live symbiotically with lifeless metals...

In one of Cebu's famous island, Malapascua Island, special diving guides and courses are available. They know where those wrecks are... and are particularly experts in their fields and surely would satisfy your hunger for such diving sites.

Of course, more wrecked diving spots can be availed around the islands or anywhere in the country.

Cebu Diving Courses

A lot of diving sites have diving centers that offer diving courses in various arrays. It is open to people of all ages and experiences.

The dive instructors and centers have licenses on PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Some of the courses include...

  • PADI Open Water
  • PADI Advance
  • PADI Rescue & EFR
  • PADI Specialty Courses
  • PADI Nitrox
  • PADI Thresher Shark
  • PADI Divemaster
  • PADI IDC Instructor
  • PADI Kids
  • PADI eLearning, and more...

For those who are scared of even seeing an oxygen tank... just grab a snorkel and there you can go. Although it's a lot easier than scuba diving, you may be able to see some pretty nice sea creatures down under...

Snorkeling is for grown-ups too, you know!

So, please keep reading and just click any links to see more about this site!

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