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A modular office furniture is a ready-to-use furniture designed with standardized units or dimensions for easy assembly, repair or flexible use & arrangement...

Benefits of modular office furniture

  • Space-saver
  • Customized furniture
  • Portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-efficient
  • Aesthetic & Functionality
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Helps increase productivity

That's why providing the right office furniture to your company is necessary.

Now, the following are companies that manufacture Cebu modular office furniture.

(Note: This website does not represent or own a company or deal with any of the companies below, nor sell any of their products. Customers should contact them directly for proper business transactions...)

You'll somehow see what they are like through my short descriptions. So, let's begin with...


Brief Background

Pacific Traders began its venture in 1973 as exporter of rattan poles. Realizing the potential of the material itself, the founders (Hugo & Gorgonia Streegan) began manufacturing rattan furniture for export in 1976.

Today, the company is proud of its diverse product line: woodline, rattan & wicker, metal works, and accessories.

It's products offer from formal classic designs to the casual contemporary ones.

Product Line

The company is not only big and a pioneer, but has almost everything you need - either for you personal use or business purposes. Of course, you'll find the province's modular office furniture...

  • Indoor Furniture: Bedroom, Dining Room, Juvenile, Living Room, Office
  • Indoor Home Accessories: Cushion Covers, Table top Accessories, Wall Decors
  • Outdoor Furniture: Dining, Garden, Living
  • Outdoor Home Accessories: Garden, Sculpturals


  • Contact Person: Mr. Charles M. Streegan, President
  • Address: P. O. Box 863, Cebu City 6000 Philippines
  • Tel. No: (63-32) 346-0083 / 344-3624
  • Fax No: (63-32) 346-0952
  • Email: csg@pacific-traders.com
  • Website: http://www.pacific-traders.com

If you visit Pacific Trader's website, you can also visit these sister companies if you so wishes...

Sister Companies

  1. Magellan veneer Corporation
  2. Worldmark Furniture
  3. Tropicale Reflections
  4. Horizon International
  5. Bato International
  6. Borders

Another Cebu modular office furniture manufacturer is also a pioneer on the island, which is particularly great at veneer industry. Let's see...


Brief Background

Established in 1986, Cebu Fil Veneer is one of the pioneers in veneer (a thin layer of wood) industry in the Philippines.

It's the founding company of veneering industry in the Mactan Economic Zone (MEZ).

Machine + Craftsmanship

This firm uses a state of the art Italian machinery & employs the creative genuine Filipino craftsmanship producing top-notch products...

Cebu Fil Veneer abides itself to the stringent European environmental policies in terms of material use and the processes involved in the production.

Research & Development

The company is continually conceptualizing modern furniture together with the utilization of in-depth knowledge and use of technologies...

It claims to be the pioneer in utilizing "totally green" materials, such as bamboo and palm innovatively since 2000.

Since that year, the firm has been using the fast growing, readily available, and farmable trees to promote the use of sustainable and renewable resource materials.

Product Line

Aside from modular office furniture, the company also produces the list below...

  • Indoor Furniture: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Office

  • Outdoor Furniture: Dining, Garden, Living


Cebu Fil Veneer accommodates hotel contract, restaurants and interiors projects.

It has projects both locally and internationally including...

  • Aqua Boracay -Philippines, Intercontinental Kuwait - Kuwait, SHANGRI-LA'S BORACAY RESORT & SPA - Philippines, ABACA BOUTIQUE RESORT + RESTAURANT - Cebu, Flooka - Dubai U.E.A., Hotel Metropolitan - Berlin Germany, Bateaux Dubai Cruise - Dubai, Concorde Verona Hotel - Italy, Hotel Continental - Italy, Cebu Plaza Hotel - Cebu, Areen Tower - Qatar, Johannesburg Villas - South Africa, etc...


  • Contact Person: Carlo Cordado, President/CEO
  • Gate 2 Mactan Economic Zone 1, Cebu, Philippines 6015
  • Tel: +6332-3400301
  • Fax: +6332-3400287
  • Email: cordaro@filveneer.com
  • Website: http://www.filveneer.com


Brief Background

The company started with a workforce of 30 in 1978 to 300 at present. The continuing confidence and satisfaction of its customers largely expanded its facilities and modernized its operations.

The company's product line started from buri to wood furniture in combination with indigenous resource materials.

As part of its latest progress in R&D, the company employs computerized machineries for much better quality, speed, and precision...


Aside from producing high quality Cebu modular office furniture, the company also offers you...

  • Indoor Furniture: Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room, Office

  • Indoor Home Accessories: Table top Accessories, Wall Decors

Services Available

  • Provides Technical support ; Cad drawings; construction details
  • Production package for the manufactured items from a product's inception to manufacturing, including quality control and logistics

Current Market

  • U.S.A
  • Middle East Countries
  • Australia


  • Contact Person: Bernard Allan Yu Lua , April Cherisse Lua, President, PRD Manager
  • Tel. No: +63 32 346 6852
  • Fax No: +63 32 346 0887
  • Email: mktg@clearex.com.ph
  • Website: http://www.clearex.com.ph

Now that you have seen a Cebu modular office furniture maker yet, you may proceed to contact them directly for proper business transaction!

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Have fun & enjoy searching your modular furniture!

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