Cebu - Pearl of South Philippines

kawasan-fallsThe famous Kawasan Falls in Alegria Municipality, Cebu

Cebu - Pearl of South Philippines

Why travel to Cebu, the Philippines of all places? What makes Cebu, Philippines special among all other places in the whole country – or the world even?

If your travel plans for this year include Cebu, here are some reasons why we're confident that you won't regret your decision on choosing Cebu as your travel destination.

What makes Cebu popular?

Even if we weren't to talk about any of Cebu-Pearl of South Philippines, famous tourist spots, there are still other things that make Cebu so very popular with the tourists. First, there's the food.

If you love those ripe yellow mangoes, you absolutely must go to Guadalupe because their mangoes - served dried or not - can never fail to make taste buds water.

And then there's chicharon or pork rind; if you've never tasted chicharon yet, an excellent place to start would be at Cebu.

Other food to explore in Cebu would be "puso", the hanging rice, dangit, a dried fish are usually eaten for breakfast, and budbud, another type of rice.

And then there are the souvenirs or other accessories that you may only purchase in Cebu, Philippines.

If you come from a country experiencing all four seasons – people back home would probably appreciate it if you give them the beautifully handwoven blankets made from Argao.

People with deep faith would no doubt appreciate as well gifts of the Medallions of the Christ Child. For fashion lovers, jewelry made from Mactan stone, corals, or seashells are very much popular.

Lastly, there are guitars. People with fine ears for music can't help but appreciate the quality of guitars manufactured in Cebu.

If you also want to see with your very own eyes the manufacturing process of a guitar, from start to finish, Lapu-Lapu City of Cebu is the place to travel to.

And now, finally, we come to the places...

magellans-crossMagellan's Cross in Cebu City

Magellan's Cross

Magellan's Cross – Since the Philippines began to be of interest to the world thanks to Ferdinand Magellan's discovery in 1521, tourists might as well start their travel plans by visiting Magellan's Cross, which is found in Magallanes Street of Cebu City.

This place is of much historical value to the Philippines because it's also where the baptismal rites of the earliest Filipino Christians were held.

Mactan Island

Mactan Island – Water sports have always been a favorite activity by tourists when visiting the Cebu and if you're fond of this as well, make sure that you drop by Mactan Island because the waves there are alike no place else!

Cebu is also the jumping point to other exciting destinations like Dumaguete, Bohol, and Sumilon.

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