Evolution Dive and Beach Resort

malapascua island beach boats sea viewsBounty Beach on Malapascua Island, Cebu Province, Philippines

Evolution Dive and Beach Resort

Evolution Dive and Beach Resort is strategically and conveniently established on the white beach of Malapascua Island.

The resort is specially built for divers who want to experience the island and its incredible and fecund marine life.

Evolution is being operated by professional divers.

Evolution Dive and Beach Resort on Malapascua Island offers an idyllic escape for divers and beach lovers alike. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Diving Paradise: Malapascua is renowned for its Thresher Shark sightings at Monad Shoal. But that’s not all! Evolution provides incredible macro diving, wreck dives (like the Dona Marilyn and Mogami Maru), and colorful reefs. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, their safe and fun scuba diving experiences cater to all levels.
  2. Accommodations: The resort features 16 rooms with a choice of AC or Fan, all conveniently located near the golden white sand beach. You’ll feel right at home.
  3. The Craic House: Their on-site restaurant, The Craic House, is highly rated. Enjoy delicious homemade food for all palates, including a great selection of vegetarian dishes.
  4. Tech Diving Facilities: Evolution excels in technical diving, offering top-of-the-line facilities for tech, trimix, and CCR rebreather diving. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced tech diver, they’ve got you covered.
  5. Friendly Service: Expect warm Filipino, Irish, and English hospitality. The staff and owners are super friendly, making your Malapascua experience truly memorable.

For the latest rates and reservations, contact Evolution Dive and Beach Resort. Dive into paradise! 🌊🦈🏝️ Evolution Dive and Beach Resort

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Fun Water Activities & Adventures

malapascua-scuba-diving-coralsCorals and a scuba diver

You can experience all the best things about Malapascua Island if you access the facilities and services of Evolution Resort Dive Centre.

Check out the following...

Scuba Diving
Malapascua is popularly known by both local and international divers for the presence of thresher sharks at Monad Shoal. Serious and experienced enthusiasts never missed to check out this island just to see the rare threshers.

Wreck Diving
There are two popular wreck dive spots close to the island. Dona Marilyn was a ferry that sunk during a typhoon in the 80s. Now, it becomes a home to myriad of fish species, shrimps, crabs, and where various and colorful soft and hard corals made their homes.

Coral Reefs
Aside from the challenging dives, you can also snorkel the coral reefs surrounding the island using a snorkel gears. You’ll certainly enjoy the beauty of the corals and everything the live among and with them. The reefs close to the beach are shallow and safe for beginners.

For more fun adventures, please contact Evolution for your preferences, such as events or trip you want tailored.

bounty beach malapascua island cebuBounty Beach on Malapascua Island

Facilities & Services

Evolution offers the following diving activities that you’ll surely enjoy…

  • macro diving at their dive sites
  • wreck dives like the Dona Marilyn
  • dive reefs, deep dives and shallow dives

The resort’s restaurant is a highly rated restaurant on the island for its fantastic dishes. they got great selections of dishes including vegetarian ones.

Certainly, you’ll taste the freshest sea food they can offer caught from the clear and clean waters of Malapascua.

The Craic House
I’ve never been (yet) to this resort, but I already like it. The Craic House is a bar – an Irish bar – and the only one on the island so far since there’s one in Cebu City already.

On this Filipino beach, you’ll receive an Irish hospitality with “Celtic commitment to fun and frivolity”.

Craic House is proud to offer their progressive music, progressive food and drinks. This house has more than 10,000 juke box songs!

TDI Five Star Instructor Facility & PADI Resort
Evolution is equipped with Nitrox (and Helium) for certified divers who dive deeper to the cooler dive spots. They also offer camera for underwater photographers (110V and 220V).

If you are now somehow an expert in diving, Evolution Resort Dive Centre can offer you…

  • tech fun dives
  • tech dive sites
  • tech expeditions – wrecks, caves, reefs, can be requested
  • tech facilities

Diving Courses Offered

whale shark scuba diving diverScuba Diving and Whaleshark Watching

PADI Scuba Courses

  • Discover Scuba Diving (4 hours) – trying diving but not committed yet
  • Scuba Diver (2 days) – begin a certification journey with time constraint
  • Open Water Diver (4 days) – get certification after this for life
  • Adventure Diver (3 days/ 1 to 2 days) – certified diver: AWARE – fish identification dive; boat dive, deep dive; digital underwater photographer dive; diver propulsion vehicle dive; drift dive; dry suit dive, enriched air dive; multilevel and computer dive; night dive, peak performance buoyancy; search and recovery dive; underwater naturalist dive; underwater navigation dive; wreck dive
  • Advanced Open Water Diver (5 dives/2 days) – specialty dives, including compulsory deep dive and navigation dive for certification – for thresher sharks diving

Technical Courses:

  • Advanced Nitrox Diver, Decompression Procedures Diver, 
  • New Helitrox Diver, Advanced Nitrox and Decompressions Procedures Diver Combination, 
  • Sidemount Diver, Extended Range Diver, Advanced Wreck Diver, Trimix Diver, Air Dilulent CCR Diver Course Unite Specific, 
  • Advanced Nitrox Instructor, Decompression Procedures Instructor, Extended Range Instructor, 
  • Advanced Wreck Instructor, Advanced Trimix Instructor, Intro To Tech Instructor, Helitrox Instructor, Trimix Instructor

To discover more interesting diving courses, please check out their official website.

Or, check out to see the rates and book/reserve a room at Agoda Hotel.

Tropical Accommodation / Rooms

evolution resort malapascua roomEvolution Beach Resort and Dive Centre on Malapascua Island, Cebu Province.

Evolution Dive and Beach Resort is proud to say they got the best value rooms on the island. You can choose from AC Deluxe and Garden Fan Rooms.

Each room is…

  • furnished with locally handmade mahogany furniture,
  • has both cold and hot shower, and
  • has its individual terrace where you’ll find coconut trees and hammocks

Native Rooms
Aircondition and Fan rooms are available. These are built with local materials such as amakan, bamboo, rattan, nipa palm leaves, etc.

You’ll enjoy the sea breeze since they are located close to the sea.

Finding Evolution Beach Resort & Dive Centre

You should visit their site to find out more and contact them. Here is their official…

Website: http://evolution.com.ph/
Email: info@evolution.com.ph

Booking: Agoda.Com

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