"Best Cebu Scuba Diving Sites...
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Amazing Cebu Scuba Diving - Meet the hammerheads, thresher sharks, manta rays, lion fish in Malapascua.

Dragon Fish. It is one of the common sites in the Cebu underwater world. Dragon fish is known for its colors and fins.


"Malapascua island dive sites have it all!"

"It is the premier dive destination in the Philippines..."

Malapascua Island is a sleepy but beautiful island with white sandy beach, lush green palms & tress and surrounded by sparkling blue water.

Yet, unspoiled by tourism.

In this island, you can find resorts that provide their own dive lessons and facilities. For example, among the popular dive resorts, there is a resort establishment called the Thresher Shark Divers.

Let me show you some of its features...

  • offer a mixture of single boat dives; small groups supervised by experienced PADI Divemasters & instructors
  • offers the best dive sites of your choice and time schedule;
  • have dive boats with first aid kits, phones, oxygen;
  • emphasizes ONLY your safety and fun;
  • offers NITROX - perfect for several dive sites
  • Dive Schedule: 5am-7am - Thresher Shark Dive - get up! early & watch the mind-blowing sunrise; see the rare sight of thresher sharks; 5pm - Dusk is when all the action takes place on the reef - feeding & mating happen everywhere

What can you see...?

Best known creatures: Thresher sharks, manta rays, devil rays, whitetip sharks, pygmy, seahorse, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, smashing mantis fish, pipefish, mandarin fish, etc.

Since Cebu is a tropical world, you can observe various classes and kinds of underwater and sea life forms, including those creatures that have never been discovered and classified before.

Well, I don't want to force myself remember my biology classes... eh!

If you wish you see more of Malapascua's resorts with their own services for diving trips, lessons, etc. you may click on the following link to see the page, as follows...

Malapascua Island Beach Resort & Dive Facilities

In that link, you can see all the resorts established on that island. Surely, you have learned that the island got affected by the storm (Yolanda) and the devastation it has caused. However, you don't need to worry since the storm has not affected the sea and its nice beaches.

Recovery among the destroyed resorts have been repaired but it would take some time for the trees and coconut trees to recover.

To continue, let's see more of the essential offers by the diving resorts of Malapascua...

Malapascua Island Beach Resort. This is one of the resorts on the island that provide various vacation, leisure and diving facilities and services.
  • Malapascua Diving Packages: diving, resorts, accommodation, meals, and airport pick up
  • About Diving Instructions: PADI Courses offer, PADI IDC Instructor Courses, Diving Internships, Dive Packages, Technical Diving
  • Dining on the Island: some excellent restaurants; many are Western owned and run with high standard; a mix of Filipino & European dishes - German, English & Italian dishes rank high in ratings
  • Great Bars: good number of bars - Pub Upstairs: open air bar, above Thresher Shark Divers, with imported liquors, beers, cocktails...

Not to be missed: Booze Cruise by TSD - cruise around the island with drinks on board; snorkel; lighthouse area dive; wreck diving; drive the boat, etc.

You may check out more details of the place at their website: http://www.malapascua-diving.com/malapascua.html.


The most popular and common dive spots and sites are in Mactan Island and its surrounding islets. For that unparalleled reason, the island has been known as the "diving mecca of the south".

WHY Mactan Island...?

Most probably because it's very accessible, that is, where the airport is... and only about 45 minutes from Cebu City.

What follows are lists of most dive sites nearby Mactan that accommodate "diverse coastal ecosystem", which is home to sandflats, mangroves, seagrass beds, as well as offshore coral reefs.


Tingo Point, Olango Island

  • for advance divers only
  • the shark point, where you can see thresher sharks or hammerheads
  • huge cavern awaits to be explored

San Juan Wreck, Liloan

  • fascinating & challenging wreck diving of San Juan Ferry, sunk in 2000, an 180-long ship down in 150-foot deep water
  • usual day trip to this wreck is being conducted

Talima Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island

  • has 30-50 feet of reef with sandy seafloor with seagrass bed & corals
  • schools of bat & jack fish abounds
  • skeleton of small wreck is home to colorful and myriad marine life forms

Nalusuan Island & Marine Sanctuary

  • offers dive beginners and photographers excellent sights
  • encounter a colony of blue spotted sting rays
  • more stunning fish life & abundant marine life everywhere
  • lots of small reef creatures & great population of big groupers
  • amazing hard corals & table corals

Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary

  • a day's trip for a vibrant marine life "in the shallows"
  • swim with turtles, schools of parrot & batfish, jack fish, drummers, ribbon sweetlips, black snappers, midnight snappers, surgeon fish, and more...
  • great for beginners & u/w photographers

Cabilao Island

  • many dive spots, each with a league of its own
  • overhanging walls with unspoiled coral reefs
  • large schools of pelagic fish, another school of barracudas that make theisland their home

Marigondon Cave

  • one of the most famous dive spots in Cebu - for advance divers only
  • cave entry stretches from 27 to 37 meters; 10-meter diameter
  • greet the lion fish at the entrance
  • see deep inside: stunning flashlight fish blinking & giant crabs
  • recommends Nitrox for this dive

Coral Reef Resort

  • meet the residents: groupers, parrot fish & sea snakes
  • perfect reef for a drift dive - wall drops from 10 meters to about 30 meters
  • some small caverns, amazing topography & colorful reef creatures creeping

Agus Bay

  • easy dive along a wall of soft and hard corals
  • incredible home to sponges, ferns, anemones, & swarms of flashy-coloured reef fish, seahorses, etc.

Marine Station Sanctuary

  • where marine biologists of San Carlos University (ahmm, my alma mater!) do their field study
  • reef top has nice hard & soft coral, steep wall is marvelous
  • observe the overhanging wall with lots of crevices, caverns & huge black corals all over...

Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary

  • reef slopes gently and several drop offs drop to about 50 meters
  • bottom is sand and seagrass bed with coral formations
  • find the soft corals like the elephant ear coral, small reef fish and varied invertebrates
  • home of barracudas, parrotfish, lionfish, pretty jacks, and school of silver batfish

Tambuli Reef and Airplane Wreck

  • reef top is home to seagrass beds and coral mounds
  • fuselage of an airplane is laid there as artificial reef
  • meet the small reef fish looking for feeds
  • spectacular dive sport for underwater photographers
Harlequin Shrimp of Cebu, Mactan Divesites

The Kontiki Reef

  • where shore dives are being conducted by Kontiki Divers
  • reeftop slopes gently to about 30 feet, then drops to around 100 feet, and steep slopes & drop-offs fall to over 300 feet
  • discover an artificial reef artifact - giant iron clam - on the shallow reef with corals & seagrass beds
  • now alive: the iron clam is overgrown with hard & soft corals vibrant with marine life...

See more details and exciting photographs and packages at: http://www.kontikidivers.com/index.html.

Other great Cebu scuba diving sanctuaries and in the neighboring provinces include: Apo Island, Moalboal, Sumilon Island, Talong island, Siquijor, Sipalay, and more...

Happy Cebu scuba diving!

Please, visit again this site or more often in the future to discover more travel guides on this island.

Have a wonderful day then!

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