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Crimson Hotel beach resort, Mactan Island, Cebu

Crimson Hotel Beach Resort is one of the top resorts on Cebu Islands. It is nestled on a 6-hectare beach-land area as a beach resort.

It exemplifies an atmosphere of fresh air, freedom, and wide open view of the world through the vast expanse of the ocean.

You will enjoy Crimson Hotel Beach Resort day and night feeling relax and safe.

It is just about 20 minutes from Mactan Airport, close to marine sanctuaries…

If you visit this place, the ocean will be yours to enjoy with. Since the place is established in a quite huge land area, you can walk around and enjoy the environment and some gardens especially designed with a mixture of exotic and modern style of gardening.

Since, Crimson is a beach resort, a major part of its establishment are the accommodation types they offer to guests with various tastes of comfortable private spaces.

So, let’s take a look at what Crimson Hotel beach resort have to offer…

Private Villas

Having private villas in a resort sounds very luxurious to me. Yes, it is even called the luxurious private villas accommodation.

There are 40 of these villas available for booking while you enjoy your vacation on the island.

Individual plunge pools it has (using Yoda’s grammar!) for each villa.

At Crimson Hotel Beach Resort you can have various choices of pools to enjoy with.

Asian Guestrooms

Yes, the style is Asian, which means that the motif, designs, and decors incorporate local and indigenous materials and atmosphere.

It’s a good place to stay in for a change from your usual, whatever type of house or room you’ve been using every day.

250 guestrooms they have (Yoda’s grammar), which is a lot of rooms for you to choose from.

Deluxe Rooms

Hmm, this is located where you have a view of the resort’s gardens and pathways.
Pretend to be a king by sleeping on a king’s bed, or a twin bed if you so prefer.

It has a luxurious marble bathroom, wide screen LCD TV with cable programs, and Wifi access. Surely, there are more facilities than what this site describes.

Deluxe Garden

No, you won’t be using a garden to sleep on, that could be a great idea, too. It is a room located on the ground floor area with a king or twin beds available.
Yup, it is for two persons’ cozy accommodation only.

Great amenities are offered including the wide screen TV with cable programs, WiFi, and spacious bathroom.

It is called ‘deluxe garden’ because you can see and enjoy a private pockets of gardens. Well, that is if you had enough from swimming and just relaxing in your private space.

Upon arrival at Crimson Hotel Beach Resort you will be greeted with full hospitality and warm welcome...

Pool Villa

This villa is intended for families having a break or vacation from their tough family and busy life.

A complimentary baby crib is available if you have one.
So, it is perfect for a family to stay in and enjoy its private plunge pool right at the patio.

Each villa has a private foyer (small lobby) and a hanging garden – meaning, tropical plants are being hanged on the walls.

You have a fantastic bathroom, sunk-in tub, showers, etcetera.

Ocean Villa

Your family will have the panorama of the beach front in this accommodation.
You can relax in you private verandah (porch) and garden just right next to your plunge pool. Of course, you have your access to the beach directly from your villa.

It is designed that include a sitting room and bedroom with poster canopy bed.
You have the king size bed good for 2 adults and 2 children.

At Crimson Hotel Beach Resort you can get the best view and beach on Mactan Island with the comfortable beach facilities.

Beach Villa

Beach Villas, similar with the other ones, it has…

  • private plunge pool with veranda & garden;
  • 4 poster canopy bed with a view of beach front;
  • direct access to the beach, whenever you like to dip;
  • iPod docking station, dvd, TV, & WiFi connection

Beach Casita

There are only two Beach Casitas available. It is a 115-square meter accommodation with…

  • private entrance;
  • wide patio & nice garden;
  • iPod docking station, DVD player, LCD TV, WiFi connection, etc.

Now, what other facilities and services do they offer? You would ask.
Yes, Crimson beach resort can provide you or your family all you need to totally enjoy your time.

So, here are their…

Crimson Hotel Beach Resort Facilities & Services

This deluxe beach resort has a number of great facilities and services, including…

  • a 3-tiered Infinity Pool
  • a fitness center
  • water sports activities – kayak, snorkel, jetski, fish feeding, para-sailing, speedboat tour, island-hopping, scuba diving, tow rides (e.g banana, etc.);
  • a children’s playground called ‘Crimzone’
Crimson Hotel Beach Resort offers the best bathroom facilities on the island.

And, one of the most important and enjoyable part of your vacation is to eat (and drink) at Crimson’s…

Restaurants & Bars

Crimson’s Saffron Café offers you both Eastern and Western style culinary. It is especially built and located with a view of the Infinity Pool with gardens around.
Saffron Café offers an international lunch style and a buffet style for your dinner.

Tempo Lounge is an ala Carte/Pan Asian Cuisine area where you can cherish an ambiance of

Azure Pool Bar is another great place where you can enjoy its international and specialty cocktails. You can enjoy the ocean’s view while you sip your cocktails and chew some finger foods.

Score Sports Bar might be more interesting for guys who are sports addicts (and some females, of course). Spots bar has an 8-ball pool table, and also provides a wide screen TV for enthusiasts of sports matches and other sport events.

Aside from those smaller spaces, Crimson hotel beach resort also provides a wide place for special events.

It has a so-called…

Grand Coral Ballroom
This ballroom (not made from corals!) can accommodate a huge number of guests (220 seats). You can have your banquet for any sort of event, such as parties, weddings, and other themed events you want to happen in this part of the tropical world.

For more details and other fun and enjoyable offers, you may visit Crimson’s site for you to see more what I’ve been trying to picture here.

So, here’s how you can find Crimson…

Finding Nemo at Crimson Hotel Beach Resort


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Have fun & chillaxing vacation.
And gather an oceanful of great memories, too!

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