Dakong Bato Cave Adventure

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My Dakong Bato Cave Adventure

Dakong Bato Cave Adventure

My recent stay-in experience at Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort was filled with awe and amazement because of the refreshing and energizing scenery that caught my eyes. The beach water was crystal clear and clean—exactly what I am looking for in a beach.  The amenities were superb. The service was excellent.  But the adventure was complete when I did the cave tour. Imagine an underground cave located at the back of the leisure resort building!  My estimate is we were 15 to 20 feet below the ground.

Let me share my adventure photos in this small but fascinating cave of Dakong Bato. Can you guess what that green square is in this photo?  Let me give you a larger view.

Ah that’s a cage!  Try again.  Well, one wouldn’t know what that screened stuff is until someone shows you that that’s the entrance to the underground cave of this building.  Isn’t that amazing???

We were given headlights to put on our foreheads to lighten up our steps and a guide also accompanied us in making this cave adventure.

I figured at first how would I be able to get through that small opening considering my size??!! But, since the guide was able to make it, then no reason that I cannot (if you know what I mean).  The technique was to go down facing the rocks such as this.

Now my turn to go down.  As I went down, I was thrilled because this is my first cave experience of this sort although I already did one at the Hinagdanan Cave in Bohol but the entry was not as narrow as this one. When I finally made my way through it, wow! I congratulated myself for the stamina.
After making four steps down below, I made it through the rocks!

The cave was not as dark and scary as I expected because its improvements. It was well-lit and handrails stand on the side for guests to hold on.  Sturdy steps are well placed making it sure that guests do not get outbalanced.

What you see are a few rock formation.

On this rock, the legend of Dakong Bato Cave is told.

The writings are written in Cebuano dialect.  Let me translate and summarize it for you to appreciate the legendary Dakong Bato Cave.
According to the story of the old folks in town, during the World War II, this cave used to be the hiding place of a local Robin Hood who stole pieces of gold or riches from the rich families and gave them away to the poor.

As you go farther up ...

...you will find the treasure box believed to contain the stolen treasures of this local Robin Hood.

This is a replica of the treasure box.  It would have been great if they were real treasures.

The story continues that even with the small opening of the cave, there are still other entries leading to more cave explorations. 

Inside, you will see that a portion is moistened meaning there is water flowing.  The guide informed us indeed the cave secretes spring water.

One entry is believed to flow out spring water leading to the pool.  This explains why the pool water tastes salty.

Dakong Bato Swimming Pool for kids is only 5 ft high.  This pool gets its spring water coming out from the cave and supplies the water pool with it. Also, a water pump is used to get water provided by the local water district in town.

The cave adventure is without a doubt a wonder in the silent grandeur of the legendary Dakongbato Cave.  The legend that once in the town of Coro, Dalaguete, a local Robin Hood had lived and hid inside this cave, has just been unfolded to a Cebuano like me. First time to hear this story.

I am certain there are still a lot more to explore and discover about the richness of Cebu’s history.  As a neophyte blogger, it is indeed a pleasure to write and share the untold histories of little towns in my own native land.

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