Dreamy Dalaguete Osmena Peak Park
"Climb the Peak of Cebu's Beauty"

Osmena Peak is a famous natural but distinctive mountain formation in the southern part of Cebu Province.

This highest peak of the province forms part of Mantalongon Mountains in Dalaguete Municipality, Cebu, Philippines.

Dalaguete Osmena Peak Park is the highest peak of Cebu Province. It is a nice place to enjoy natural beauty.

Nature-lovers, campers, trekkers and hikers come to see, experience, and conquer the height of this peak by reaching its summit.

Many say that it is like the ‘Chocolate Hills of Bohol’.

Well, they are not the same since the shape of the hills are not similar, but most probably it is the same natural phenomenon that created that mountain formation.

This peak is over 1,000 meters above sea level, which means that you can have a great view of the surroundings from its summit, including the beautiful panorama of the sea and the islands.

Dalaguete is about 2.5 hours by bus from Cebu South Terminal in Cebu City. More details on getting there can be found below this page. So, just keep reading…


Compared to other municipalities, the average temperature in Mantalungon is lower—about 16-23 degree centigrade. With this year round temperature, Mantalungon produces great vegetables and distribute them to various places, thus calling the area the ‘vegetable basket’ of Cebu Province.
So, here are some good things you’ll get when you are in the area…

  • Natural beauty of the sharp-looking mountains—maybe a hundred of them
  • Fresh cool air and breeze
  • Great panorama of the whole area visible from the peak
  • Fantastic views of the blue ocean and the islands
  • Green landscape and mountainous topography
  • Natural surroundings, no big structures like buildings & constructions
  • Peaceful & tranquil environment
  • Friendly people
  • Great campsite for an overnight or two
This is another version of the first photo, above, of Osmena Peak Park located in Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines. Photo: talkwithstrangers.blogspot.com

Surely, there are thousands of words that cannot describe the place I’m trying to feature here. Words could put limit to things, ideas or anything and so I hope this page does not prevent you from seeing deeper into the beauty of this place.

And, there’s only one way to find out what else this popular mountain peak of Cebu can offer you—pack up and visit the Osmena Peak!

Okay then, if you are interested to visit or climb the peak, here’s how to get there…


From Cebu City:
Take a bus (e.g Ceres Bus Co.) at South Bus Terminal that is bound for Dumaguete in Cebu City, or ask the dispatcher or conductors at the terminal for directions. Let the conductor (or driver) to drop you off at Dalaguete Proper.

From Dalaguete Proper, you need to take a ‘habal-habal’ (a motorbike) bound for Mantalongon Public Market for 50pesos (100pesos if only one passenger).

If you need to buy for food supplies you can get it from the market. You can buy the freshes fruits and vegetables at this market for your day’s adventure.

Another Ride
Some suggested taking a bus from the Gas Station (Caltex) near Carbon Public Market in Cebu City (close to the University of San Jose Recolletos). This would take you straight to Mantalongon Public Market in Dalaguete Municipality. Please, check the time travel in case you don’t want your group to spend too much time on the road.

The bus from South Bus Terminal could take more than 2 and half hours to reach Dalaguete Proper.

This is another view of the famous Osmena Peak in Mantalungon, Dalaguete Municipality, Cebu, Philippines.

Well, that’s how we can describe the place.
Thanks a lot for reading to the end of this page. Hope this helps you learn more about Osmena Peak.

Have a great day!

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