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Dive Point Alcoy Resort is a diving resort and travel provider in Alcoy Municipality, Cebu. The resort offers the best diving sites in the Visayas Islands including Cebu’s holiday dive sites.

Dive Point offers full service, especially for scuba divers. They have diving facilities, professional instructors, and the modern dive equipment you can find in the market.
Although teaching you how to how the underwater world is their expertise, they can also provide you with tour services on land around Cebu Province. This all depends on what the guest wants to explore, enjoy with or learn about the province and its incredible natural environment.

Everything is possible for you if you ask them.

While you are at their abode, you can explore places, attractions, sites, towns, historical structures (such as century-old churches, bell towers, watchtowers, museums, etc.) alone.

However, if you want to explore quickly and easily, you can ask for a guide who can bring you anywhere you want to go (additional rates might be collected – so, talk to the management). It could be a free service depending on how far or long you want to go.

Above all, the resort has it…

  • Restaurant (offers both regional and international cuisines)
  • Room with air-conditions
  • Free WiFi
dive-point-alcoy-resort-gardenGarden area at Divepoint Alcoy

Diving & Travel Sites

Dive Point Alcoy Resort has specialized in diving tours in specific places. It means that since they know the areas quite well, you will be guaranteed not only on safety but also worth-exploring dive sites. The first one is…

Sumilon Island
Been to this beautiful island in 2017. Yes, it is true. It is an amazing place. Sumilon Island is surrounded by pristine emerald waters. It has a famous sandbar and one of its main attractions.

Besides, Sumilon Bluewaters Resort is managing most of the island’s area to conserve nature while running their fantastic resort facilities and services at the same time.

Sumilon is in fact considered the first marine sanctuary in the country. Due to the fecund and untouched natural underwater biodiversity, many dive activity providers ferry their students and professional guests to this island. Sumilon’s dive sites are considered one of the best in the area.

The island is about 24 hectares in size and located close to the Southeastern point of Cebu Province. Due to its extensive coral settlements and spread out channels, you will encounter varied species of tropical fishes. Observe the out-of-this-world marine creatures among others that you have never seen before.

Such a sight is the paradise for divers and newbies. If lucky, you can observe black-tip sharks (reef sharks) and whale sharks. Of course, simply visit Tanawan to swim with the whale sharks if you want to encounter them face-to-face.

Siquijor Island
Siquijor (pronounced as “sikihor”) is thought at an island of magic by many. Stories of mystics and mysterious are being told not only among locals but also outsiders (non-islanders). Many believed, or still do, that Siquijor is an island of Shamans, wizards and ‘witches.’

Whether the stories are true or not, one thing that is believable is that the island is beautiful and its waters are great for divers. Its beaches, white sandy and long stretches of beaches are unbelievable. The coastline stretches over a hundred (100 km) kilometers.
So, if you are tempted just to stroll on the long beach, then maybe you can still avail that service from the resort.

Balicasag Island
Balicasag Island is another famous island with a round shape. It is located off the coast of Panglao Island, Bohol Province (an island province). Balicasag Island is also a marine sanctuary which is amazingly endowed with white sand beaches. It is a coral reef island.

In Balicasag, you can dive the following sites:

  • Black Forest – it is the most famous dive point in the area
  • Diver’s Haven – it is also a great diving point that highlights varied species of fish other more marine life.
  • Turtle Point – Yes, you will encounter sea turtles in this area. You can also explore its caves
  • Marine Sanctuary – this sanctuary features a wall dive that runs over 200 meters deep. You will certainly be entertained by the colorful corals, fishes, and more marine life
  • Cathedral wall – this features many cracks making it interesting to explore. Since the cracks are dark, you need to bring with you a torchlight to observe the reef fishes, sponges, corals, eels, and anything living inside those cracks
  • The Royal Garden – is located in a shallow deep (around 18 meters). It is one of the favorites due to its underwater plateau that features vibrant and bio-diverse marine life – schools of fish, corals, sea turtles, plants and more animals with different sizes, shapes, colors, and behaviors.

Cabilao Island is another chill place located in the waters of Bohol with crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, and amazing dive sites in the area. It lies on the West of the main island of Bohol and facing Cebu Island (Province).

Dive Point Alcoy’s crew and its guests come to Cabilao Island for some reasons already mentioned. In addition, the team comes here to scuba dive and sea its wonderful sea world.

You can observe pygmy seahorses, critters, soft and hard corals, and certainly more. There are two marine protected areas around Cabilao. Above all, tourists and divers come in the hope of seeing the famous hammerhead sharks that can be seen early in the mornings. The sightings are now rare.

whale-shark-oslobWhale shark swimming in Oslob

Dive Trips & Offers

Dive Point Alcoy Resort offers day trips to Balicasag, Panglao, Sumilon, Cabilao, and Casseres Reef. Siquijor trips are usually offered as two-day trips as the island is farther than the others.

For the day trips, the resort offers the following food:

  • barbecue fish, meats, and side dishes
  • water, coffee, tea (free); soft drinks onboard (for sale)

Day Trip Dives
Three dives, at most, can be done in a day trip.
The maximum time per dive is 1 hour
The instructor, an experienced diver, speaks both German and English.

Dive Courses Offered
The courses are patterned to SSI guidelines and standards. You may also request a standard of PADI or CMAS.

Aside from beginner courses, specialty courses are also available such as Navigation, Night Dive, Deep Dive, fun dive, among other interesting courses.

Accommodation & Facilities

The resort of Dive Point Alcoy Resort is located where various house reefs can be found. It has the best views, surrounding, house facilities, staff, and excellent atmosphere suit for a relaxing holiday.

You may choose a room with a panoramic sea view with a balcony or a single room with a low rental rate.

The following are the room features:

  • air-conditioning machine
  • Double-bed
  • Open closets
  • Safety box
  • Bathroom with sea view
  • Bathroom and WC separate for each single room
  • Hot/Cold Showers
  • Bathroom Closets
  • Hair dryer

Balcony Features
Two terraces are facing towards the sea. They are furnished with relaxing chairs, tables, and sitting facilities

Lounge Area
This is for enjoying your coffee or tea
Reading materials: books, magazines, etc.
Tables and chairs are available on the terrace facing the sea

Bungalow Accommodation Features

The bungalow is not a native style (made of wood and thatched roofing) but of stone. They are sturdier and have good quality windows. The windows are fitted with mosquito nets.
It is located just 3 minutes from the beach and only 30 meters from the restaurant.

Here are the details…

  • Has a 35 square meter living room area, and has a spacious terrace.
  • It is air-conditioned and comes with 1 double bed (2x2 meters), with closets, safety deposit box, bathroom and WC in European style
  • The bathroom has both hot and cold showers and a hairdryer.
  • It is also furnished with sitting facilities where you can take your coffee or tea from its bar.

more comfy services

Free WiFi, laundry, drinking water (free), manicure, pedicure, massage
Laundry service is available for a minimal fee using a washing machine.

Room towels and bed linen will be changed regularly, or as per request. Fresh towels will be provided during day trips.

For further information, please contact the management directly through the details below.

In Touch with Dive Point Alcoy resort

Address: Dive Point Alcoy Resort, Alcoy / Guiwang, 6023 Cebu, Philippines
Phone Numbers: +63 32 4838059 (landline); +63 918 6027379 (mobile)
Email Address: divepoint.alcoy.cebu@gmail.com
Website: www.divepoint-alcoy.com

Hope this is useful. If this helps, please like or share to your social media.
Have a wonderful trip.

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