GrabCar GrabTaxi Cebu

GrabCar GrabTaxi Cebu

Writer: Air Borne
Published: 15 October 2016

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New GrabCar GrabTaxi Cebu

I am a daily commuter of any sort of public transports to and from my place of work, such as single motorcycles, tricycles, jeepneys, buses and taxicabs.  Depending on the occasion or situation, my means of transportation in going from one place to another also varies.  Like, during the rainy season and peak hours of the day, no other moving vehicle could take me to my destination with utmost convenience and speed than the services of a taxicab. Welcome to grabcar grabtaxi Cebu services!

End to queuing and waiting

Time has changed now and more changes are yet to come, I believe so.  The common maxim goes: "change is the only permanent thing in this world."  Even the evolution of taxicabs is inevitable. From the taximeter or taxi fare calculator being used before and now, that also has been modified.  Waiting and hailing a taxicab along the road did not come easy in the past especially in times of heavy rains or bad weather because fellow passengers are also in a hurry to get one.  Even that—the waiting and hailing--has changed!

In this era of modern technology, web wizards cannot put their minds at rest that they continue to search for means that will give comfort and ease to people, like the commuters, in their daily transports.  I am so grateful to these people with great minds to have thought of designing an application that will take the riding public to their point of destination by simply clicking or swiping their smartphones and book a ride and make their rides easier, faster, safer and cheaper.

Grab Services

I am glad to share my riding experience with GRAB services in this article.  Recently, GRAB has provided a new service giving the passengers an option to choose between a taxi and a car - or the Grabcar Grabtaxi service.  As far as I know, these cars are privately owned and the owners have registered their cars in the company.  Of course, they have to comply with certain requirements to be qualified as Grabcar drivers.

GRAB is a service provider that locates for you the nearest Grabtaxi or Grabcar available in the spot where you are situated.  By using the Grab application, I feel secure and safe that I am getting home or going to any point of destination safe and sound away from the ill-motives of a crazy driver.   Find out why as you continue reading this blog. How does Grab work?

First, the taxi commuter must have an Android phone with her/him at anytime and anywhere she/he goes for immediate booking in case of urgency. Second, he/she must download the Grab application from the internet and install it into the phone. And third, he/she must register the personal circumstances in making an account with Grab.  After answering all the needed information for proper listing, an activation code is sent through your phone to complete your registration.

How to use Grab?

Using GrabCar GrabTaxi Cebu

Once you have the application downloaded to your phone, you may use the app anytime you want.  Then, your taxi is just a click or swipe away.  You need not wait and queue on the streets for a cab or car to come and take you for a ride.  All you need to do now is press the app and provide the pick-up point in the “FROM” box, and, in the “TO” box, type in the drop-off point.  Thereafter, it will start locating the driver nearest your pick-up point.

Once the system has located the right driver for you, the application reveals the estimated fare, estimated distance between pick-up point and drop-off point, the location of the driver, the number of minutes for its arrival, the complete name of the driver and his photo, and the plate number of the cab or car.  All these info are registered in your phone before and after using the app.  After taking you to the drop-off point, the system automatically sends a Grab receipt to your email address.

Everything is registered and recorded in the system.  There can be no safer public utility vehicle than what Grab can give to the riding public and the Grab drivers.  Even these drivers are protected from criminal thoughts running in the minds of riders. By providing the system with the personal information, the whereabouts of both the passenger and the driver are easy to track should they commit an offense against each other.

In short, this is how Grab app for Grabcar Grabtaxi Cebu works:

  1. Book a Ride - Set your pick up and drop off point and tap Next
  2. Get a Driver - We'll find you the nearest available driver
  3. Track Your Driver - Know your driver's details, location, and estimated arrival time.
  4. Share Your Ride - Let your family or friends tract your ride and destination

Lesser than the metered rate

Aside from the security and safety Grab can assure the public, the greatest deal of them all is its promos--the best catch in this deal.  GrabTaxi grants promos by deducting within a range of P20 to P50 from the metered rate.  That is a lot of savings to the commuters.  For Grabcar, the fare that flashes on the phone screen is fixed then minus the discounted rate.

How to avail of promos?

The company will send these promo codes, valid for a number of days and of bookings, via text to the registered cellphone number that you listed in the system.  It is important to remember these codes to avail of discounts.  However, should you forget the code, you can still make your booking with Grab and be assured of a taxi or car at your convenient time.

For all the smartphone users and those who are yet to own a private car, downloading a Grab application will give you more good than harm.  Either you take a Grabtaxi or a Grabcar, the choice is yours.  Either way, your ride is safer and more convenient than any other public transports.

Ride everyday the safer way!

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