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Jeepney - Cebu Transports

Jeepney is supposedly the Philippine national vehicle. You can find them anywhere in the country. It is modeled from the American general purpose vehicle commonly used during the Second World War.

With Filipino’s ingenuity, they were able to widen the space and strengthened the structure to accommodate more passengers inside. Passengers are facing each other while seated at both sides by the right and left hand side windows.

Jeepneys are usually colorful with decors and loud music. Make sure you know where you are going or simply ask a ‘dispatcher’ or the conductor or driver. Usually, their routes are printed on the sides of the vehicles.

They are available all day and even some operate 24-hours daily and cover most of the nooks and corners of the city proper.

A jeepney from Mactan Airport to Lapu-Lapu City (LLC) costs around 8pesos, while it costs more than 10 pesos if across the bridge to Mandaue City or Cebu City.

Just beware of pickpockets and thieves who pretend to be passengers who victimize both foreign and local riders.

Buses - Cebu Transports

Most buses are available to travel along the North-South bound route. The two major bus terminals available are the North Bus Terminal in Mandaue City and the South Bus Terminal.

One of the popular and well-operated bus lines is the Ceres Bus. It has regular and time-schedule services from both terminals. Compared to other smaller and private buses, Ceres is advisable for visitors with heavy luggages and considered safety provider.

Taxis - Cebu Transports

Taxis are the most readily available and quickest way to get around Cebu city. Unfortunately, some cunning drivers could overcharge you if you are not careful and straightforward.

Taxi drivers always have temptation to cheat on their innocent passengers. Almost the same anywhere and Cebu is not spared from this sad reality.

The best thing to do is look for a taxi with a metered fare (mostly are) and insist on your destination or direction’s shortest way. If you are doubtful and feel very much cheated, make sure you got the taxi number and report it to the authorities, including the Department of Tourism in Cebu by calling them (+63 32 254 2811).

If you need to go a long distance ride, it is much better to negotiate the fare so that the driver won’t bring you to scenic and longer routes. Taking taxis in the evening is not preferable since the drivers tend to use uncalibrated and inflated meter machines.

Less than 100 pesos is the cost around the city. The trip from Mactan Airport to metro Cebu would be within 200-250 but not over 300 pesos. The White taxi is a little bit cheaper than the Yellow one.

Since most drivers know all the corners of the city, it is the fastest method to reach your destination. An additional tip (10-50 pesos) is more than enough if he helps load and unload your luggage. Make sure you have smaller denominations prepared so that you won’t have troubles looking for change somewhere else – since some of them insist that they don’t have enough change.

In some luxurious and expensive hotels, you can find ‘private’ taxis. Avoid them because they can overcharge you. They are often owned by the hotel to make more money and don’t allow other taxis near the hotel premises.

You can ask luggage porters to carry your bags and find a metered taxi. Or just go to the exit for arrivals and ask for a metered one. Going a little bit outside the exit (go up to the ramp) metered taxis are waiting for passengers. Or, go up to the Departures area where they are available.

The fare to SM Mall or Ayala shopping center is around 150 pesos on the meter.
It is illegal for taxis to have no meter machines and can be reported to authorities.

Enjoy your ride!

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