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nice hermit's cove

hermits-cove-aloguinsanHermit's Cove (photo: Vanessa)

hermit's cove in aloguinsan

Hermit’s Cove is a natural beach area located in Barangay Cantabogon belonging to Alonguinsan Municipality, Cebu Province.

This beautiful cove is tucked below the cliff which overlooks the blue sea and towards the Tañon Strait. The cove’s beach is white and clean. Its water is clear, and it is lined with coconut trees and other plants and verdant trees.

Right by the side of the nicely built sign and entrance, you will be treading the steps constructed specially for all and a shortcut to the cove. Before this steps were made, travelers and trekkers used to take the small rough pathway located at the back part of the hill to reach the beach area. To encourage more visitors, the local organization decided to build this steps, which is successfully making life easier for all who visit!

A few locals live on the beach surviving through fishing and farming methods of living. With the influx of visitors (especially during weekends and summer time), the locals are busy providing services to non-local visitors for a day or overnight stay.

It is being managed by local eco-tourism association and under the local municipality tourism office of Aloguinsan.

hermits-cove-seaviewEntrance and steps to the cove (photo: Vanessa)

facilities & services available

Basic facilities and services in Hermit’s Cove are available for all visitors. However, since not everything you need might be available, make sure you ask them ahead (contact details on the page)
Parking Space
Since not many would come here even during season period, you are sure to have a space for your vehicle – a car, van, or motorbike. It can accommodate only over ten cars at a time.

Entrance Fees
Basic Fee: 50 pesos
Overnight Fee (big group): 100 pesos
Overnight Fee (small group): 150 to 200 pesos

Preparing Food
First, you can bring your own supply of provisions for your stay and prepare if you can. There seem to be no restrictions on cooking your own food.

Second, if you don’t want to bother preparing your own food, you can request some locals to prepare your meal and taste their local menus – of course, primarily seafood or depend on the availability of products during your stay. This is when you are doing the camping and overnight style.

Third, you can find small stalls that sell barbecues and small Sari-Sari stores that sell miscellaneous basic products.

Camping and Tent
Yes, you can do overnight stay and a night guard will be watching over your group while you are dreaming by the beach. But you need to bring with you a tent (probably, somebody is already renting out tents at this stage). To be sure, bring your own tent and other necessities for your enjoyable adventure.

Native Cottages
Open and basic cottages are available for rent. They are located right below the cliff and on the beach side. If you are an early bird, you can choose the one best spot.

Grilling & Cooking Area
Yes, you can find a place where you can prepare your meats, fish, seafood, and other prepared supply for your day’s fun or overnight adventure. Only charcoals are being used for cooking and no electric stoves or gas available (yet). Anyway, the taste differs on the way you prepare your food and certainly on your skills in cooking!

Bathing and Rest Room
You can use the open bathing facility and a toilet available for all guests.

fun activities to do

As you already know, you can always swim or sunbathe on the beach. Yes, you can certainly do all these beach activities.

Some basic facilities are also available for rent in the area. You can rent the following:

  • snorkel gears
  • swimming gears
  • small boats (and probably offers for island tours at this stage)
  • beach volleyball

Of course, you can play any sort of game you know or invent while on the beach as long as you do not desecrate Mother nature.

getting to hermit's cove beach resort

Please, see the following details if you are deciding to see the place, or have already decided to enjoy the beach and everything in it.

Barangay Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, Cebu
Kantabogon Eco-Tourism Association (KEA) – 09235042066

Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office – 4699312

Bus Ride to Aloguinsan
From Cebu City, you can take a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal and get off at Aloguinsan Town where you can take a motorbike to the Cove. To get to Cebu’s terminal, you can take a jeepney or taxi from any point of departure near the city.

If you are coming from Cebu-Mactan Airport, you can take a taxi for a fare of around PhP300. A cheaper ride from the airport means you need to communicate through Jeepneys and make around three transfers to get to the terminal.

Single Motorbike Ride to the Cove
It also takes around two hours to get to Aloguinsan by a single motorbike. From the church of the town, you will notice a road sign from where you can drive straight and goes from between 6-7 kilometers where you can see a local cooperative store. Take the road right next to it (the opposite rough road will bring you to Barili).   

You will know that you are at the end of the road and the right one when you are being greeted with the fantastic view and panorama of the blue sea and the white sandy cove.

travel expenses

Below, is a rough estimate of your expenses during your travel and stay at Hermit’s Cove in Aloguisan.

Bus Fare:  from Cebu to Toledo – Php80
Jeepney Fare: from Toledo City to Aloguinsan Town – Php30-40
Habal-Habal Fare: from Aloguinsan Proper to Kantabogon – Php40-50
Entrance + Open Cottage – Php50/head
Entrance + Open Cottage + Overnight – Php100-200/head (100 for a big group and 150-200 for a small group)

That is all we can say about Hermit’s Cove in Aloguinsan. You can find out more about this nice nature escape by discovering the place by yourself.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Safe travels!

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