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Mactan's Hotel Europa Cebu

Hotel Europa Cebu

Hotel Europa Cebu is nicely established on Mactan Island and strategically located within close proximity to great places.

It is just a walking distance to malls and few minute-rides to tourist destinations and establishment on the island.

It is not only a few minutes to Cebu-Mactan International Airport but also to beach resorts and adventure providers of Mactan.

Hotel Europa offers cozy and elegant deluxe rooms and family rooms with great discounts.

You will be assured that your stay will be greatly rewarded through the hotels friendly staff and quality facilities and services.

Not only that but also you will spend your time fruitfully while on business or leisurely visit.

To support that, the following are some of the things you will find interesting and worth doing.

Hotel Europa bedroom and view

Fun & Interesting Things to Do

A visitor of Mactan Island will always find the place a blessing for being a place where you can find lots of things to do and enjoy with. In the next sentences, you will find learn what Mactan Island can offer you during your stay.

White Beaches & Water Adventures

Head to the white beaches if you are already on Mactan Island. You can use Hotel Europa as your base to enjoy the beaches of Mactan or its satellite islands.

Europa has not beach area but you can anytime enter into the beaches of resorts or hotels with beach areas. Of course, they are not free. It is not expensive either. And you can use their other facilities, such as swimming pools, etc.

In those hotels with beach areas, you can possibly arrange water rides such as banana boats, water skis, and other fun activities.

Now, if you are seeking for more interesting water activities or adventures, you can arrange a package deal readily. Ask your hotel for guidance to arrange you activity with a tour provider or such shops.

Dive shops that dot in many places on Mactan Island also offer water adventures including island hopping, scuba diving, snorkeling and live on board experiences.

In particular, island hopping is one of the most popular activities. For this package deal, you will visit islands and beaches, have meals on a beach, swim, snorkel, sunbath, and other interesting things you can do for about a day.

Some package deals include visits to some famous environmentally protected areas or islands. Most of such places are known as ecotourism areas, including Talima Marine Sanctuary, Nalusuan Island, Caohagan Island Sanctuary, Hilutungan Island Sanctuary, Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary, among others.

Nalusuan Island Marine SanctuaryNalusuan Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary

Local Products and Shopping Centers

Cebu Province is also known for some local products not only in the Visayas or Philippines but also around the world.

Notably, Cebu (including Mactan Island) is known as producer of highly quality and world-class furniture and home decors. The furniture they produce and sell domestically as well as internationally are for variously produced.

The furniture being crafted are for home, offices, businesses, hotels, and even for resorts. They are the ones you can see indoors, outdoors and those ones you can find in 5-star resorts and hotels and other upscale homes.

On Mactan Island, you can also buy or shop souvenirs from Mactan Marine Mall and other shops. Some local products that are popular in Mactan are the musical instruments with high quality and are also being exported abroad.

Alegre Guitar Factory is one of the popular musical instruments producers on the island. You can buy from the cheapest one to the most world-class and expensive guitar they produce.

Historical & Business Places

One of the most popular and a must visit place on Mactan Island is the Mactan Shrine. It would constitute as a ‘disrespect’ (my expression!) to miss visiting this place. That’s because that is the most historic landmark of the island.

Mactan Shrine is where the historic Battle of Mactan was fought between Chieftain Lapu Lapu and the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. If you know the history, Lapu Lapu defeated Magellan and his full metal jacket soldiers. It is where Magellan ended his exploration.

So, what you can see in this historical site are the statue of Lapu Lapu and the arch dedicated to Magellan. This Mactan Shrine is planted with some tropical green plants, flowers, and trees. You can freely stroll or just sit on the benches and look towards the sea to enjoy the environment and everything there is to see, learn or think about.

If you go to Cebu City, you will also find lots of historical places and structures which are mostly remnants of the Spanish occupation beginning in the 16th century onwards. They are still existing and are subject to studies and are favorite places to visit among locals and international visitors.

If you came for business, you can do it both in Mactan and Cebu. In Cebu City, you can find more banks, consulates, offices and other business centers while staying at Hotel Europa Cebu.

Restaurants & Diners

On Mactan Island you can find numerous restaurants and bars that offer local as well as international dishes. There are independent restaurants as there are lots of restaurants attached to famous hotels and resorts.

Some of the famous places include: Lantaw Floating Restaurant, Sutukil Restaurant, Maribago Grills, among many others.

Please, ask you hotel’s Front Desk for advice when you decide to go out for dinner. Don’t miss trying the fresh catch and local sea food products.

Accommodation / Room Types

Hotel Europa offers two types of accommodation: deluxe and family types.

Deluxe Room
This room type is a very cozy and elegant one with 1 queen size bed, airconditioned, free internet access, TV and showers in the bathroom. The hotel offers promotions with lots of discounts but are usually non-refundable.

Family Room
This room type is not only great for families but also for small groups. It has 1 queen size bed and 2 single beds. It also has bathroom and showers, airconditioned, has TV and free internet access.

Finding Hotel Europa Cebu

The hotel is actually very close to the international airport. If you are interested to learn more or inquire about the hotel, please use the address below or the contact details, or directly search using their website prepared here for you.

Address:       Basak Mercado, Lapu- Lapu City, Cebu 6015, Philippines
Telephone: +630322365769

Now, if you have decided to reserve a room and book one right now, you can easily do it through an online booking service as shown below.

Booking Your Hotel Today

You can easily and immediately book you hotel room using Agoda’s safe online booking system. Agoda is a world famous online booking service provider for both local and international hotels.

You may use Agoda Smarter Booking Service to book at Hotel Europa Cebu, guest house, resort or other accommodation available on Mactan Island or Cebu area.

Of course, you can use your favorite booking service provider if you want to.

Thank you for reading to the end this page. Hopefully, you find it helpful and informative. Write a comment or send email to help improve our service to our visitors.

Hope you’ll have a great day and discover your hotel and destination for vacation.

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