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Published: 21 July 2014
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Heightened Cebu Ecotourism

This article introduces Cebu Bluewaters website’s pages on Cebu ecotourism featuring environmental establishments, individuals, groups and activities that attempt to promote a healthy environment in Cebu Province.

Eco-tourism is not a new concept or practice being implemented by governments, groups, individuals or business in various places in the world. It is a way of accepting the fact that humans should live in harmony with the natural world—a symbiotic relationship.

Related to eco-tourism that supports local livelihood, businesses, and small local entrepreneurs is the concept of sustainable development.

The principle of sustainable development means letting the ecology sustain itself by allowing biological systems to remain diverse and productive themselves.

Cebu Ecotourism promotes environmental protection and sustainable development in Cebu, Philippines.

It means that healthy wetlands, forests, marine life, rivers, water basins, beaches, lands, among others are being knowingly allowed to be healthy. By being healthy means there is no over-consumption and destruction of the resources that sustains and contains the eco-system.

One very relevant document established by the United Nations on March 20, 1987 is engraved by the Brundtland Commission. The commission clearly states that “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

I believe that this line is very clear and simple for anybody to understand, but one must work harder to practice it in one’s immediate milieu.

Aims & hopes

This page aims to promote the principle of sustainability in the hope that people in their own little ways help promote a healthy and sustainable environment.

The principle for sustainability is basically a sustainable development that fundamentally comprises four interlinked extremely relevant fields: ecology, economics, politics and culture (Wikipedia).

To help make Cebu ecotourism become developed sustainably, visitors, tourists, locals and everyone else should have some knowledge and background regarding environmental issues and problems of the environment mainly caused by human activities.

There are only two major points necessary to promote sustainable development, including: environmental awareness and environmental protection

Cebu Ecotourism page helps promote balanced and sustainable development in Cebu Province

Environmental Awareness

Being conscious about the environment and its recent issues, one can become aware in various ways. One is through formal education, seminar, lectures, or on the spot guided tour education activity.

Second method is through mass media, social networking, campaign ads and other means utilizing technologies.

And the other is through active methods via campaigns, such as run for tree planting, beach clean-up, mangrove planting and even protest marches against environmental neglect and degradation.

Environmental Protection

The environment suffers not because of its natural cycle, as others say, but basically due to human activities. Now, the environment is crying for our help and it is our turn to return the favor.

The environmental degradation, climate change, over-consumption for the sake of indefinite economic growth is causing the lives of many through disasters which used to be just natural occurrences.

Now, we are experiencing extreme heat, more forest fires, earthquakes, or stronger typhoons like the one that killed thousands in the Philippines, for example.

Environmental protection is the responsibility, fundamentally, not only among governments and responsible agencies but also among locals, businesses, establishments, resorts, and even individuals. The best thing to protect the environment is by acting locally and practising the environmental laws and policies—quite easy, right?

What this site does?

Cebu Bluewaters can help promote environmental awareness and protection in the long run by promoting various entities in the province supporting this mission. Right below, we provide the links to pages of this site that promotes environmental protection, awareness promotion activities and best practices.

The entities would include: resorts, companies, individuals, groups, active environmentalists, and anything that qualifies the idea of sustainable development in Cebu Province.

It means that the following can also be featured: eco-villages, eco-municipalities, sustainable cities, green building, sustainable agriculture, sustainable architecture, recycling practices and lifestyles, among other environmentally sustainable practice or method.

Note: If your establishment, business, resort, or anything that embraces and practices the principles of environmental sustainability, please let us know via email or Contact Us message so that we will feature you in this site. This site belongs to the top ten level among the world’s websites on-line.

Featured Ecotourism Entities On-line

The list of Cebu Ecotourism pages links below will grow as we identify and publish information regarding each qualified entity. At this stage, we have the following...

  1. Bantayan Island Nature Park & Resort
  2. Bojo River Cruise
  3. Nalusuan Island Resort 
  4. Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. School of the Sea (Sea and Earth Advocates)
  6. Hilutungan Island Marine Sanctuary
  7. Caohagan Island Sanctuary
  8. Talima (Olango Island) Marine Sanctuary
  9. San Vicente Marine Sanctuary
  10. Island Eco-tourism Park

Thanks for reading through this page. Let’s help and work together for a much better future with a better environment with sustainable development activities.

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