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Sweet Intosan Resort Waterpark

Intosan resort waterpark & restaurant

Intosan Resort Waterpark is a fantastic place to explore and spend your time with enjoying the swimming pool. It quietly nestles in a six-acre size of land surrounded by nature.

Intosan used to be a sugar cane field and where sugar was produced. If you do not know, ‘intosan’ in Cebuano language means a sugar cane processing place or a machine. I know this since my grandma used to have and I did enjoy my childhood playing and eating ‘tira-tira’ (sugar can candy).

It is an ultimate waterpark as it covers over 30 thousand square feet in total. Being spacious, you could easily move around and feel free and relax. The resort is highly recommended for groups who love pools, and especially for children who love to stay and play in the water all day long!

Intosan Resort can accommodate over a thousand guests and still can experience coziness and relax. Also, the resort offers services for any event and accommodation fro those who want to stay longer.

the waterpark

Yes, you could say that it is a waterpark since most of the resort’s area is with water. The swimming pools are not like those you can see during Olympics or that dull rectangular shaped pools. It is like the pools are there to entertain you with their varied shapes and depths.

Here are some of its interesting features…

Lazy River
It is not a river or ‘lazy river’ because it does not move and not even a single similarity except for one - the flow is somewhat like that of a slow flowing river! It is called lazy because the user (yourself) does not need to move or do anything to enjoy it. You only need to stay on the river afloat and go with the flow.

Kiddie water slides
Yes, your kids can very much enjoy this one. It is where the kiddie pool is. Just remind your kids to play safely!

Water attractions – seahorse, mushroom shower, turtles, etc.   
You will notice that as a waterpark, you can enjoy watching the decorations such as large ducks with mouth wide-open where you can slide through or do photoshoots; seahorse statues; and gigantic mushrooms where you can get shower below their heads.

You can also find coconut trees right in the middle of the water-park. Ladies with summer wears love to take pictures to show off their summer beauties! Of course, the whole place itself is perfect for photo shooting, an excellent way to remember good memories in life!

Lap pool with a huge waterfall slide is certainly available. It is where you can work out your swimming skills.

Your kids can also enjoy the colored fishes swimming in a pond under a protection of a roof. Koi fish is kind of interesting to look at and you will not only love them but also make you feel relax and peaceful.

Kiddie swimming pool at Intosan Resort (photo: Jenn)Kiddie swimming pool at Intosan Resort (photo: Jenn)

more facilities & services

Aside from the fun water facilities, you can find more various services. As a huge place, you can avail various offers for group events. Let’s check out some of them here…

Café Trapiche
This café is not just an ordinary café – it is also a bar and a restaurant that serves not just simple snacks or burgers but also real heavy and sumptuous meals.

Café Trapiche proudly offers arrays of menu including Filipino, Continental cuisine and anything you can name. Its expert and experienced chefs can prepare any dish you can imagine.

Below, are the services you can avail at Intosan Resort. Your friends, family, colleagues or any tag-along guests will certainly enjoy not only the food but the whole atmosphere of the venue.

  • Unique wedding
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Team building
  • Theme parties
  • Large banquets
  • Small luncheons   
  • Buffet Package

waterpark rooms / accommodation

If you wish and decides to spend a relaxing time in Intosan Resort Waterpark, you need to see some features

The rooms all come with air condition facilities, cable TV, private bathrooms (for a room that can accommodate two guests only).

Accommodation Locations

Waterpark Area
Yes, you guess it right! These rooms are located close or where you have a great view of the waterpark, and easy and quick to jump into the water whenever you feel like it.

There are rooms with two single beds, three single beds; and, seven single beds and with double bed, 6 single beds and a bath tub. Your choice indeed depends on the number of your members.

Kubo Area
‘Kubo’ means the traditional Filipino house made with wood or bamboo materials mostly. You can choose from three single beds, four single beds, double bed & 2 single bed; and, a Haciendero Suite with a refrigerator, two double beds, 8 single beds and two bathrooms.

In the Midst of the Waterpark
Azucarera is the name of the room that comes with a refrigerator, four double beds, a veranda, and one bathroom. This is pricey as you are in the best and most comfortable site of the resort.

If you want to check the updated rates, please see here and with more photos.

Or, just click the picture below to see the rates and more details of the resort.


should know

  • House Guests are exempt from paying Entrance Fees at the water park
  • House guests will be provided free tables at the water park area. You can also use all the amenities while waiting for your designated room.

Day Cottage Use (over 500PhP)
This cabin is good for 8 guests and comes with an electric fan, a screen, two sofas and a table.

Table for Day Use (over 300PhP)
You can rent this table that can accommodate up to 10 guests. It comes with an electric fan, and you will be protected from sunlight or rain as it is under a huge tent or cover.

Finding intosan resort waterpark & restaurant

Please, use the following details if you wish to find out more relevant and interesting features of the resort.

Address: Intosan Resort, Taboc, Danao City 6000, Cebu, Philippines
Taboc Danao City 6000
Telephone No: (032) 516-7394,
Telephone No: (032) 516-7393
Cell No. (+63) 09176294972 / 09177238857

Getting There
From Cebu City, assuming you are there, you may take a Jeepney (PUJ), a bus, or a V-hire (Van) from any point of departure in the city. In particular, you can take a V-Hire at SM Cebu Department Store which is located in the reclamation area.

In Danao, get off at Danao Terminal and then ride a tricycle for Intosan Resort Waterpark. It is located just a few kilometers from the main road.

Of course, you can use your private vehicle and be given a parking space at the resort.

Thanks for reading through this page and I hope you are enjoying it.
Wish you a great time for your holiday or whatever event and play you may have.

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