La Mirada Hotel

La Mirada Hotel on Mactan Island

La Mirada Hotel and PoolPhoto of La Mirada Hotel on Mactan Island

La Mirada Hotel

La Mirada Hotel is a Spanish-Mediterranean inspired style hotel building on Mactan Island.

It is a 15-story hotel tower that offers an upscale lifestyle where you can have a breathtaking 180-degree view of Mactan’s earth, sea and sky.

The hotel is very much accessible and a great base for your travel or business. You can reach places from this hotel in just minutes, such as the international airport of Mactan, the beaches, shopping centers and other places of interest to travelers, vacationers and business people.

La Mirada offers great views and beauty of the island as it nestles in a secluded area. You will enjoy the blending of peace and activity as well as the combination of comfortable living with access to modern facilities.

Among its basic facilities, La Mirada has a swimming pool, fitness gym facility, bar and lounge among others.

Great Things to Do on Mactan Island

There are so many things to do and places to see on the island. The following are some of my suggestions you can do and places to visit.

The Beach and Islands
Mactan Island is known for its nice white beaches. There are public as well as private beach resorts available. Most public beaches only offer the basic facilities but are usually free or with very minimal entrance fees.

The private beaches, which are mostly part of hotels and private resorts, are the well-developed ones with amazing facilities including outdoor furniture and loungers, parasols, water sports facilities and everything you can find in most sophisticated and modern beach and hotel resorts.

Even though you are not a tenant or resident of a hotel that has such private and upscale beach areas, you can easily access them by paying a day’s fee as entrance. For access to other facilities, you may have to pay for them separately such as the use of swimming pools, health and work out facilities, among other facilities and amenities that are usually provided for free to residents.

Talking about islands, yes, you can have all the chances in the whole world to visit islands nearby (or even distant ones) and surrounding Mactan Island. There are interesting nice and white beaches in most islands and islets around Mactan.

Nearby, you can enjoy the beaches, snorkeling, diving, swimming or just sunbathing on some ecotourism and wildlife conservation islands. You can visit for example, places like Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary, Caohagan Island Sanctuary, Talima Marine sanctuary, Olango Island Wildlife Sanctaury and similar places.

You can do the above interesting activities by arranging an island tour package from an independent provider or ask your hotel to make such an arrangement for you with a group. Some hotels have such service that they themselves offer to their guests with much privileges and discount offers.

The Restaurants
Of course, you won’t be starving at this very hotel since it has its own great restaurant. However, if you wish to look around and search other restaurants and diners, you can easily find them – everywhere on the island.

For example, you can have a specialized restaurants offering only grilled food and sea foods; Japanese restaurants, Chinese and other international restaurants. At Maribago Bluewater Grills, Lantau Floating Restaurant, Sutukil Seafood Restaurant, are just some of those places you can dine.

Of course, you can dine in restaurants serving the guests inside hotels and resorts on the island. For example, you can dine at Shangrila Hotel, JPark Resort, Crimson, and other upscale and famous hotel and resort’s restaurants.

Interesting Places
Mactan Aquarium is one of the places where your family can enjoy watching and observing various species of marine animals. You can see many of the marine animals and other strange but interesting tropical creatures in the Philippines which some of them cannot be seen in other parts of the world’s oceans.

An important historical site on the island is also worth visiting. You can learn the history of a great battle being fought between a local and a foreigner on the island. The ‘Battle of Mactan’ is a fight between Chieftain Lapu Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan, in the 16th century, with their respective warriors and soldiers.

Magellan met his tragic fate and died making Lapu Lapu a local hero who defended his people and land from foreign aggression. However, the spread of Christianity did not stopped from reaching the island after centuries of conversion among the province’s residents.

Anyway, you can find a statue of Lapu Lapu and an arch dedicated to Magellan inside the shrine. The place offers a peaceful environment with green plants and flowers enveloping the area. Mactan Shrine is located right close to the beach where the battle had occurred. Worth visiting the real place where a real historical event occurred.

Shopping and Buying Local Products

At Mactan Marina Mall and other shopping centers on the island you can buy local products as well as imported ones. Souvenirs, personal effects, and other necessities you will need during your stay are available in such places which are reachable within just minutes from La Mirada Hotel.

If you are interested, you can buy souvenirs – small or big – from some special producers making special products. Such products, for example, include the musical instrument (specially guitars) and furniture and home decors.

In particular, Alegre Guitar Factory produces musical instruments such as guitars and ukuleles among others. You can purchase either a medium quality or a high quality ones which are usually for exports.

Cebu and Mactan furniture products are also popular not only domestically but also internationally. These products have various designs, source of materials, and being sold for various prices. There is an annual event that exhibits furniture and home décor products in Cebu or Manila attracting both local and international visitors.

Now, going back to La Mirada Hotel, let’s describe a little bit its room features and the hotel’s accommodation facilities.

Accommodation / Room Types

Let’s check out the nice and comfortable rooms by describing their facilities and amenities per room type.

Deluxe Room
This room is nicely furnished and with modern and perfect colors. It has its own balcony where you can be alone to enjoy and relax your free time.

A deluxe room comes with two double beds, air-condition facility, en-suite bathroom, safety deposit box, satellite TV set, WiFi connection, phone and more.

Suite Room
Similar with deluxe room, a suite room has a balcony for relaxation with views of the surroundings of the island’s sea and islands. This room has a very spacious living room, and a dining table.

It is fitted with a queen size bed, has an air-conditioning machine, en-suite bathroom, satellite TV set, WiFi connection for free, safety deposit box, phone, and more amenities.

Now, if you are interested to learn more about La Mirada Hotel, please check out below.

Finding La Mirada Hotel on Mactan Island

You may use the information or contact details of La Mirada for your inquiry or any form of action.

Address:     Dap-Dap, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines
Phone:        +63032 238 6592 I 23
Reservations: + 63 32.238.6592
Reception: + 63 32.266.4588
Email Add : I
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Swimming pool at La Mirada Hotel

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