Lagen Island Resort
In El Nido, Palawan

Soothing Lagen Island Resort of El Nido

Lagen Island Resort

Within a lush four hectares of forest with shallow lagoon, there lies a place they call Lagen Island Resort.

Lagen Island is a place of tranquility that nestles among other beautiful limestone island.

It is in El Nido, Northern Palawan, a fantastic destination for those who search for a private and peaceful environment.

El Nido Resorts, Palawan, Philippines. This part of the country is famous for its pristine environment that attracts visitors from everywhere. People come to swim, scuba dive, snorkel, spelunking, island hop, kayak, and almost every fun and interesting water activities.

The resort’s location provides a panoramic view of Bacuit Bay with a dream-like sunset.

The sounds of nature and animals that inhabit the majestic limestone cliffs - bedecked with all sorts of wild plants that serve as their sanctuary - will be your healing prize for being there.

As a resort, Lagen Island Resort offers its guests cool accommodations with complete and elegant facilities.

The resort offers you swimming pools, spas, massage service; marine sports center; game area, a garden chapel for wedding; a conference room, among other facilities.

Rooms in the Inn

Yes, there is always a room for those who seek one. Lagen Island Resort offers you a total of 50 rooms of various sizes and locations for you to choose from.

These rooms are built with timber and designed in such a way that its guests will experience total satisfaction and tranquility they seek. A private porch for each accommodation is for you to see the island’s grandeur…

Now, let us briefly describe the cottages you’ll be choosing from…

Beachfront Cottages. Yes! And yea, these cottages are built at the waterfront for those who love to have a fantastic view of the cove and the sunset. These Beachfront cottages are best for families who wish to have an easy access to the swimming pool and other facilities.

Water Cottages. You may have guessed it right. These cottages are built on stilts that are then linked with a boardwalk. Water Cottages are built on the South Wing and on the North Wing. Twin and double beds are available.

Forest Rooms. Yes, they are cottages too, which are located very close to Lagen’s forest. These are rooms which are built adjacent to each other. Some rooms are especially built to be friendly for wheelchair-using guests.

Forest Suites. If you prefer a more luxurious accommodation, this you should choose. Forest Suites are fully equipped with TVs and DVD players, lounges, bathtubs, aside from the standard room facilities. These are spacious (70sqm.) and have queen beds too.

Lagen Island Resort, El Nido, Palawan.

Fun & Interesting Things

At Lagen, you’ll have various choices of interesting things to choose from. You may choose to just quietly relax by reading, watching a movie, playing board games. Or, you can engage in exploration activities outside of your room, such as bird-watching, diving, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, etc.

As Lagen resort’s standard offers and facilities, you, your loved ones, your family or friends can avail…

Various spa treatments. Such rejuvenating offer includes massages that are traditionally Filipino, Asian, and European.

Beach Clubs. All visitors of El Nido have access to the resort’s beach clubs in other two islands: Entula and Dibuluan islands, where you can sail with a hobiecat, surf, snorkel, or anything.

Resort Ecological Tours. Most probably, this is the highlight of your visit in this resort, that is, if you take this tour. This guided tour will bring you to numerous natural attractions, including the caves, islands, lagoons, and other enchanting sites. If you love nature, you are given a privilege to record anything you will discover in the wild.

Learning & Discovering the Wild

This is for those who have a sense of adventure, curiosity and/or have some passion to discover and learn more about our natural environment. And, you should be fit, at least, to snorkel or scuba dive in order to see the reefs and encounter fish species and other colorful and bio-diverse marine life forms of El Nido, Palawan.

Yes, Lagen Island Resort has dive courses and has diving equipment available. Just ask and you’ll be provided.

You can take a kayak and paddle around Lagen Island to see some enchanting caves hidden within the crevices of the limestone cliffs. Hmm, just make sure you’ll how to find your way out!

Another way to learn more about nature is by trekking and bird-watching. You would surely find bird species you have never seen or known before.

Finally, if you are a little more serious on environmental matters, you can attend (on weekends only) the educational presentations, which is interestingly called “Be Green Cocktail”. Sounds very interesting!

Children’s Playground. Lagen also provides your children facilities to enjoy with. Children can engage in arts and crafts, coconut-hat making; watch movies and play games. If you have a toddler, a baby-sitting service is also available.

Work, Vacation, Special Event & Such

Bigger crowds are also welcome for both work and leisure on this resort island. Lagen accommodates meetings, team-building activities, corporate events, social functions, including weddings. If you want to marry on a beach, this might be one of your places to consider.

Dinners & Food
You can have dinners by the pool side and close to the beach where you can hear the laughing sound of the waves and see the sparkling stars while you eat.

Private and Romantic dinners are also available in special places. This resort offers a dinner at a Garden Chapel, at a beach, or in one of the beautiful islands along Bacuit Bay.

Finding Lagen Island is not that difficult, here...

Flying: Island Transvoyager Inc. (ITI) daily flights from Manila to Lio Airport, El Nido (75 mins.)
Boat: El Nido to Lagen Island Resort (40 mins.)
Private Van: Taytay to El Nido (2 hrs.)

Scuba Diving in Palawan (photo:

That really sounds fantastic, isn’t it?
Just go there and see it for yourself.
Have a Lagen Islandful of fun!

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