Scenic Lava Mountain River Farm

lava mountain river farm

lava-mountain-river-farmCool pool and rejuvenating environment (photo courtesy: LMRF)

You can watch a video here (video credit: Joash Maramara)

exciting lava mountain river farm

Lava Mountain River Farm is the perfect place if you want to find a tranquil getaway to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Lava Farm is located within the boundaries of Cebu City, nestles in Busay area and surrounded by fruit trees, coconuts, bamboos, and in between the rolling hills and plains, and by a riverside.

It is just about 45 minutes or so from Cebu City by any vehicle. Approximately 18 kilometers from Cebu City.

Lava Mountain Farm is a 4-heactare private property with villas built beside Mananga River in the valley of Barangay Bonbon.

Now, if you are getting excited about this place, let me offer some more descriptions regarding their facilities…

quaint & exciting offers

Here they are:

  • Swimming Pool

The pool is 5 feet and 5 inches deep at the deepest part and 3 feet at the shallow part.
The water flows into it from the river but being filtered and treated. Certainly, it is for all visitors, but you are not allowed to either eat or drink while inside the pool.

  • Access to Mananga River

You can explore the river by yourself, but if you want to you can avail their river trekking service. Yes, you might have to pay for this service. More on this below.

  • Fishing Pond

If you love fishing and doing it effortlessly and safely, you can do it here for free. However, you are not allowed to keep (or eat your catch), instead you have to return your catch to the pond.

  • Bonfire Area

This is fun especially for a group or at least a few number of friends or family during evening time. The management will provide you the firewood, but you may have to pay for it (100 pesos as of this writing)

  • BBQ Station

Yes, you got what you need in this place. You only have to bring your ingredients. Moreover, using the area is free!

  • Kitchen use and food

At this stage, guests are allowed to bring in their food and drinks, and there is no corkage.
They provide drinking water.

Using the kitchen is not free (charge is PhP1,000/day). However, you can use the BBQ grills, borrow utensils and glasses, use the refrigerator free of charge.

  • Food Service Offer

Lava River offers food package service good for 10 guests or more. You should order this service at least 2 days in advance.

They do not have a restaurant. Therefore you must order your package options ahead for them to prepare them.

Instant coffee and brewed coffees are available – with charges of course!

lava-mountain-river-farmLava Mountain River Farm's green surrounding

more amenities & services

Now, the following are the more interesting things you can do while on the property. You can try…

  • River Trekking

There are three routes for this exciting exploration and adventure. The first one is Liki – an easy 1-2 hours of river trekking for non-experienced and newbies. The second one is Waterfall – an intermediate 2-3 hours of adventure starting from the river beside the resort and finishes at the waterfall.

The third one is the Secret Waterfall Trekking – a challenging 5-6 hours of adventure for the advance trekkers. Yes, you have to pay the service as you need guides to do them.

  • Horseback Riding

If you love horseback riding or want to experience it for the first time, you will have your opportunity at this farm.

You will certainly enjoy the view of the farm and the panorama of the rolling hills and the skyline of Cebu at day time.

Not for free. It is less than a thousand pesos (Php800 in this writing).

Masahista Service
Due to the demands of daily and tiring work, you might want to get pampered by a local and expert masseur or ‘mahahista’ at the farm.

To avail this service, you have to book it in advance, and you cannot cancel it since they have to call in the masahista for you. (It costs 350pesos/hour service).

WiFi Service
Sorry folks, there is no mobile service available at LMRF (Lava Mountain River Farm).

If you think you cannot live for a day or two without contacting the outside world, then you should not think twice about coming to this place.

BUT, maybe this is a blessing and great offer for you to leave the noise behind for just a day or two. You will be surprised by its healing effects if you do keep away from your toys for a few hours!

That is why the farm does not provide the noisy Karaoke either! However, you are allowed to bring in a small karaoke or videoke if you insist!

Safety and Security Matters
LMRF has a team of caretakers and staff who will take care of you and assist you with your needs.

If you require assistance when there is an emergency, the caretakers have mobile phones that can get signals and contact to get help if necessary. So, don’t panic!

The property is private and has fences and gates. So, uninvited guests are not allowed to get in!
The hospitable staff will take care of you 24/7.

lava-mountain-river-farm-poolPhoto courtesy at Lava Mountain River Farm eco-tourism resort, Bonbon, Busay, Cebu City

other matters

Lava Mountain River Farm is an eco-resort, and so it tries to protect the planet by all means necessary.
It does not offer water heating system, and there is no air-conditioning machine in your room.

  • Mosquitoes

It is not a big problem on the farm, but you are advised to bring your own mosquito repellent lotion or in any form.

  • Towels and toiletries

Towels are available for a fee per day. If you want to save a little bit more, you can bring your own towel.
Aside from towels, soap, toilet paper, and those basic ones are provided for.

  • Good news for pet lovers

You guessed it right – LMRF is a pet-friendly property. However, I am not sure up to what kind of pet animal they allow! Dogs, for that I am certain!

Reservation for Rooms and Cottages
The resort is not that huge, and so you need to reserve or book your space in advance. They do not accept walk-ins.

No individual bookings for a room or cottage will be accepted. You need to rent the entire place. Therefore, you have to be in a group for a day use and overnight use. A maximum of 2 teams will be accepted unless you want an exclusive use of the place.

Day users can only use the day use area, but the Overnight booking can use the entire place.

accommodation and overnight stay

As aforementioned, only the guest staying for Overnight booking can access and use the whole place, including the following…

  • Main House

The house can accommodate around 10 to 15 guests for an overnight stay. It has a sala (receiving area), common area, and a shared sleeping area.

There is one sofa bed, floor bed, cots and pillows, linen available.

There is 1 or 2 tables, a mahjong table, a ceiling fan, two restrooms with showers outside the door.

  • Bali Hut

This hut can accommodate from 8 to 10 guests. It is a loft style with 2 single beds. Floor beds/costs pillows and linens are available.

Bali Hut has en-suite CR (comfort room) with a shower. An electric fan can be provided upon request.

  • Stonehouse Room

This room can accommodate 2-4 guests for overnight use. This is available only if the guests reach 20 or over as a group.

It has double beds, ensuite CR and an electric can be provided upon request.
Eagles Nest Viewing Deck

This facility can accommodate 2 to 4 guest for overnight use. It has 2 decks of nipa hut style viewing deck. Can be used for sleeping but very open.

The Poolside Lounge Area can be used only for overnight groups.

Note: LMRF recommends that the maximum capacity for an Overnight booking should be 30 guests. For exclusive bookings, the minimum number of guests is 20.

Day Use
For the guests staying for the ‘day use,’ only rent can use the Day Use House, day use lounge area, pool, open areas and access to the river.

As a day user, you are not allowed in the Overnight guests’ area. If you book for a non-exclusive arrangement, you have a limit of 10 members as a maximum number.

Your group can enjoy 50% discount on river trekking arrangement.

If you book for a day use as exclusive arrangement, the minimum of paying guests is 25. Guests below 7 years old do not pay.

Check-in and Check-out time: You can come at 9 AM and should leave the property at 5 PM.

Catering for parties and events
Yes, the farm resort offers catering service for any party or event you want to hold in this place.
For further inquiries, please send them a private message in advance using the contact details below.

Now, if you can feel your feet getting itchy and cannot wait for the weekend or break to get there, you will for sure wanting to know how to get there…

Going to Lava Mountain River Farm

You can get there by taking almost all vehicles except for some. Here are the following vehicles and recommendations…

  • SUV, Pick-up Truck, and similar vehicles (Hummer or Jeep!)

Yes, you can bring your vehicles such as the ones mentioned above. That is because the place is not only uphill and needs powerful machines, but also the road is a bit rough and rugged (not asphalted or concrete).

You are advised, generously recommended, not to bring your sports car, sedans and such city and fancy lowered car since you might damage them.

  • Vans and Jeepneys can get there fine and will survive quite well.
  • Habal-Habal can also easily get there if you want to.

Where to get the jeepneys or habal-habal? Go to JY Square in Lahug where the motorbike drivers wait for their riders (about Php150-200).

Transportation Service Offers
The farm resort has an SUV for rent that can accommodate up to 6 passengers (for a fee of PhP2,000 in this writing).

A jeepney can also be hired if you want to. It can fit in about 20 passengers (round-trip will cost you Php3,500).

A parking lot is available at LMRF’s vicinity.

finding lava mountain river farm

Jeepney and motorbike drivers know the place, so you just need to tell them the name of your destination.

Address: Biasong, Barangay BonBon, Busay, Cebu City 6000, Philippines
Phone: +63 917 828 5614
FB: @LavaMountainRiverFarm

Hope you will have a serene and adventurous experience in that place.
Thanks for reading.

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