Lingay Beach Resort

White Lingay Beach Resort

The beach of Lingay Beach Resort, San Remigio, Cebu

Lingay Beach Resort

San Remigio in the province of Cebu, Philippines, is popularly known for its nice beaches and resorts that dotted the area.

Among these beach resorts, Lingay Beach Resort is one of those that has white sand beach and fantastic facilities for unwinding one’s stressful busy life.

Lingay Resort (in San Remigio) can be found in the Northern part of this provincial island. The resort is not so easy to find making it more charming to curious visitors.

Lingay resort is more than a 100 kilometers from Cebu City, which is not too far to reach via public or private transports.

Traveling towards the place itself is already a vacation since the panorama of the sea, beaches, mountains, or villages is great!

Fun & Interesting Activities

Similar to other resorts, Lingay Resort offers various sorts of fun water activities and adventures. Such are the following…

Island Visiting
Skin/scuba Diving
Swimming, sunbathing
Beach Volleyball, etc

You can always make your requests for your preferred activities and the management will be very glad to make the arrangements to make your vacation perfect!

If you came just to relax and enjoy stress free environment, you have all the time and space nearby the sea under the shade of a mushroom-shaped cottage canopy.

Funtastic Facilities & Services

To make your vacation, break, escape or whatever you may call it, you can avail various sorts of facilities and services being offered for your total comfort.

Maybe you won’t really need all of them, but just in case you do, here are some of Lingay Resort’s facilities…

Beach Access, Swimming Pool, Water Slide, Room Service, Laundry Service
Tour Arrangements, Car Park

And in case of power stoppage, the resort has its own backup power generator. To make you feel more secure, the resort hired a security guard to keep an eye on uninvited guests.
Entrance Fee: minor is 60 pesos and 100 for adults

Accommodation / Room Types

Lingay Resort features 20 beach rooms complete with facilities, including air-conditioning machine, beds, bathroom, dining table and all of them located just a stone’s throw from the beach. The rooms’ designs reflect the surrounding nature and the beach.

Now, let’s check out the facilities or amenities and other particulars of their rooms...

Air Conditioning
Hot and Cold Shower
Cable TV
Electric Voltage 220/240
Dining Table (Premier Room)
Some rates available:
Premiere Room (Php2,600)
Family Room (Php,600)
Small Family Room (Php1000)

Reception Room for various events, such as wedding, anniversary, conference, etc (Php2600; air conditioned, comfort room, maximum of 30 persons).

Please, note that the rates mentioned above are temporary and could change anytime without prior notice. So, make sure that you directly contacted the resort for your updated rates and changes.

This is the place where you can have your own picnic within the resort’s facility. You will be allowed to cook your own food, such as grilling your fish (‘sinugba’), meat, or any sea food. Of course, you can do this with your family, friends, or other groups.

Here are the cottage types available:

Big Cottage (Php800)
Mushroom cottage (php350)
Bamboo cottage (Php400)

Just pick your choice to suit your needs and budget.

Finding Lingay Beach Resort

To find Lingay Resort in San Remigio, you may use the address below and the other contact details if you plan on learning or inquiring about their facilities and services.

Address: Poblacion, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines
Phone:    +639162806022, +639153234704, (032) 435-9088

Some other possible places that you can visit for your holiday are included below for your information.

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Thanks again for visiting this page.
Have fun and enjoy your vacation (or any event).

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